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July 9, 2022

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, apparently suffering from delusions of presidential ambitions, ran an ad in Florida accusing Republicans of crushing freedom (like the freedom to kill babies just before they’re born, or the freedom of teachers to tell small children about graphic sexual practices) and urging people to move to California, where “we still believe in freedom.”

Unless, of course, you want to be free to go to church or open your business without being arrested, or free from fear of violent criminals and crazy homeless people, or free from the highest gas prices in the America, or free to refuse a vaccine you don’t trust, or free to walk alone on a beach without getting arrested for not wearing a mask, or free to take your kids to a park without worrying that they’ll step on drug needles or human feces, or…well, I could go on and on. Which is why so many people are fleeing California for states like Florida.

Newsom’s ludicrous ad is being greeted with the raspberries it deserves. Critics are also pointing out the ways in which he flouts the freedom-crushing rules he imposes on others, whether it’s dining at a fancy restaurant while closing other restaurants, posing for photos sans mask in a crowded stadium with celebrity athletes, or vacationing in Montana, one of 22 states he’s banned state officials from traveling to because they don’t subscribe to his views on LGBTQ+++ issues.

In fact, about the only freedom Californians still enjoy is the freedom to move out. But liberals there are desperately trying to pass an “exit tax” to make them keep paying even after they leave.

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