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November 2, 2022

This week, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments in two cases that could spell the end of affirmative action in college admissions, or at least a huge rollback of it.

The cases involve a state school, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and a private school, Harvard University. Observers said the conservative Justices seemed extremely skeptical of arguments that race-based admissions policies are still needed, constitutional or only play a very minimal role in deciding who does or doesn’t get into a university. And the argument that opposing affirmative action is racist white supremacy isn’t working too well anymore, considering the Harvard case is about Asians being rejected while blacks with far lesser qualifications are accepted.

There are more details at that link, and Bonchie at has more here, including the observation that just as with Critical Race Theory in schools, the left’s lawyers are trying to have it both ways by denying that it exists, but also claiming it’s absolutely necessary and must be maintained.

Of course, all of this obsessing over skin color to create a superficially “diverse” student body is ultimately insulting and meaningless. The really scandalous lack of diversity at American universities is the intellectual and political lockstep leftism of their faculties. Until something’s done about that, all their boasts about how diverse they are should be greeted with loud guffaws.


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