May 14, 2019

The riders in the already-overcrowded 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate clown car will have to scooch over a little more soon to make room for New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio.  But if he thinks it’s going to be easy to defeat Trump, then he learned nothing from Hillary in 2016.  He should have learned this week that it’s not even easy to imitate Trump.

DeBlasio tried pulling a publicity stunt to promote his crazy pro-green, anti-skyscraper plan in New York City.  Naturally, he planned it outside Trump Tower, because that building is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, personally responsible for the worst environmental damage in New York City (apparently, there are no other large buildings in Manhattan, other than solar-powered greenhouses.)

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Unfortunately, as so often happens with apocalyptic climate zealots, the weather didn’t cooperate, and he was forced to move his Trump-bashing puppet show inside the atrium of Trump Tower, the very place where Trump came down the escalator to announce his presidential run, to the mockery and scorn of the know-it-all media.  

DeBlasio, however, was met by Trump-supporting New Yorkers heckling, “You suck!” and “Boo!” One carried a sign reading, “Worst Mayor Ever!” (His current approval rating is 36% in the city, 24% statewide.)

The hotel staff helped out by cranking up Frank Sinatra's “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” (a perfect choice for what Trump is doing to leftists like DeBlasio.)  His voice growing hoarse over the din, DeBlasio railed at the Trump Organization like a true socialist, “We will take your money. We will hold you accountable.”  Well, I’m sure he spends a lot of time thinking up ways to take their money, at least. 

Accountability doesn’t seem to be his forte, though.  For instance, in addition to the deterioration in quality of life and the taxpayer flight since he took over, the city is also being sued by some former NYPD officers who claim they were scapegoated and fired in a political donor bribery scandal they had nothing to do with in order to keep the investigation from reaching the door of the former police commissioner and Mayor DeBlasio.

Before anyone considers voting for Bill DeBlasio for President (if anyone actually would), it’s worth recalling how former NYC Mayor Ed Koch used to go all over town, asking New Yorkers, “How’m I doin’?!”  There’s a good reason why DeBlasio doesn’t do that.  He’s afraid they might tell him. 


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