November 2, 2021


Good morning! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read.


1. ATTENTION VIRGINIA VOTERS: Here is the must-read statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, as we head into Tuesday's Virginia gubernatorial race:

"The Fake News media, together with some of the perverts doing ads ad nauseam on primarily Fox (Fox shouldn’t take those ads!), are trying to create an impression that Glenn Youngkin and I are at odds and don’t like each other. Importantly, this is not true, we get along very well together and strongly believe in many of the same policies. Especially when it comes to the important subject of education.

"The reason the Fake News and perverts are working over time is to try and convince people that we do not like each other, and therefore, my great and unprecedented Make America Great Again base will not show up to vote.

"Also, I am not a believer in the integrity of Virginia’s elections, lots of bad things went on, and are going on. The way you beat it is to flood the system and get out and vote. Remember this, Glenn Youngkin is a good man, a hardworking man, a successful man. He loves Virginia and wants to cut your taxes, save your children’s education, and many other very good things. Terry McAuliffe is a low-life politician who lies, cheats, and steals. He was a terrible high-tax governor and would be, if elected, an even worse governor again. I say to all of our millions of followers, don’t listen to the Fake News and misleading advertisements written largely by already-acknowledged perverts. Get out and vote for a man who will be a great governor, Glenn Youngkin!"

UPDATE: President Trump followed that statement up with this. He really means it, folks.

"Hopefully everyone will get out and VOTE tomorrow for Glenn Youngkin, who will be a fantastic Governor for the Great State of Virginia. Glenn is a very successful businessman who knows how to make Virginia’s economy (which is doing poorly!), great—and he has had my Complete and Total Endorsement for many months! Glenn believes in FREEDOM, including freedom for parents who want a good education for their children. He is also a strong believer in our now-under- siege Second Amendment, and loves our Military and our Vets. Everything is on the line in this election, and every MAGA voter should strongly support Glenn Youngkin. We must win bigger than the margin of fraud by flooding the polls with those that believe in America First. Please vote on Tuesday for Glenn Youngkin—he will not let you down!"




Not long ago, we brought you an article by investigative reporter Aaron Mate about about Hillary’s pair of Democrat activist “super-lawyers” Michael Sussmann and Marc Elias. Elias, the former general counsel for Hillary’s campaign, got rules changed in a number of battleground states just in time for the 2020 election, and he has been in the news this past week for working to help elect Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe governor of Virginia. If you missed that article, here’s the link.

Jonathan Turley has written about McAuliffe hiring Elias, to the tune of $53,680 (so far), calling the move “astonishing” in light of Durham’s investigation into the Trump-Russia Hoax that Sussmann and Elias and the rest of the Clinton machine pushed so relentlessly. To me, it signals desperation, as there is no one more ruthless, more shameless when it comes to getting his client elected, than Marc Elias. Both he and Sussmann have strategically exited from their law firm Perkins Coie to start their own firms, with The Elias Group supposedly formed to specialize in campaign ethics. And electing Democrats. Let the jokes begin!

This signaled to Turley that McAuliffe is likely preparing to challenge a win, if it happens, by Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin. When FOX NEWS reporter Tyler O’Neil emailed McAuliffe’s spokesperson Christina Freundlich asking for comment, she responded minutes later by emailing colleagues “can we try to kill this?,” referring to the challenge-to-the-election story.

Now, how on earth could O’Neil possibly know about her internal communications? Well, in a real forehead-slapping move, she accidentally copied O’Neil on that email. O’Neil published the story, complete with its amusing twist, and hilarity ensued. And while most of her friends in the media didn’t run with the story –- of course they didn’t –- the NEW YORK POST did. NYP reporter Samuel Chamberlain also included a few other questionable exploits and legal sanctions connected to Marc Elias.

As Turley sees it, the controversy of McAuliffe’s move lies in “the hiring of Elias for any election purpose when a special prosecutor is still in the field presumably looking at, among other things, Elias’ role in the 2020 election.” This was while he was being paid by both the Hillary campaign and the DNC. It’s clear now that he was lying when he denied involvement with the Steele “dossier” story.

McAuliffe has said that “someone who lies about the little things will lie about the big things, too.” Well, not only has he himself lied about some pretty big things --- Critical Race Theory IS being taught in Virginia schools --- but he has hired an attorney known to have lied about the Steele “dossier.” He’s virtually admitting his campaign is based on some big whoppers.

Yet he and his attorney will expect to be taken seriously if/when they challenge Tuesday’s election results. As if to stress that point, he’s had former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams sharing the stage with him at campaign appearances. Abrams has never conceded the race she lost and has repeatedly accused Republicans of stealing it, without producing any evidence at all that anyone who had wanted to vote for her was “suppressed.”

