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September 1, 2023



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Mike Huckabee

Not fair

If you still harbor hopes that a prominent Republican can get a fair trial these days, check out what just happened to Rudy Giuliani. A federal judge ruled him legally liable in default for defaming two election workers and ordered him to pay $133,000 in sanctions for failing to comply with discovery by not turning over documents to the defendants. Guiliani claims it’s been difficult to get those documents because they’re on devices seized by the FBI in a raid that resulted in no charges, and they still haven’t returned them.

The judge also showed her nonpartisanship by blasting Giuliani for “donning the cloak of victimhood” and calling her order to produce documents he has no access to “punishment by process.” I don’t know what else you’d call it. “Justice” certainly isn’t the right term.

RFK Jr request is rejected by a Federal judge

Wednesday, a federal judge rejected Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s request for a temporary restraining order to make YouTube parent company Google stop censoring videos of his criticism of the government’s COVID actions for violating their “medical misinformation” policies. The judge ruled that RJK Jr’s lawsuit against Google over this is unlikely to succeed because Google is a private company and not a “state actor” that has to abide by the First Amendment.

As Ben Bartee at PJ Media points out, this is a convenient dodge we’ve seen before: Google can conspire with the government when it wants to illegally censor Americans and sign lucrative government contracts that give it a ridiculous amount of power and control over web speech, but when someone tries to hold them to account, it’s “Oh, but we’re not the government! We’re a private company!”

The fact is that tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter (X), etc., have become the nation’s “town square,” where speech is supposed to flow freely. If they continue to take a side (the left side) and try to regulate speech while claiming not to be regulators, the government or wiser courts will have to define or redefine their roles. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen unless Republicans can regain Congress and the White House.  Today’s Democrats aren’t going to change the system on principle as long as it’s benefiting them politically. They’ve become openly hostile to free speech and will defend your right to speak only as long as they agree with what you're saying.

By the way, around here, we will defend free speech to the death, including that of people we disagree with. On that subject, here’s my recent TV interview with RFK Jr. on “Huckabee.”

Finally, some sanity from the courts:

A federal judge ruled that a new law passed by Democrats in New Jersey banning the detention of illegal aliens is unconstitutional because it blocks the federal government from carrying out its duty to enforce immigration laws.

Now, if we can just get the federal government to carry out its duty to enforce immigration laws!

And another positive legal result:

The Spreckels Union School District in Monterey County, California (the “transgender sanctuary state”) agreed to pay $100,000 to settle a lawsuit by a mother for trying to secretly “trans” her daughter. She found out the teachers were telling her 11-year-old daughter that her negative emotions might be because she didn’t know who she “truly was inside.” Without telling her mom, they pressed her to “socially transition” and start using male pronouns and the boys’ bathroom.

After the lawsuit forced the school to back off, her daughter decided to “re-identify” as a girl. It’s a miracle!

Meet Penny

During the GOP debate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defended his pro-life views by talking about a woman he knows named Penny who survived multiple attempts to abort her, and was saved by her grandmother. Leftist commentators sneered at the story, calling it “ludicrous,” “impossible” and “obviously untrue.”

Well, someone begs to differ: the Governor’s friend Penny. She’s speaking out on behalf of all the other “miraculous” abortion survivors. You can read her full inspiring story and her message to those pro-abortion skeptics here. It begins with, “I did exist.” No thanks to them.

Four-alarm disasters

I’ve long said that the best argument against liberal policies is to put them into effect for a while and let people see and feel the horrific results. They always sound great in faculty lounges and MSNBC talk shows, but in reality, they’re four-alarm disasters. Here are a couple of examples of liberals who’ve had the blinders ripped off their eyes via experience:

Meet the Democratic San Mateo, County, California Supervisor who admits, “I made a mistake” in backing “progressive crime reform” measures that resulted in criminals taking over, assaulting people and robbing stores bare. He now says, "Enough is enough! All this retail theft. All this sort of crime. Enough is enough. We really need to look at state laws. What we have in place right now is not working. We can't go on like this." I won’t say, “I told you so,” but everyone with a brain has been thinking it for about three years now.

Now, meet the former “diversity trainer” who realized that corporate DEI training sessions are a “worthless” scam that’s harming minorities. But they’re very lucrative for DEI consultants who don’t really want to reduce racism because they make their money by finding racism in everything.

