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April 14, 2023



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Spies and Scandals, New and Old

By Colonel Kenneth Allard

So far, the press munchkins are reacting to our latest classified document compromise with wails and the usual platitudes, "How Could This Happen?” As a former investigator in the Army equivalent of the FBI, I have a far more cynical point of view: How Could It Not?

Since the primary objective of any compromise investigation is to determine responsibility, it makes sense to begin at the top, where President Biden's record on national security is so badly flawed that the only good reason for keeping him in office is his hapless Vice President. Apart from Mr. Biden’s personal malfeasance in keeping a tranche of classified docs in his garage, his other debacles have already become legendary. The notorious Chinese spy balloon(s); is merely the most recent, our Beijing adversaries allowed to perform leisurely figure 8’s over our most sensitive nuclear installations. More news keeps leaking out about how badly Mr. Biden performed during the Afghanistan withdrawal, despite a recently released “after-action report” attempting to whitewash the disaster. Most damning of all is Mr.Biden’s ongoing border crisis, the organized surrender of our homeland to the Mexican drug cartels; their most recent “clients” include Chinese nationals of military age who departed on their next missions without any visible impediments.

None of these matters presumably came up Thursday afternoon, when that 20-something Air National Guardsman was arrested by an FBI Swat team and hustled off in an armored vehicle. Neither should you expect government prosecutors to concede that President Biden bears the greatest ongoing responsibility for the country’s declining national security fortunes. Instead, they will present a highly structured case: That the young man held a security clearance based on an extensive background investigation; that he had been trained about the responsibilities of holding a security clearance and may even have signed a non-disclosure agreement about the sensitive materials entrusted to him. Yet none of that, they will argue, deterred him from sharing our most sensitive intelligence in an unguarded chat-room, where almost anyone could have seen it. Many apparently did so, including friends, enemies and in-betweens, all gaining a new appreciation for US intelligence sources and methods: What worked, what did not and with what effects? Any prosecutor worth his or her salt will not fail to point out that some valuable US sources – meaning human beings with families and loved ones – may be killed or compromised, simply because this young man treated intelligence as a fun chatroom exercise for his personal aggrandizement or enjoyment.

The hapless airman thus joins the dubious ranks of such Obama-era personalities as Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. Each for his own reasons, these junior intelligence operatives exploited their highly privileged positions (NSA and Army intelligence in Iraq respectively) to leak treasure troves of intelligence documents of incalculable value to our adversaries. Both were granted wide-ranging access because of their expertise with the electronic systems that provide the infrastructure of modern intelligence. Snowden revealed highly classified NSA programs that he considered unethical, taking refuge in Hong Kong before seeking asylum in Putin’s Russia, where his ethical sensitivities were presumably less troubled. Tried by court-martial, Manning served seven years at Fort Leavenworth before having her sentence commuted by Barack Obama, shortly before the inauguration of Donald Trump.

So what have we learned from these repeated legacies of compromise? Can our vaunted intelligence infrastructure even survive the cumulative effects of so many conspicuous failures? As a young intelligence officer, I learned that the most critical information you possess and hope to protect is best measured by two variables: Placement and access. A generation after 911, our canonical failure of information-sharing and lack of imagination has been overcome by over-reach, sharing too much information with too many people. Seldom do we even wonder if all those people really need to know that information!

I also learned to appreciate Ben Franklin’s wisdom when he wrote in Poor Richard’s Almanac that, “Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.” Modern intelligence depends upon a well-ordered system of personnel security, i.e., extensive background investigations to determine one’s suitability, ideally backed up by periodic re-investigations and the aggressive use of the polygraph. But personnel security systems fail when they are overwhelmed by bureaucratic inertia or hidebound by political correctness. How else can you explain why a junior airman was granted such extraordinary access yet lacked the character to police himself?

After a lifetime in that field, I find it difficult to believe that this was his first big mistake!

NOTE: Colonel Allard is the author of Command, Control and the Common Defense, winner of the 1991 National Security Book Award. After leaving active duty, he became an on-air military analyst for the networks of NBC News.

Leaker caught; U.S. needs consistent policy for classified information

This piece from Matt Vespa at TOWNHALL appeared on Tuesday, before the arrest of the latest leaker of classified information from the U.S. government.  Vespa didn’t know then that the leaker, a member of the intelligence ‘wing’ of the Air National Guard from Massachusetts, had THE highest level of security clearance at the tender age of 21.  At least that’s what we’re being told about him.

