April 10, 2019

Say, you know how every time a conservative commentator or news site (or anti-abortion movie) gets blocked from social media or search results, it’s always the fault of some totally nonpartisan “algorithm”?  You don’t think that biased people inside those organizations are manually manipulating the results to silence the free speech of people they disagree with, do you?  Even after the big tech billionaires swore under oath to Congress that that simply doesn’t happen.  Perish the thought!


Well, the Daily Caller obtained an internal Google policy document that makes it clear there is a “manual component” to their process for “blacklisting” (their term) news sites that violate their (prepare to guffaw) “good neighbor policy.”  Google is still denying that any of that means they blacklist conservative news sites, even though they blacklisted the Western Journal, which has tried in vain for months to get Google to tell them what they’ve done that violates any Google policy.


In a related story, the DuckDuckGo search engine is skyrocketing in popularity because it protects your privacy by not tracking you or keeping records of sites you visited to sell to advertisers. A spokesman explained, "Put simply, people have had enough, and are now doing something about it." It’s available as an option in the search bar of several browsers, now including even the Chrome browser by Google.  And if you can’t think of any other reason to try it (see above), then here are some more:


I’d say the photo of the “welcome mat” at the company’s headquarters would be reason enough for most of my readers to try it.



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