Perfect Example of a four-alarm disaster

Many Californians are fleeing to Texas to escape the filth, crime, police shortages and homelessness that’s run rampant thanks to "Progressive" rule. Unfortunately, a number of them have moved to Austin and kept voting the same way, turning Austin from a once goofily-liberal city into a deep blue island in the red sea of the Lone Star State. And what a surprise: Texans are getting fed up because filth, crime, police shortages and homelessness are now rampant there.

Moral: If your state is so bad you have to flee it, don’t vote to bring its problems with you to your new home.

Released on bail

After spending six days in jail, the only defendant in the Georgia RICO case against President Trump and his associates has finally been released on bail. As previously reported, the only one denied bond (and a public defender) is Harrison Floyd, who is also coincidentally a black man and the former director of the outreach group, Black Voices for Trump. Can’t have any of those!

As you might imagine, Mr. Floyd had some things to say to DA Fani Willis about being singled out for incarceration. You can watch the video here in which he thanks her for the “Negro wake-up call.”

Proud Boys leader is sentenced

Proud Boys leader Joseph Biggs was sentenced to 17 years in prison Thursday for his part in the January 6th riot. He’s already spent two years in prison awaiting trial. This is one of the longest J6 sentences of the hundreds handed out so far. I would compare it to the federal sentences of the Antifa rioters who attacked the Trump White House and burned St. John’s Church, but I can't seem to find any.

Biggs, an Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient, tearfully testified, "I know that I messed up that day, but I’m not a terrorist...I didn’t hurt anybody.” But the government added terrorism enhancements to the charge because Biggs facilitated the crowd’s surge by helping tear down a fence, you know, like terrorists do.

Believe it or not, prosecutors are upset at the 17-year sentence. They had requested a sentence of 33 years. They also wanted 25 years for Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who ended up getting 18 years.

Peak Farce

There’s an old saying that history comes to us first as tragedy, then as farce. I think the “tearing down of Confederate monuments” era reached its farce phase when woke officials at Washington and Lee University actually spent time and money removing a plaque honoring Gen. Robert E. Lee’s horse, Traveller. I guess it was a very racist horse.

Now, the only reminders of horses on campus are the school’s administrators, who are living reminders of the back halves of horses.

Hardly news

It's hardly news when Keith Olbermann makes some condescending, belligerent comment on a subject he knows nothing about – that’s kind of his brand – but it’s worth reading this story just to see how deftly champion swimmer and defender of women’s sports Riley Gaines put him right back down in his place.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “It is not one world…”

Meet the champion Iranian weightlifter who set a new world record in Poland, and then was banned for life from his sport by Iran’s weightlifting association for committing the unforgivable crime of shaking hands and posing for a photo with the third-place finisher, who was from Israel.

Georgia DA Fani Willis caught up in election scandal of her own

Anyone who doubts the political motivations behind Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis’ lawfare against President Trump should set those doubts aside, thanks to an investigation started by Peter Bernegger at Election Watch, out of Wisconsin, and Chris Gleason in Florida.

Many months ago, we reported on an investigation centered around a Democrat get-out-the-vote organization called ActBlue, the largest fundraising Political Action Committee (PAC) in America.   “The investigation,” writes Chris Gleason, “which spans across multiple states and multiple jurisdictions, has revealed a complex network of illicit operations aimed at undermining the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law.”  They say they’ve uncovered what may be the “largest illegal political campaign money laundering scheme in the history of America.”  Now, there’s your RICO.

This investigative team has documented what appears to be hundreds of millions of dollars being illegally laundered via ActBlue and other left-wing PACs, simply by way of publicly available records on the website (Federal Election Commission) and other state government campaign finance reporting websites.

ActBlue also has two nonprofits, a 501(c) 3 called ActBlue Charities and a 501(c) 4 called ActBlue Civics, and they reportedly can pass money through these without disclosing who benefits and by how much.  It’s a textbook “dark money” setup.  Money passes through ActBlue PAC to the recipient and ActBlue collects a fee as payment.  The identity of the ultimate recipient remains obscured.

