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March 31, 2023

Well, George Soros sure got his money’s worth with his $1 million-plus campaign contribution to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.  One day after the news broke that his “Trump” grand jury had gone on a month-long hiatus, it was announced that the former President had been indicted.  Then Bragg left to go to dinner, and I have to wonder who was picking up the check.

In fact, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz called this indictment part of the “Soros-ification of our justice system.”

The timing of this shocked most observers, who, once the grand jury had suspended hearings on Wednesday, speculated either that they’d declined to indict in such a weak case or that Bragg had strategic reasons for delaying the indictment a month.  Both assumptions turned out to be wrong.  Bragg issued the announcement late Thursday afternoon, after most DC officials had left for the day.

The only conceivable reaction to this blatantly political move is disgust.  Something changed yesterday, and there is no going back for our country.  I promise not to use the phrase “crossing the Rubicon,” but something is different now.  We’ve never witnessed this before.  Now we see how easily a democratic nation can cross over into banana republic territory.  (I didn’t promise not to use the phrase “banana republic.”)

To actually arrest and indict a former President who is also the leading Republican candidate for that office again is arguably even worse than the weaponization of the intel community against him in 2016 with the “Russia” hoax.  This, of all things, should mobilize all freedom-loving Americans as never before.  The Democrats have gotten away with plenty, especially when it came to Trump, but they CANNOT be allowed to get away with this.  They don’t get to destroy the system just to do in their irrationally-hated adversary.

Trump issued a statement saying, in part, “The Democrats have lied, cheated and stolen in their obsession with trying to ‘Get Trump,’ but now they’ve done the unthinkable --- indicting a completely innocent person in an act of blatant Election Interference.”  Here it is in full...

Robert Spencer at PJ MEDIA wrote to say that the establishment’s total disregard for the rule of law means they can’t be trusted with any position of power again.  Amen to that.

He also issued a warning that applies if Trump survives this:  “If they’ll do this, what will they shrink from doing in order to stop him?”

Here’s the reaction from President Trump’s family, as expressed by Donald Trump, Jr., his fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Eric Trump…

Trump is now the first former United States President ever to be indicted.  His adversaries are high-fiving it now, thrilled beyond belief that Trump will always have that distinction.  He’s guilty because...they hate him and assume he’s a criminal.

We’ve devoted a lot of time here to the huge legal problems with this case.  (Note:  at the time of this writing late Thursday, the indictment remained sealed, but we know what charges the grand jury was looking at.)  Top legal experts --- and not just the right-leaning ones --- said it was “ridiculous” and “pathetic,” involving a $130,000 non-disclosure payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels in 2016, over a sexual encounter in 2006 that Trump has consistently denied.  The Southern District of New York had passed on it.  So had the Federal Election Commission.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller left it alone, too.

The original charge was a misdemeanor for which the statute of limitations had expired, and legal theory for making it prosecutable was untested.  On Thursday night, Jonathan Turley said, “The concern is that if this theory is actually the basis of the indictment, then this is a rather ignoble moment in history.  Donald Trump may be the first former President to be indicted, but if this is the standard, he won’t be the last.”

Alan Dershowitz believes the case will be thrown out on statute of limitations grounds.

Bragg himself chose to let the case drop when he first became district attorney.  But then Trump announced he was running in ‘24, and Bragg had to do... something...because he’d actually run on a promise to get Trump.  It was fish or cut bait, so what did he do?  He went with what he had.

The video of Bragg vowing to get Trump will no doubt be used now for Trump’s defense.

This step is overwhelmingly, undeniably political, and historic in a very sad way.  Remember when Trump was impeached simply for suggesting that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy might want to look at the Bidens’ activity in Ukraine?  Democrats said this was because Biden was a likely political opponent, though he hadn’t nearly won his party’s nomination yet.  But Trump actually is an announced candidate and in the lead for the GOP nomination in 2024, yet this abuse of the legal system to take him out of the race is apparently fine with his opponent --- whose name, ironically, is Biden.  This is blatant targeting of a political opponent.

“The American left is ushering in an era of pure power politics,” said Ned Ryun, CEO of American Majority.  They’ve decided that equal application of the law is dead.  “...We are really living [more] in the illusion of a constitutional republic than the actual reality of it.”  Law is being used as a weapon, he said, to the point where “we are in a cold war, civil war era in this country.”  Here’s what Margot Cleveland had to say about that before the indictment came down.