THE GUARDIAN had speculated that the leak was “probably not some dastardly hacking or disinformation plot by Russia or the US, but rather another example of how carelessly Washington handles its secrets.”  They apparently were right.  And that truth, they said, “may be more worrying for the U.S. and its allies than a Russian hack.” 

The leaked documents, they said, appeared to have been put together for Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, and other top military leaders but were available to other personnel --- and contractors --- with “the right” security clearances.

The point here is not so much to examine the content or potential fallout from these particular leaks --- that’s elsewhere in the newsletter --- but rather to address the carelessness and inconsistency with which we deal with our secrets.  Do you know how many people have a top-level security clearance?  In 2019, the latest year for which we have the figure, it’s 1.5 million.   With that many people having access, it’s almost a statistical certainty that restricted-access material will find its way online.

And with the stunning policy currently in place, those who leave or retire from the FBI and other intel agencies retain those clearances right along with their pensions.  John Brennan, former head of the CIA and major proponent of the Russia Hoax, still has his security clearance while working as an analyst for MSNBC.  When the intel agencies finally get their badly-needed overhaul, this policy needs one, too.

When Trump was accused of keeping classified documents at Mar-A-Lago --- never mind that as President he could declassify whatever he wanted to --- all we heard was how dangerous to national security it was to have those materials in that storage room.  Why, the nuclear codes might have been just sitting there in Trump’s closet, maybe laid right out on the floor in full view, like in the picture!  Never mind that the FBI agents had placed those papers on the floor themselves to take the photo, or that even if Trump had some nuclear codes, they would’ve been long-outdated, as they’re changed regularly, certainly with an incoming administration.  But partisan hysteria transcended rational thought, as is typical these days.

Later, when the story broke about Biden having classified documents scattered all over the northeastern United States, the narrative changed.  It suddenly wasn’t that big a deal.  The FBI wasn’t about to send armed agents to storm Biden’s library in Delaware…or his garage, next to his Corvette...or a storage warehouse in Chinatown...or his office at the Washington DC Penn Biden Center...or the University of Pennsylvania...or his lawyer’s office in Boston...or any other place where he might have deposited some classified documents.  They left Biden’s attorneys in charge of the retrieval, even though these documents seem to have been much more vulnerable in those locations than the ones at Mar-A-Lago, which were behind a secure door in a building with armed security.

As Vespa said, this “highlights once again how anything Trump-related is treated as an unprecedented event when it’s not...The allegations of Trump’s mishandling classified documents were treated as an unprecedented event until Biden’s state secret snafu, which suddenly led to multiple stories about how everyone in DC [had] leaked these documents since the Kennedy presidency.”

“The Left’s myopia for most of their attacks on the former President has been nothing short of stunning,” he said, “almost comical.”  Now that we see the extent to which Biden has made off with classified documents from his entire time in politics and squirreled them away, they’ve had to cut ol’ Joe some slack by switching to an attitude of “everybody does it.”  (Hillary did it with thousands and thousands of easily hackable electronic State Department records.)  And it seems everyone gets away with it whose last name isn’t Trump.

It was in that context that we all learned of these new leaks.  Vespa theorizes that “the endless cycle about classified materials, leaks, and their related dangers, all hyperbole, saturated the media to the point where we might have one that could impact national security, and no one cares.”

It doesn’t inspire much confidence in federal investigators that NEW YORK TIMES reporters actually beat them to the house where the suspect, Jack Douglas Teixeira, lives and knocked on the door first.  I suppose the feds just didn’t have enough agents because most of them are busy investigating Trump supporters and traditional Catholics.

The WASHINGTON POST had already identified the leaker.  More details...

