January 22, 2020

I was going to headline this story "Schiff Lies Again," but then I remembered I'm supposed to be covering things that are news:

Politico, hardly a right-wing site, reports that Adam Schiff “may have mischaracterized Parnas evidence,” and by “may have mischaracterized” they mean, of course, “lied his tuchus off” about it.

In a letter Schiff sent to Jerrold Nalder summarizing some of the Lev Parnas “evidence,” he included a redacted text message from Parnas to Rudy Giuliani referring to trying to set up a meeting with “Mr. Z,” to support the claim that he was trying to arrange a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky to pressure him to investigate the Bidens.  But an unredacted version of the text exchange suggests that they were actually referring to a meeting with Burisma energy company founder Mykola Zlochevsky, whom Giuliani refers to as “Mr. Z.”  That makes much more sense in the context of the text exchange (hiring practices at Burisma.) But with the redactions, we weren't supposed to see that.  

Democrats are trying to pass it off as a simple mistake, rather than a deliberate attempt to mislead. If so, then I guess it will have to be added to all the other “mistakes” made in the FBI investigations of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaign – those innocent mistakes made without any partisan intent that just coincidentally and miraculously, by random chance, always land on the side of harming Republicans and helping Democrats.  As I’ve said before, it’s like flipping a coin 500 times and every time, having it land standing up on edge.

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  • Rose Rousakis

    01/23/2020 09:33 AM

    When is he and Nadler going to be charged and kicked out of Congress!!

  • Julia Castillo

    01/23/2020 05:49 AM

    I can’t imagine what we have paid for this circus. I wish someone would set up an hourly calculator that shows $ spent by Congress (their salaries) on this sham. To see that growing number, would make everyone intensely aware of how little Congress does for us and to what extreme they are willing to go to, in order to remove our President.

  • Patricia Schultz

    01/22/2020 10:36 PM

    Never truth only lies from the Demoncrats wow never have seen such hate from a political party it's a crying shame .....

  • Rodney G. Garner

    01/22/2020 10:30 PM

    Why did this article not make the news during the House inquiry? Is it fact or fiction?

  • Marvin Garrett

    01/22/2020 09:11 PM

    As a veteran I would like to say our president has done more in 3 yrs than most get done in 8. If he was quilty of anything why did not one Republican vote for impeachment. All political

  • Candice LaCroix

    01/22/2020 08:32 PM

    I cannot watch Schiff and his lies and demeanor! I try to but I begin feeling shakey and angry, and wish I could reach through the TV screen and choke him.

  • Conny Fitzsimmons

    01/22/2020 07:29 PM

    As usual, your are right on point!

  • robert waters

    01/22/2020 05:45 PM

    I wish you would address the matter of "lying to Congress." Who is ALLOWED to lie to Congress, and especially in a trial that is supposed to be about truth and justice. A republican can be sentenced to jail after being deliberately trapped into lying, but NOTHING is done when Schiff premediates a lie to promote his treasonous agenda. I don't get it. Maybe letting him get away with it is a wise strategy. What do you think? I'm thinking what Pelosi hypnotically stated: "no one is above the law."

  • Joe Bradley

    01/22/2020 05:38 PM

    Schiff lie? Lmao. I for one am shocked. Not.?this sham impeachment needs to end now

  • Sharon K. Behlen

    01/22/2020 05:02 PM

    What can we do besides pray for this terrible thing that is happening to our country? The Dems just think they can put anything out there, whether it is a lie or whatever, and their followers will believe them. Once they get it out there, all they do is apologize, if that, and go on with their next lie. Often they don't even apologize and the lie just hangs out there as truth! I am so outraged at all this nonsense that I can hardly stand it. That is why they want the President on the stand so they can twist his words and make him say what they want to hear! I am constantly praying!!!!

  • Marilyn Bapes

    01/22/2020 04:42 PM

    For Mr. Schiff----

  • Robert Wrucke

    01/22/2020 04:41 PM

    Imagine that, he lied again! I would suppose that possibly would mean he opened his mouth again!!

  • Robert Wrucke

    01/22/2020 04:36 PM

    Imagine that, another lie! I would suppose that would mean he was talking again!!