New York criminal defense attorney Lou Gelormino said to Tucker Carlson, “My heart is broken,” adding that “any lawyer who graduated law school should be completely outraged by what’s going on.”  He said that in such a “blue-blue-blue city” as New York, he’s not sure he has “complete faith” in the jury pool.  (In New York City, 80 percent in the last election voted for Biden.)  Trump is not going to have a jury of his peers, and this defense attorney has concerns.

Of course, the first step for Trump’s attorneys is to file a motion to dismiss.  From the NEW YORK POST, here’s one attorney’s breakdown of the legal arguments Trump’s defense will likely use.  In addition to the points we’ve discussed before, he specifically includes prosecutorial misconduct, especially selective prosecution.  Highly recommended reading...

If ever we thought about a “national divorce,” an action such as this amplifies the discussion.  Florida governor and likely presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, to his credit, issued a statement that said his state would not participate in any extradition of President Trump to New York, which is tentatively scheduled for next week.   “The weaponization of the legal system to advance a political agenda turns the rule of law on his head,” he said, adding that this was “un-American.”  Here’s his full statement…

An announced candidate for the GOP nomination, Vivek Ramaswamy, appeared on Tucker’s show to call this “a grave day in American democracy...fundamentally un-American.”  It’s not just about Trump, he said, because “if they can do it to Trump, they can do it to you.”  He wants to win, but only by convincing voters to vote for him.  “The American people get to decide who governs this country, not a politicized prosecutor.”

“Whoever we are as a country,” he said, “it’s not a country that allows police power to be used by the ruling party to arrest its political opponents.”  The same principle would apply if the parties were reversed.  “It’s a sad day,” he said, “and I’m worried for the future of the country…we’re skating on thin ice right now.”

He had an interesting way of describing the way Washington has always dealt with Trump, saying our entire system had an “immune reaction” to this outsider who actually wanted to reform that system.  “And one way or another, by high water or not, they were gonna come for him.  And in the end, it’s not about Trump; it’s about everybody who’s represented by Trump --- that’s exactly who they’re coming after.”  He said this as Trump’s opponent, adding that everyone who runs against Trump, Joe Biden included, has a responsibility to call this out.  Biden won’t, of course.

And there will be more of it.  You saw the video from MSNBC of the flighty Georgia grand jury forewoman who broke into a big smile at the thought of personally swearing in President Trump to testify before her.  The feeling of power does terrible things to people.  That’s another weak case, by the way, despite what they tell you on CNN.

The ‘Justice’ Department is still investigating Trump for allegedly having classified documents at Mar-A-Lago, when he maintains that he declassified them himself by his authority as President.  Never mind that the sitting President has been keeping boxes and boxes of documents, some of which were classified, in various places:  his office, his garage, the Penn Biden Center, a warehouse in Chinatown and his lawyer’s office in Boston.  These go back to his time as Vice President (a Vice President doesn’t have authority to declassify), and likely include information about his family’s foreign business affairs.  What’s being done about THAT?

The double standard of justice has never been so obvious.

Taking this in context of other recent events, Jason Whitlock believes the left is “agitating for unrest.”  They think tearing down the system is how they’ll get power and control.  Yes, it’s our job to make them wish they’d never tried this.  At the same time, they dearly hope we’ll lose our cool and give them an excuse to arrest and prosecute us, too, just as they did after January 6.  They want us to strike back --- DO NOT take the bait!  Glenn Beck was adamant about this in his pessimistic but must-watch interview last night with Tucker Carlson.  “They WANT you to strike out,” he warned, “because then they can close the cage.”

Another must-see interview from that show is the one with Democrat former Illinois Gov. Rob Blagojevich, who was convicted and imprisoned and knows firsthand about what he called “Third World politics.”  He has always maintained the FBI framed him; he was pardoned by Trump…

As for Whitlock, he traditionally has not voted (“I’m not proud of that”) and was only “somewhat supportive” of Trump but no longer can sit by and watch what the left is doing to the country.  And one thing he said stood out to us as perhaps our new anthem for ‘24:





Final note:  We’re glad to see that Trump has a fine attorney representing him, Joe Tacopina, who appeared on last night’s HANNITY.  That entire episode is highly recommended, but especially the segment with Tacopina, here…

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