But who needs evidence? McAuliffe did his part to reinforce her fantasy, saying that Abrams “would be the governor of Georgia today had the governor of Georgia [Republican Brian Kemp] not disenfranchised 1.4 million Georgia voters before the election! That’s what happened to Stacey Abrams. They took votes away.”

This caused even the liberal WASHINGTON POST to scold McAuliffe, warning him to avoid “unprovable allegations that will contribute to the corrosion of trust.” Too late for that, WAPO.

In fact, this kind of talk is nothing new for McAuliffe, who said at the 2004 Democratic Convention that the 2000 election was stolen, and later turned down an opportunity to say that George W. Bush had been legitimately elected. Does anyone think he would even hesitate to challenge his own loss?

A FOX NEWS poll taken five days ago showed Youngkin up eight points over McAuliffe. Youngkin told Sean Hannity that “the sun is setting on [McAuliffe’s] 43-year political career. And, by the way, they’re not gonna need lawyers because this isn’t going to be close.” I wonder how many votes Youngkin has to win by to stop McAuliffe and Elias from challenging the result. It will probably have to be a total stomping, so let’s hope it is.

Here’s another example of Abrams’ horse-hockey about “stolen” elections, said as McAullffe nodded in agreement: “I’m here to tell you that just because you win doesn’t mean [you’ve] won...I come from a state where I was not entitled to become the governor, but as an American citizen and as a citizen of Georgia, I’m going to fight for every person who has the right to cast that vote to be able to cast that vote.” Oh, brother.

Turley said of McAuliffe, “There are a host of election lawyers he could have chosen to hire, but McAuliffe selected an attorney accused of lying to the media, advancing rejected conspiracy theories, and currently involved in a major federal investigation that already has led to the indictment of his former partner.”

If Virginians knowingly elect someone like McAuliffe to be their governor, that will be the “astonishing” thing for me. They say that voters get the government they deserve, but the millions who support Youngkin do NOT deserve the government McAuliffe would bring them. If McAuliffe challenges a clear Youngkin win, he and Elias must be beaten back decisively. It’s too bad these battles no longer end on Election Day.


By the way, if you liked the article by Aaron Mate, he has a new podcast for REAL CLEAR INVESTIGATIONS with guest Kash Patel, the former senior staffer and lead investigator for Devin Nunes when Nunes headed the House Intelligence Committee. They talk about (and laugh at) the Christopher Steele-George Stephanopoulos interview, Michael Sussmann and the Alfa Bank story, the significance of Durham’s “speaking indictment,” and (of special interest) what CrowdStrike was up to. When you have a little time, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show.

America the Beautiful

This feature returns with images of America's cities, landscapes and people.

3. WELL, KNOCK ME OVER WITH A FEATHER: For some crazy reason, tourists don’t want to visit Portland, Oregon! Don’t they know it’s the left’s idea of Utopia?

4. ELECTION DAY: It’s Election Day in a number of states and cities. Here’s a link to a Fox News page that will be continuously updated with election news:

The race making the most national headlines is the Virginia Governor’s race, where Republican Glenn Youngkin has the momentum, but Democrat Terry McAuliffe has the all-important (D) by his name and the endorsements of some of the least popular politicians in America at the moment. In the last inexplicable decision of his campaign, at his final rally last night, he brought in American Federal of Teachers president Randi Weingarten, who kept schools shut down for 18 months. That should energize parents to vote for him!

Here’s a look at some of the other major races, including that of New Jersey Gov. Phil “Reelect me and get blindsided with a vaccine mandate” Murphy.

Also voters in Minneapolis, who are suffering a big spike in crime after the city council defunded the police, will get to vote on whether to dismantle the police department entirely and replace it with a vague “Department of Public Safety” run by the mayor and city council. If that passes, I’ll assume the voters have either gone completely insane or else there are now enough criminals in Minneapolis to comprise the swing vote.

Polls show that New York City residents are, predictably, about to elect yet another Democrat Mayor by a landslide to replace the current Democrat mayor who absolutely wrecked the city after Republican Rudy Giuliani turned it around from the wreck that it was under the mentor of the current Democrat.

While the Big Apple is looking like a lost cause, Rudy did prove that miracles can happen. So in a last ditch attempt to encourage New Yorkers to think before voting, here’s Kevin Downey Jr. of PJ Media with a reminder of the eight years of wholesale destruction Bill DeBlasio inflicted on the safe, booming city that Rudy (and then Mike Bloomberg) handed down to him.

