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March 4, 2024

The latest polls, even from liberal outlets like the New York Times and CBS, show that Trump is solidly ahead of Biden. Worse for Democrats, voters not only rank Biden lower than Trump for handling issues of most importance to them, such as inflation and border security, but demographics that the Dems count on to win are turning on Biden and longing for a return to the days of Trump. Here’s a detailed roundup...

Among the findings: 97% of 2020 Trump voters say they are backing him again, while only 83% of Biden’s 2020 voters plan to make that mistake again (10% say they are switching to Trump, which if true would be devastating considering how narrow Biden’s margin was in 2020.)

Majorities of voters think Biden’s policies cause inflation to rise and hurt them personally (see, most people really are paying attention!) In a poll that must have left New York Times staffers feeling suicidal to report, Trump was ahead of Biden by nine points among men and tied among women, whom the Dems count on for their winning margin (maybe women are deciding that being able to abort babies up until they’re weaned isn’t as important as being able to afford groceries or not be robbed, raped or murdered if you step outside your house.) Although I’m certain the Dems are well ahead among people who claim they are no particular gender.

That poll also showed Trump actually ahead of Biden among Hispanics and at least cutting into the black vote to a level that would be catastrophic for Democrats if it holds.

I always caution people not to put too much stock in polls, especially polls taken months in advance of an election. These polls are encouraging (they suggest that people realize Biden’s policies have been terribly destructive to America, in some cases deliberately, and they don’t like it.) But the Dems have a ton of money for ads and free biased media on their side, and they’ve made it clear they will stop at nothing to preserve their power, from slanderous lies to trying to imprison their opponent to blocking his certification in the House (i.e., “assaulting our democracy,” which is apparently fine when they do it.)

If you love this nation and want it to survive, this is a “crawl over broken glass to vote” election. It needs to be not just a red wave but a red tsunami to overcome all the lies, lawfare, bullying and chicanery that the Dems will try to pull. So take a moment to enjoy the positive polls, then toss them aside and get back to work to win the only poll that counts, the one at the ballot box in November.

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