These leaks do show the government has been lying to us about the fight in Ukraine and our role in it.  Yet the reporters at the NYT and WAPO helped the feds catch the leaker and, ironically, maintain secrecy.   Their job seems to be to help the government lie.  Here’s part of independent journalist Glenn Greenwald’s take, which also pretty well summarizes what we’ve learned through these leaks: 

“If you’re a real journalist, somebody who’s devoted to transparency...shining a light on the most powerful government actors in the lives of the American people, and informing the public, you would be celebrating this person [as with Ed Snowden and Julian Assange], who stepped forward and risked his security to show his fellow citizens that the government was lying about this incredibly important war with a nuclear-armed power --- that we have actual troops deployed on the ground in Ukraine, there’s going to be no diplomatic resolution through at least 2023, that Zelenskyy is planning to use our weapons to strike deep into Russia, which we were told would never happen, risking escalation.  He [the leaker] did the job of what journalists came to do, which is show the public the truth.”

Certainly, it was in Ukraine’s interest to keep all this secret.  And, of course, the intel community hates the leaker because he’s shown that they’ve been lying.

As for the so-called ‘journalists,’ Greenwald nails them to the wall: “They love leaks when the CIA and Homeland Security tell them to leak.  That’s when they disseminate propaganda to the American public, like they did during the Trump years, when they leaked the transcript between Michael Flynn and Ambassador Kislyak...The WASHINGTON POST did that; nobody looked for that leaker, nobody cared, everybody cheered, because it served the interest of the security state.”

But when a leaker undermines these agencies and tells the truth, he said, the “journalists” take the government’s side and are out for blood.  They don’t think like journalists anymore; they’re working for the administration.

We would add that when a Republican comes in, they’ll be working against the administration.

RELATED: Matt Taibbi has similar thoughts to those of Greenwald, plus he believes the media are already starting the spin that this leak shows how dangerous it is to allow rightwing “incels” and “gun enthusiasts” to speak privately on the Internet, sharing “dark humor” and “innocuous memes” that might be taken the wrong way by some people. So obviously, we need to pass the horrifying RESTRICT Act to allow the government to keep lying with impunity while spying on and silencing anyone who might complain about it under the guise of “national security.”

ALSO RELATED:  China sends not-so-subtle message to President Biden

Speaking of foreign powers benefiting from secrets, the WASHINGTON TIMES reports that by giving Senate Republicans the financial records showing millions of Chinese dollars flowing to the Biden family, a Chinese-American bank has in effect “fired a warning shot” at the President.

These are the records requested of Cathay Bank by Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, and no subpoena was required.  They handed them right over, no questions asked, and “will continue to cooperate with the committee,” they said in a statement.  “In my mind,” said Sen. Johnson to the TIMES, “it’s the Chinese government telling Joe Biden, ‘We got the goods on you, buddy, and we’re willing to dish it up.’”

The TIMES has details of those financial transactions.  I hate to keep using the word “shocking,” but this really is.  And knowing the Chi-Comms, they’re probably holding something back, perhaps the worst of it, just to maintain leverage over our Commander-in-Chief.  That would certainly explain a lot.



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James O'Keefe releases another blockbuster video expose

James O’Keefe has released another blockbuster video expose, this time revealing the terror that female prisoners at the Washington State Correctional Center for Women are experiencing, thanks to the insane wokery of letting violent male inmates move in with them if they claim to “identify” as women.

Two women cloaked in anonymity described the horrors they’re living with, being trapped in close quarters with men who are murderers or rapists, many of whom have simply figured out how to game the idiotic system to be put in with women prisoners they can have sex with. They said some of them are scheming to father babies, then have the women claim they were raped and sue the prison, and they split the damages. They call them “million dollar babies.”

One woman said to escape being sexually assaulted, “There’s nothing you can do but say you’re going to kill yourself and then go down to the crazy unit to get out of that room. And if you refuse to go back in there, you get a major, you get in trouble.” The other inmate said, “My safety is now in jeopardy because I cannot voice my freedom of speech, but that doesn’t apply anymore because now they’re implementing this new gender equality role that forces us to conform to what they want us to believe in about the transgenders.”

There’s more at the link, but warning: it will make you furious. As bad as it was for biological men to take away women’s sports and scholarships, this is the ultimate sacrifice of women’s rights and safety on the altar of leftist madness.


The Red and Blue divide widens

The splitting of America into red and blue is growing by the day. Just yesterday, as it was reported that California and New York were hoarding millions of doses of abortion drugs, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Heartbeat Protection Act. It bars abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can be as early as six weeks, though there is a 15-week exemption in cases of rape, incest or danger to the mother’s life.