And with the specters of such Democrat-run disasters as NYC and Minneapolis (and Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and now the federal government) fresh in your minds, go out and vote today as if your children’s future depended on it. Because it does.

5.  COP26 HYPOCRISY: While real problems in America continue to snowball, and fuel costs are skyrocketing as winter approaches, President Biden and many of his Administration’s top officials are in Glasgow, Scotland, working on fixing the weather. They’re attending COP26, the big climate change summit. How big? So big that 30,000 elites flew in, mostly on private jets. Of course, that included John Kerry, who arrived on a jet that emits more CO2 in an hour than the average American generates in six weeks.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos arrived on his own Gulfstream jet, straight from fellow “green” billionaire Bill Gates’ birthday party, for which guests were flown by helicopter to the party on a massive super yacht.

At the event, these government and industry elites got to hear Britain’s Prince Charles tell them that they had to launch a “vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector,” using the “trillions at its disposal, far beyond global GDP,” to create a “fundamental economic transition” to green power. Pretty grandiose talk for someone who’s 72 and never held a real job.

Maybe they could start by setting an example and holding these meetings via Zoom. Oh wait: all of the rest of us already spent the past year setting that example for them, but it didn’t seem to do any good.

To bring all this talk of remaking the world to control the weather back down to Earth, here’s Richard Fernandez at PJ Media reminding us of what all this rhetoric will really mean: sky-high gas and heating fuel costs, widespread energy shortages, and trillions of dollars spent on green energy boondoggles that are not capable of meeting the world’s needs, so a lot of people will be freezing in the dark. It’s like that old joke (“What did socialists use before candles?” “Electricity”) written on a global scale.

Well, they might not be able to create a viable source for clean energy, but at least there is no limit to the creativity greens have when it comes to spending other people's money and inventing excuses for when their policies fail. Fernandez writes of one of the more recent: if wind turbines can’t meet energy demands, it’s not because the wind can’t blow hard and often enough to replace oil. No, it’s because climate change is causing “global stilling.”

Well, maybe that’s one problem the giant collection of blowhards in Glasgow could actually fix.

Photo credit:  Reuters

6. “HECKUVA JOB, JOE!”:  The good news: some former Afghan military and intelligence officials who gained valuable skills and knowledge working with America are joining the only organized resistance to the Taliban in Afghanistan. The bad news: it’s ISIS-K.

7. RITTENHOUSE TRIAL UPDATE: Jury selection is underway in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot three protesters, killing two, during a riot last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But already, it looks as if some strange things are happening to his defense behind closed doors.

Note that the story talks about the “major PR battle being waged outside the courtroom” and how even though “experienced use-of-force experts believe this is a clear-cut case of self-defense,” “polling found that 2/3 of the people in Kenosha believe Rittenhouse is guilty.” That should have nothing to do with the trial, although it would have made a good argument for a change of venue to someplace that didn’t have a tainted jury pool.

Still, this story observes that media outlets such as the Associated Press are gingerly preparing easily-outraged readers for Rittenhouse’s possible acquittal.

It explains the law in Wisconsin regarding self-defense, how Rittenhouse has a good case because of video evidence that the people he shot were attacking him, and how some of the arguments against him being able to cite self-defense are irrelevant.

The most outrageous part of this article to me, though, is the final paragraph:

“In addition to the facts of the case and the law, the outcome could turn on whether a jury is willing to risk the possibility of more violence should Rittenhouse be acquitted. It only takes one juror.”

If we are to be a nation of laws and not a land of mob rule, then every trial should turn only on the facts and the law, and threats of violence should never have any bearing on a jury’s verdict. It might take only one juror to stand up for due process over mob rule, but that should always be a unanimous decision.



1 Beautiful Savior, King of creation,

Son of God and Son of Man!

Truly I'd love Thee, truly I'd serve thee,

Light of my soul, my Joy, my Crown.

2 Fair are the meadows, Fair are the woodlands,

Robed in flow'rs of blooming spring;

Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer;

He makes our sorr'wing spirit sing.

3 Fair is the sunshine, Fair is the moonlight,

Bright the sparkling stars on high;

Jesus shines brighter, Jesus shines purer

Than all the angels in the sky.

4 Beautiful Savior, Lord of the nations,

Son of God and Son of Man!

Glory and honor, Praise, adoration,

Now and forevermore be Thine!

