February 27, 2019

To listen to the left, conservatives all over America are constantly launching violent hate crimes.  The same media outlets that trumpet those alleged crimes seem to give far less attention when so many of them turn out to be hoaxes perpetrated by the alleged victims.  David Catron at the American Spectator dug into the statistical gymnastics required to construct the leftist narrative of an epidemic of conservative hate crimes:

The Daily Caller is also compiling a list of some of the most egregious hoaxes:

And if you really want to dig into this, here’s a website that is building a database of fake hate crimes that’s now up to 350 entries: 

Of course, none of this is meant to discount in any way the necessity to vigilantly police real hate crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.  But people who stage fake hate crimes actually undermine that cause.  They not only spread division and distrust among Americans, they also waste police resources that could be better applied to solving real hate crimes.  For instance, finding the big, tough, social justice “warrior” who assaulted an 81-year-old man as he was grocery shopping in Franklin Township, New Jersey, because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.

Or the woman in Falmouth, Massachusetts, who screamed at and hit a man in a Mexican restaurant for wearing a MAGA cap, then claimed she was the real victim and had a right to assault him because she’s an immigrant.  Turned out she was actually an illegal immigrant, and she’s now facing both assault charges and deportation proceedings.  It might have been wiser to just keep quiet and eat her dinner.

Or the beefy thug who was caught on video at UC-Berkeley, punching the face of a young man simply because he was manning an info table for the conservative group Campus Reform.  In a welcome and long-overdue sign that conservatives are fed up with leftists who can’t control their violent tempers, Citizens United is offering a $50,000 reward for tips leading to his arrest and conviction.

After a week of investigating, UC-Berkeley police say they have a suspect and are seeking a felony warrant from the county DA.  That’s good news, although there should also be federal civil rights violation charges, just to be sure this doesn’t become yet another case of a violent leftist creep being let off with a slap on the wrist by sympathetic leftwing campus authorities.

Jim Treacher of PJ Media has some great observations about the stark differences between the completely credulous way the media treated Jussie Smollett’s hate crime claim and the undeniable assault on a conservative student.  For instance, even though the threats and repulsive face-punching were captured on video, mainstream outlets such as CBS, CNN and Newsweek all headlined their stories with “Conservative Allegedly Assaulted…”  Maybe they think it was like the old Woody Allen joke, and the conservative kid assaulted the leftist by smashing him in the fist with his nose. 

Also, both the attack and the attacker’s face were clearly caught on video (any Dog The Bounty Hunter wannabes who would like to collect $50,000 can see a clear photo of his angry mug at the link below.)  So in this social media/Google age, why did it take the police a week to finger a suspect, and he still hasn’t been arrested or publicly identified?  If a conservative had beaten up a liberal on campus just for holding different views (which is purely hypothetical, since conservatives don't do that), we’d all know his name before he could get home and wash the blood off his knuckles.

One final note: what was it that really “triggered” this violent, leftist rage-aholic?  The conservative student had a sign on his table that read, “Hate Crime Hoaxes Hurt Real Victims."  That’s nothing but the truth, but I guess some people just can’t handle the truth. 


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  • Lawana Waters

    03/01/2019 09:05 PM

    Mike, I think the mainstream media is to blame for many, if not all, of these hate crimes against people for simply wearing MAGA hats or participating in conservative events. They've done such a good job of branding President Trump and his supporters as racists or giving a platform to others who do the same that some of their viewers are brainwashed to believe it. When something like the attack on the old man happens, they're quick to say it's caused by President Trump's so-called racism. Too bad they can't be charged with inciting violence!

  • rodney burke

    02/28/2019 04:03 PM

    how many fake hat4e crimes have there been. How many REAL hate crimes have there been all perpetrated by dems. How many hate crimes have been done by conservatives? Crickets, nuff said. they can keep it up and pretty soon the assumption can be made that it is lib desperation. That is the mode the left is in now. They have zero, everything they do crumbles before their eyes. Libs in general are losing their creds or should we say throwing them away?

  • Kevin Schwinkendorf

    02/27/2019 05:22 PM

    At some point, some leftist is going to assault a conservative, and its going to turn out that the conservative just happens to be a concealed-weapon license holder, who isn't going to tolerate being assaulted. When the victim pulls out his .45, or 9mm, or whatever he's carrying, we'll see who wins then. I don't own a MAGA hat, because I already own quite a few other hats. I wonder how Nathan Phillips (being a leftwing activist Indian) would react to my Winchester camo hat? You know, "Winchester, the Gun that Won the West." I like my Winchester hat (I own quite a few Winchesters in my collection), and I'm not going to NOT wear it because I'm "afraid" of some leftist, snowflake dirtbag.

  • Jacquelyn Holmes

    02/27/2019 05:21 PM

    Democrats have to get rid of the hat by next election run (if they can't get him out). The MAGA hat ( Make America Great Again) is part of what President Trump used to rally his supporters. Hillary had nothing. That's why they hate the hat so much.

  • Elizabeth Honaker

    02/27/2019 05:14 PM

    Twenty years or so, when the whole nonsense of "hate crime legislation" became the PP (Public Pet) of the Democrats, I asked one question: When is a crime EVER committed out of LOVE? I'm still waiting for an answer, but all I hear are crickets.

  • Kristin Mallory

    02/27/2019 05:13 PM

    Your statement is absolutely correct, I appreciate your insight and honesty. My sister and I just completed the Israel Experience with you. We were on the Purple Bus. I am delighted to say that my sister (a stubborn liberal) is now rethinking many of her long held beliefs and opinions. She admires you and is watching your show on TBN. Your influence is a blessing, thank you for the wonderful experience.

  • carole a braden

    02/27/2019 02:35 PM

    lol smashing him in the fist with his nose well "allegedly"

  • Dawn Street

    02/27/2019 01:31 PM

    I am a senior citizen and I would love to be able to wear my MAGA cap out in public. However, I had a concussion from a fall a couple of summers ago and I still have the occasional headache to remind me not to be reckless. I do not need another closed head injury. I have an elderly husband and I am his sole caregiver. If I wore the cap and some yahoo attacked my, my husband would weigh in on them and that would be really bad. So, all of this violence and all of the hoaxes and all of the PC stuff affects my peace of mind and my freedoms. It is not fair.

    Many of us seniors have weapons but only for self defense purposes and mainly for at home. Do we all need to start carrying to defend ourselves against these young marauders?? Seriously... I would like to know. Attacks can happen anytime and anywhere.