On the other hand, Washington State wants to make it legal to provide “gender-affirming care” (i.e., dangerous and irreversible hormones and surgery) to young teenagers without even informing their parents. They call it “safeguarding runaway youth,” who really need to be safeguarded from the state.

Not to be outdone, leftist California legislators want to take kids as young as 12 away from their parents to dismember them.

To listen to the media, you’d think that the public agrees with the radical left politicians and recoils in horror at the evil Republicans. But what’s the real story? Issues & Insights examined Census data and found that not only are people leaving blue states for red states, they’re also moving out of blue cities and counties, even those inside red states.

For instance, over the past two years, Los Angeles County lost a net 363,000 people; Cook County, Illinois, lost 200,000; and Philadelphia County lost 52,000. In Texas, blue Dallas and Harris Counties lost a combined 130,000 people; and Salt Lake County, Utah, an island of blue in a very red state, lost 20,000 people. Where did they all go? Mostly to neighboring red counties.

The Democrats had better stop complaining about all states, even small ones, having two Senate seats. At the rate they’re going, they may someday be grateful that all the blue states have two Senators because those may be the only two people left who live there.

Continued progress?!? Not really

According to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today, the federal budget deficit topped $1 trillion in the first six months of fiscal 2023, despite the fact that tax revenues of over $2 trillion were the second-highest in history, adjusted for inflation. How is it even possible to spend that much money that fast? It's like breaking the speed of light, only with tax dollars.

Meanwhile, this week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that annual headline inflation fell from 6% annually in February to 5% in March. That prompted the White House to release self-congratulatory messages about achieving “continued progress in our fight against Inflation.”

But as noted at the link, core inflation (the number minus the volatile food and energy prices) actually rose a tenth of a point to 5.6% in March. Also, 5% is still about 2.5 times the normal inflation rate that existed through most of Trump’s term, so don’t expect interest rates to be cut anytime soon.

The “Get woke, go broke” curse

It’s reported that Bud Light’s embrace of “trans” social media influencer Dylan Muvaney (a male who claims to be a woman, and a particularly annoying one) has so repulsed their core customers and killed sales that Anheuser Busch has lost over $5 billion in market value in less than two weeks. The executives are probably drinking something stronger than Bud Light these days, as they attempt to do damage control and blame the Mulvaney decision on a woke marketing executive while claiming they weren’t informed.

But that doesn’t explain why this irritating social media figure is suddenly in everyone’s faces, signing deals to represent (and poison) 13 major brands, including such wildly inappropriate products as Nike sports bras.

Why are these companies risking the “Get woke, go broke” curse by alienating their customers when they see what it’s done to other companies already? Dana Kennedy at the New York Post argues that it’s because they have no choice. And once again, you can find George Soros lurking somewhere behind it.

In a stealth attempt to bring to America communist China’s “social credit system” that polices the speech and behavior of all citizens, these companies are being forced to kowtow to the woke mob out of fear of getting a low “Corporate Equality Index” (CEI) score. That’s the wokeness report card handed out by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ+ political lobbying group in the world, whose funding includes (surprise!) millions of dollars from Soros’ wildly misnamed Open Society Foundation. As noted, the HRC is run by a former campaign organizer for Barack Obama.

The HRC judges these companies on “Workforce Protections,” “Inclusive Benefits,” “Supporting an Inclusive Culture,” “Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Citizenship.” And as one political podcaster put it, they enforce those vague leftist buzzwords “like an extortion racket, like the Mafia.” They send a list of demands, and if companies don’t comply, their CEI score goes down. If that happens, giant capital funds like Blackrock that are all-in, as is President Biden, on the woke ESG push, can make it very hard for them to do business. They’re caught between the rock of threats from Blackrock, and the hard place of alienating their customers.

So if you’re furious over corporations trying to force this woke garbage down our throats like a warm Bud Light, bear in mind that it might not be entirely the fault of incompetent CEOs who don’t understand how capitalism works. It might be due to the opposite of free market capitalism, and it will likely take electing people who will bust the woke trusts to stop it.

In the meantime, even if you don’t feel sorry for the suits at Bud Light, please don’t hold it against the Clydesdales.