What tipped off these investigators to something suspicious was that over half the donations came from “not employed” or “retired” people --- people who generally can’t afford to give a lot of money.  The investigation by Take Back Action Fund found that nearly half of all donations to ActBlue were made by people who were of modest means and unemployed.  That was $346 million supposedly from the pockets of unemployed people.  The “donations” were in small amounts, but they had been made over and over, many times, in a pattern no real donor would follow.  When the investigators started knocking on doors and getting in touch personally with some of these people, most weren’t even aware that they had given to ActBlue.  Hint:  it’s because they HADN’T.  Someone else had used their identity.

It so happens that ActBlue doesn’t verify up to 55 percent of their credit card transactions.

The investigation turned up a large number of unemployed “campaign finance mules” in Washington State, of all places, who “gave” lots of money to a U.S. Senate candidate in Georgia, Raphael Warnock.  Perhaps it’s because of all that money that he’s in the Senate now.  Remarkably, out of the top Warnock “volume” donors, only one was actually from Georgia.

The story at the link tells about Election Watch teaming up with James O’Keefe of O’Keefe Media Group to go door-to-door, documentary-style, interviewing these donors who turn out to be victims of a money laundering operation.  O’Keefe has helped enlist thousands of concerned citizen data analysts, journalists and other investigators from around the country.

Here’s an example of the video they’ve compiled since we did our first report.  When people are asked about the donations they’re listed as having made, they have no idea what the interviewer is talking about.  Records show one of them had given a total of $60,000; she is mystified when she hears about this.

The team found massive-scale money laundering of this type going on not just in Washington State, but in EVERY state, breaking both federal and state campaign laws.

So, where does Fani Willis fit in?  As Gleason reports, “Sources close to the matter suggest that Willis was a massive beneficiary in the Federal and Georgia RICO enterprises.  It appears that she is currently playing a key role in orchestrating a systematic scheme to manipulate election outcomes, casting doubt on the integrity of the entire election process.”

The GEORGIA RECORD posted Gleason’s report on the link between Willis and “a sprawling web of election fraud and money laundering activities.”  Her campaign donation information was obtained directly from the State of Georgia campaign finance database.  It showed 222 donors listed by name only, with no donor information at all.  Of those with donor information, many were from out of state, and these contributors fit the profile of the elderly, unemployed ActBlue “donors.”  These generally were people who had little discretionary income and didn’t even contribute to campaigns in their own areas.

One of the out-of-state contributors to Fani Willis’ campaign was listed as having made over 9,178 individual contributions since 2018.

When investigators started doing some in-person checking, they spoke to people who had never donated to Willis.  The did speak to someone who had given one time only, but her name was also used, with different addresses, for donations from Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois and New York.  This person was also listed as registered to vote --- and having voted --- in multiple states.

“Fani Willis,” Gleason says, “once seen as a rising star in the Georgia political arena, is now grappling with a full-blown scandal that threatens to irreparably tarnish her reputation and upend her career.  The implications of these revelations are far-reaching, serving as a stark reminder of the fragility of trust in public officials and the lengths some might go for power and wealth.”

But here is the problem that helps explain why so many leftist, Soros-approved candidates for district attorney, judge, etc., are winning local elections:  “What is being seen at an alarming rate is that the nationwide money laundering RICO enterprise is making more and more contributions to PACs and these PACS are financing local candidates...Many of these PACs have strong ties to the numerous Soros-connected organizations that are active participants in the nationwide election fraud, money laundering, terrorist network financing the massive ongoing RICO enterprise.”

(NOTE:  This is also why it’s so important to vote in local elections, especially off-year!  City council, county sheriff, county judge, DA, school board --- this is where the battle primarily is fought.  I digress.)

It should come as no surprise that these organizations share significant connections to big Democrat law firm Perkins Coie, of Hillary Clinton and fake-“dossier” fame.  Perkins Coie would have to be one of the largest beneficiaries of all that laundered money.  As Gleason explains, “The firm received vast sums of illicit money via legal fees paid by the PACs and committees who helped launder the campaign finance contributions made in the name of over a million individuals whose identities have been stolen and used to structure financial transactions and circumvent federal campaign finance limits.”

Gleason also raises questions about the financial institutions utilized by ActBlue and other PACS and nonprofits, citing JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Amalgamated Bank.  Would their fraud detection units not have found a suspicious pattern?  Were reports filed?  Who failed to act?