By George William Kitchin

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  • Paul Kern

    11/02/2021 09:56 PM

    Well the left will never be happy. As Goering so aptlysaid about telling a lie big enough and long enough! That is happening daily here in my state of Washington. The RNC hates Trump and MAGAA so bad they are funding the RINO Herrerema-Butler. Also many " progressives" attempting to take over many offices. They already isn't public schools. Now that the left has destroyed big blue cities they are going after medium and small ones that are more conservative. I pray daily for God to move and wake up His people and remove the rot that is called the federal government.
    Now even a leftist pollster stating a large minority of Republicans are willing to take up arms! Again fear mongering!0

  • Robin Rebhan

    11/02/2021 07:24 PM

    I went to vote this evening with my wife. The man at the scanner machine told me I voted for too many candidates I could only vote for one. First off you can vote for three on the instructions as there are three openings for three candidates. And why was this guy looking at my ballot I was placing in the scanner? If I did vote wrongly the scanner would reject the ballot until corrected. And then again he pointed out where I voted for two candidates and I replied why are you looking at my " Secret Ballot "? He denied looking at my ballot. But how else would he know about my voting for multiple candidates if he did not see my ballot, which was not yet scanned by the scanner. My ballot was scanned and went through properly, so I was correct in voting for three candidates and then two candidates or the machine would have rejected my ballot.
    Then the same guy harassed my wife over the same thing. This happened at the Village of Colonie rec hall, Thunder Road, Albany, NY 12205. The man said his name was Craig. The print on his badge was too small to read.
    My wife and I both voted flat line Republican just in hopes of getting a balanced local government in a all democratic town. This may have triggered this man's response??

  • Joyce F Birch

    11/02/2021 06:47 PM

    Thanks for another great newsletter. I'm pinned to the TV for all the race results even though some might come in late, but it might give us some insight. I'm praying for the Republicans. Also, may be some democrats to win from these evil mayors, like NYC! Keep the good work coming!

  • Joseph Boot

    11/02/2021 04:53 PM

    "Global stilling" will lead to "global chilling".

  • Joanne Morgan

    11/02/2021 04:06 PM

    Personally, I loved Donald Trump, but his mouth got him into trouble. I'm not sure he could win again if Ron Desantis ran against him.

    AND would you PLEASE mention that Mother Nature cannot be changed, no matter what we do or don't do.
    25 years ago we moved to his house. In the bathroom the east sun was so bright you couldn't see. Today it isn't that way. The earth has rotated or something. The best thing we could do to reduce carbon emissions is plant lots and lots of trees. Instead, they are being cut down to make room for houses. With all the immigrants coming in, we will need to cut down thousands more.

    OH... and while I'm at it, if Biden wants rich people to pay taxes, why don't they fix the tax laws that help avoid them? All those loopholes need to be fixed. Even Biden should pay. And Pelosi. They know all the ways to avoid paying taxes, but if they couldn't, they sure wouldn't be wanting to raise them on the rich.

  • don kottwitz

    11/02/2021 03:52 PM

    Thanks for the inclusion of hymns. I was immersed in music from within the womb(mother was a music teacher) and have enjoyed it all my life - I'm in my 80s. However, medical conditions made it such that I couldn't play instruments, so I loved singing. Now, more conditions mean that I can't even sing. But I have so many hymns in my mind. Many times my issues wake me up during the night. But I am not overly bothered, because I find that I wake up singing - in my mind, if not my body. I didn't realize that I knew so many hymns. I wake up singing in my soul, so there's not a problem. I am relaxed and go back to sleepin just a few minutes. Now, with your inclusion of hymns, they jog my memory, and I have a larger library of music from which to sing and enjoy life.
    Thanks again.

  • Jerry Korba

    11/02/2021 03:36 PM

    I want people that fill up at the gas stations please remember the 13 military personal the were blown up by bidens taliban and the high cost of gasoline the misguided biden's policy to shut down our energy sector only leaves biden crawling on his belly like the reptile he is to beg our nations enemies to produce more oil so our nation can help fund terrorism by buying its oil biden is America's enemy and the international community isn't fool by this traitor they turn its back on biden and say lets go Brandon.

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/02/2021 03:02 PM

    Thank you

  • Neal Adam

    11/02/2021 02:52 PM

    Re: the comment "if wind turbines can’t meet energy demands, it’s not because the wind can’t blow hard and often enough to replace oil. No, it’s because climate change is causing “global stilling." Wasn't one of the predictions of global warming according to Al Gore that there would be a greater number of severe storms and a greater severity of storms? Their credibility should be gone - when it doesn't fit, change the stance, but still call it climate change... Why can't people figure out that they're being played???

  • Crouse Elizabeth

    11/02/2021 01:03 PM

    Where is common sense and blessing America?