Related: Greg Gutfeld’s sidekick Tyrus made a great point about the Dylan Mulvaney backlash last night. Tyrus is black, and he said he has no issue with “trans” people who just want to live their lives, and he’d have a beer with Caitlin Jenner anytime. But what upset him about this is that Mulvaney is making a public spectacle of acting like an insulting caricature of a ditzy little girl. It’s what some critics call “woman-face,” and Tyrus compared it to someone putting on blackface and claiming to speak for black people.

And here’s what Caitlyn Jenner tweeted about Mulvaney being signed by Nike to endorse sports bras, a product he has no use for (can’t wait to hear the accusations of Caitlyn Jenner being a transphobe):

"As someone that grew up in awe of what Phil Knight did, it is a shame to see such an iconic American company go so woke! We can be inclusive but not at the expense of the mass majority of people, and have some decency while being inclusive. This is an outrage.

EQUALITY > INCLUSIVITY (STOP TRYING TO ERASE WOMEN). The differences between men and women are real and are a good thing! It doesn’t make trans ppl a bad thing, either. Why is it so black and white with the RADICAL RAINBOW MAFIA?!"

Biden in Ireland

President Biden continued his visit to Ireland yesterday, where he’s getting a warm welcome, but also rubbing our British allies the wrong way. Biden didn't seem to care, as he addressed the Irish Senate, which chanted, “Four more years!” as he declared, “I’m at home.”

All of which prompts the obvious question: “Would you like to keep him?”

Trans Community Oppression Update

Former Biden Energy Department official Sam Brinton, who identifies as “genderfluid,” was given no jail time after being caught on camera stealing women’s luggage from the airport and being photographed wearing a one-of-a-kind stolen gown. Brinton was sentenced to a 180-day suspended sentence and ordered to pay $3,670 in restitution. (Warning: if you click on this link, you’ll see photos that will make you want to pour bleach in your mind’s eye to erase the memory of them.)

And in Hernando County, Florida, parents were outraged after learning that a transgender teacher allegedly threatened to kill himself and students, but parents weren’t informed. The teacher denies threatening students, but admitted to having “bad thoughts.” The district’s mental health coordinator conducted a threat assessment and decided it didn’t reach the threshold of the state’s involuntary commitment law. The police collected three firearms and ammo from the teacher’s home, but made no arrest because “no criminal offenses occurred.” The teacher was reportedly back in the classroom the next day, and parents didn’t even learn about this for another week.

Well, here’s a twist that few saw coming

Police in San Francisco have arrested a suspect in the street stabbing death of Cash App founder and Silicon Valley mogul Bon Lee, and it wasn’t a violent street thief, gang member or deranged homeless person. It’s self-described tech entrepreneur and UC-Berkeley alum Nima Momeni, whose LinkedIn profile says he owns the outsourcing firm, Expand-IT.

Police Chief Bill Scott said the two knew each other, and police have a lot of evidence, but he hadn’t released any details at press time. However, he said the murder “has nothing to do with San Francisco. This has to do with human nature."

So I guess that means San Francisco residents can go back out into the streets, confident that they will be completely safe! No, I’m kidding. You’ll just be reasonably safe from being stabbed to death by a tech entrepreneur.

Biden Advisor Susan Rice's lies 

A lot of people are mocking Biden White House advisor Susan Rice for claiming that over the past 20 years, racism against black Americans has reduced GDP by $16 trillion.

That’s the type of claim that deserves to be laughed at on the face of it, so I don’t want to go into it in detail. You can read more at the link (I will toss in, though, that if you want to know something that really does have a big cost for black Americans, it’s opening up the border and letting millions of low-wage illegal immigrants come in and compete for low-skill jobs. That’s one big reason why real wages for all demographics were rising under Trump, then falling under Biden.)

What interested me more, and won’t get nearly the attention it deserves, is something else she said:

"Today, in states across the nation, we’re seeing bans on innocuous children’s books just because they feature prominently Black or Brown characters. We’re seeing Black history erased from our classrooms and textbooks. And make no mistake: Those who are doing this are trying to tell us that we do not count, that we do not matter, and that perhaps we should not exist. Black history is American history.”

I agree that black history is American history, and I think it should definitely be taught. But I also think that all history that’s taught should be real history, not leftwing propaganda designed to tear down America and spread racial divisiveness, suspicion and resentment. But Rice has done a real service here by showing us how top Democrats are responding to angry parents of all races protesting schools being turned into leftwing indoctrination camps: by simply lying about what they’re doing.

