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January 15, 2022

In what I hope is the first ripple of a coming tidal wave, a Florida professor has resigned as president of the American Psychological Association’s Society for Media and Technology, in protest of how the APA’s bowing to leftist ideology and wokeism has trumped medical science in ways that are “actively harmful” to patients.

It is astounding to think that these are the people who are supposed to help others improve their mental health when they sound like Grade A wackjobs themselves. In addition to the APA's demonizing of men, traditional values and America as irredeemably racist, the professor cites their PC language edicts, which are baffling.

For instance, you can no longer say “blind person,” you must say “person with blindness.” That seems to accomplish nothing except to bolster George Carlin’s observation that people think things become less painful if you just add more gaseous syllables to their names (the way “shell shock” gradually morphed into “post-traumatic stress disorder.”)

The professor also complained, “We’re not to talk about birth sex or people being born a boy or girl (‘assigned female/male at birth’ is the language of choice now.)”

I could actually agree with that: you are assigned female/male at birth…by God, via your genitals and chromosomes. But I doubt that would earn me a welcome to the American Psychological Association. Which is fine with me, since it sounds like the inmates are running the asylum there.

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  • Doyle Pruitt

    01/16/2022 03:26 PM

    Hello! Watch the sane people leaving the sinking ship. 2022 elections should be a Democrat disaster, if the people have any sense.

  • Sally Jones

    01/15/2022 05:34 PM

    I’m so incredibly thankful to you and your team for being truthful, thoughtful and kind in our otherwise evil country. Our heads would explode if we allowed ourselves to give in to the tyranny this country is falling into. I so appreciate truth and kindness…God’s got this and He wins in the end.

  • Cynthia Collins

    01/15/2022 02:00 PM

    When is this craziness going to reverse. I've read so many articles on your newletters that I have to take a deep breath. The fact that they (the crates) would cut and past their "voting" bill into another bill that has already passed is awful! Love your show, tape it and watch it. Good stuff