It also seems that the Federal Election Commission has been looking the other way.  Gleason’s communications to them about the interstate “money mules” have been ignored.  In this piece, he asks anyone who knows about such criminal activities taking place in their state to notify their member of Congress and also state officials.  We’d think the House Judiciary Committee would be a good idea, too.

For when you have time, the GEORGIA RECORD goes into detail about this story and also RICO and election law.  How fitting that after abusing RICO law to try to bring down political enemies, she might be revealed as the beneficiary of an actual RICO scheme.

RELATED READING:  Jonathan Turley looks at DA Willis’ attempt to try 19 people together (Trump + 18) to “give them a more sinister, conspiratorial patina.”


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    09/07/2023 07:26 AM

    Dear Mike, I remember years ago when you were running for President. You had been held-up, for an appearance on someones TV show and you were making your apoligy to the audience. You were so real, so humble, so gracious and a great story teller! I had no idea who you really were. This was my first glimpse of of Mike Huckabee, and I have been a fan ever since! It is so wonderful to have someone that you trust in this "new" political world, that we find "our
    America" in. The first comment that I made years back, you declined because you couldn't verify my sentiments.(concerning Hillary) I understood. I still have
    a whole lot to say Mike. I'm not a good writer, and in my "Golden Years" it gets
    more difficult to be orderly in my "evidences" that I have collected in about 15
    or so notebooks. Probably old enough to be your Mom Mike. By the way. I.m
    thinking Sara would be a great VP! What say you? Looking ahead, JUSTGRAN

  • Paul Kern

    09/01/2023 08:09 PM

    None of this surprises me. Early on I discovered BLM was a direct conduit to Act Blue.
    It now is pretty clear every agency needs a thorough house cleaning. Most judges and DAs also. As one person stated decades ago" politics is all local"
    I live in Washington State and have seen the corruption here. The RNC withdrew support at the last election and so a leftwing Biden puppet take over in Southwest Washington. Many still worship her. Many still live masked up!

  • George Reynolds

    09/01/2023 07:32 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, the ActBlue money-laundering scheme alluded to in your article includes both Fani Willis and Alvin Bragg, DAs of Georgia and New York, respectively. If the evidence is as clear as stated, both should be disbarred and sent to trial. But will that ever happen? They each have a "D" beside their name, which makes them able to get away with anything, no matter how unethical or illegal.

  • George Reynolds

    09/01/2023 06:58 PM

    This is an excerpt about limiting the age of politicians, after Sen. McConnell's latest "freeze" episode:
    'Matt Angle, founder of the Lone Star Project, told The Epoch Times that despite Mr. Biden’s age he’s been one of the most successful presidents in history.

    “Joe Biden has had the most successful first term in 50 years. At 80, he’s far more lucid, competent, and accomplished than any Republican congressional leader, [former President] Donald Trump, or any of the second-string Republicans running against Trump,” he said. “An age limit arbitrarily restricts voter choices. Voters can and should judge on competence and suitability, not age alone. Biden’s age is an issue mostly because it’s mentioned in every media story about him.”'
    I can't believe he is talking about Joe Biden! "Most successful first term in 50 years?" "...far more lucid, competent, and accomplished than any Republican congressional leader..."??? Are we talking about the same guy?
    Here is a link to the article:

  • Stephen Russell

    09/01/2023 04:38 PM

    Maui Fire:
    Was fire caused by Orbital Laser ( see 007 Diamonds Are Forever, Die another Day)
    Who shut down water
    Why block traffic out
    Why media black out
    & If the elite were in a Land Grab why destroy Lahina which is a Income source $$$
    Is all HI corrupt
    Was this a set up

    It "smells"

    See Paradise CA fire, 2018

  • Stephen Russell

    09/01/2023 04:09 PM

    Trump Trial Live Feed benefits:

    Catch prosecution make errors in OUR favor
    $$$$ more for Trump
    More votes
    MAGA audience outside courthouse
    GA Legal on Media Trial then

  • Stephen Russell

    09/01/2023 03:56 PM

    Read online about Tucker worries about Trump assisination plot in the works?
    Hype, fake news or is Tucker onto something