Does any honest person actually believe that parents would be up in arms at school board meetings because their kids were shown innocuous books featuring black or brown characters? Is anyone asking schools to “erase” black people from history books or act as if they don’t exist? Where is that happening, exactly? I wonder if she needed to bleach a bale of hay to create such a white straw man.

And make no mistake, she’s not coming up with this on her own. Trying to twist reality is the left’s best, agreed-upon response to parents of all races demanding that their kids get real education, not indoctrination. Check out columnist Michael Harriot claiming on MSNBC that promoting “classical education” over Critical Race Theory is a “dog whistle,” meaning that you are really a white supremacist who wants to bring back the Confederacy.

I’m surprised MSNBC viewers know enough about actual American history to know what the Confederacy was. But no, wanting your kids to learn facts instead of leftist and racist dogma doesn’t make you Stonewall Jackson (sorry for the obscure historical reference, MSNBC viewers.)

For decades now, I have been pushing for improving public schools, particularly in poor areas with largely minority populations. It infuriates me to think of kids being relegated to third rate educations that make it almost impossible for them to escape the cycle of poverty because politicians prioritize protecting the teachers’ unions over the good of the students. I have noted that wherever school choice is offered, black parents and students are among those who compete the hardest to take advantage of it.

If you want to see what Republicans really believe about education, check out North Dakota, which is poised to become the latest red state to empower poor and middle-income families (regardless of race, needless to say) to choose where their kids go to school.

The left used to claim that people who wanted all students of every color to get the best possible education so they could achieve the American Dream just wanted to dismantle our sacred public school system (which was a tacit admission that it wasn’t providing the best possible education and couldn’t compete.) Now, they claim we’re racists who want to bring back the Confederacy (which, as I keep reminding people, was a Democrat institution ended by Republican Abraham Lincoln – no wonder they don’t want kids to learn real American history.)

It's all just desperate lies to cover up the fact that whether they want schools to be guaranteed jobs programs for union teachers or Marxist indoctrination camps, giving all our children of every race the best possible education is their very last priority.

No longer operative

Are you old enough to remember when Barack Obama swore that taxpayer-subsidized health care via Obamacare would never be expanded to illegal aliens? Well, apparently, that’s no longer operative.

Another one...

Yet another accuser who is suing Donald Trump has been revealed to be bankrolled from behind the scenes by a leftwing billionaire.

Bonchie at makes a great point: in their report, Reuters frets that this will “support Trump’s unrelenting, conspiratorial complaints that ultra-rich liberals have been pulling the strings on the efforts to take him down.” They fail to realize that their own report confirms that an ultra-rich liberal HAS been pulling the strings on this effort to take him down.

Trump must be the only person on Earth who’s still considered paranoid even when they really are out to get him.

In case you missed it: RIP MAD Magazine’s Al Jaffe

By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

As one of the millions of kids (and thousands of comedy writers) who grew up having my sense of humor formed and my world view warped by MAD Magazine, I’m very sad to have to report that writer/cartoonist Al Jaffee has died at 102. As he would probably add, "of undisclosed causes."

While Jaffee did many articles for MAD, as well as creating entire paperback books, he was best known for “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions” (something we desperately need now, although the people getting the snappy answers would probably cry that they’d been triggered) and the Fold-In’s on the back covers of MAD, which debuted in 1964.

Jaffee was never on MAD’s staff (he said he worked “from freelance check to freelance check”), but he holds a Guinness World Record for the longest career as a cartoonist, and he had the longest run of any MAD contributor. His work appeared in MAD from 1955 until he retired at 99 in 2020 due to no longer being able to hold a pen. He lasted as long as MAD iteself did.

Jaffee once said the idea for “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions” came to him when he was up on the roof fixing his TV antenna, and his son climbed up the ladder to ask him, “Where’s Mom?” He said, “Up on the roof, how the hell would I know where Mom was?” So he replied, “I killed her, and I’m stuffing her down this chimney.”

When asked once for a snappy answer to how he will be remembered, he replied, “Is space available on Mount Rushmore?” If there’s a Mount Rushmore for cartoonists, they should definitely make space for Al Jaffee.

At this link, blogger, comic book writer and historian, and friend of Jaffee, Mark Evanier, has some personal remembrances and examples of Jaffee’s work. RIP.




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