January 16, 2020

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Trump’s enemies in the media –- and let’s face it, that’s most of the media –- are scared to death of Attorney General William Barr.

How can I tell? Because they’re working overtime to savage him, to discredit him in any way they can. They see him as a too-effective advocate of the President’s policies at the Justice Department. (When Trump is in the White House, as opposed to Obama, they obviously require the AG’s job to be adversarial to the President.) They also cannot stand that he DARED to say “spying did occur” and that the DOJ’s role in the “Trump/Russia” hoax needs to be examined. That’s certainly not the narrative they want.

They have their own narrative: that there is no such hoax, that Trump really is a traitor who “colluded” with Russia to damage Hillary Clinton and win the 2016 election. To further this, they themselves “colluded” with anonymous sources inside the government and the Democrat Party, all of whom shared a common goal. Even though this narrative has been shown to be false, they continue to cling to it. Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi is helping them by once again repeating her tired old mantra, “All roads lead to Putin.” Likewise, House Intel Committee chair and repeated, proven liar Adam Schiff has called Barr “the second most dangerous man in America,” the implication being that President Trump is the first-most dangerous.

Similarly, when Devin Nunes’ memo blasted their assertions of Russia “collusion,” they tried to discredit him, though he has since been proven right. Now it’s Barr, along with lead investigator U.S. Attorney John Durham, who are in their sights. “The fear of Durham’s investigation and Barr’s support of that investigation is legitimate,” writes Mollie Hemingway in THE FEDERALIST. “The media and other Resistance members staked their reputations on the Russia probe, which exploded spectacularly when, despite the daily if not hourly promises of bombshells and ‘walls closing in,’ special counsel Robert Mueller and his sprawling investigation were unable to find a single American who had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.”


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About that Milwaukee rally

By Mike Huckabee

This story reveals why the Democrats are so anxious to tar President Trump with impeachment, blame him for Iran shooting down an airliner, and in general, blame and smear him with anything that comes to hand.  That’s what happens when you’re desperate and can sense an electoral disaster of Biblical proportions heading toward you like a tidal wave.

In 2016, President Trump won Wisconsin by a margin of just 0.77%, which was key to his winning the White House.  Trump did very well in the suburbs and rural areas, but lost liberal Milwaukee to Hillary by 65-28%.  The Democrats have tried all sorts of ways to rationalize their loss as not being a rejection of their job-killing policies and the sneering indifference of Clinton toward blue collar workers (Mother Jones magazine blamed it on “voter suppression,” which is true if you consider Hillary’s personality to be a voter suppressant.)   

In 2020, the Dems desperately need to win Wisconsin back, so much so that they chose Milwaukee as their convention city.  But Trump needs to win it, too, and he’s a fighter. This week, while the Democrats were holding yet another deadly dull debate, Trump was leading a raucous rally in Milwaukee (say that five times fast!), on the very site where they’ll be holding their convention.  He drew a massive crowd, with thousands more watching TV screens outside.

The media will dismiss that as no big deal; just a bunch of rural, MAGA-cap wearing Trump voters loading up the ol’ pickup with beer, white lightnin’ and possum sandwiches and driving into the big city to see their god (I know only too well how these people view Americans between the coasts.)  But here’s what has to be throwing high-ranking Dems into a panic:

The Trump campaign released some data on the crowd at his Milwaukee rally.  They identified 23,395 registered voters, over three-quarters of whom were from Wisconsin.  Nearly a fifth (4,313) were registered voters who didn’t vote in 2016, but are now fired up enough to be attending a Trump rally.  And - brace yourself - 57.9% of them weren’t even Republicans!

Maybe they’ve noticed that while Hillary couldn’t even be bothered to visit Wisconsin in 2016, Trump not only campaigned there, but there have been nearly 500,000 manufacturing jobs created under him, jobs the Democrats said were never coming back.  Or maybe – and this is the Democrats’ worst nightmare – Wisconsin voters are starting to suspect that when the same people who called them a basket of irredeemable racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic deplorables call Trump a crazy, racist, war-mongering, anti-Semitic, con man, Nazi dictator, they just might be lying.


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##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

The last minute “bombshell” impeachment evidence that House Democrats are trying to get the Senate to consider is already disintegrating like a cake left out in the rain.  In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Lev Parnas, the indicted former associate of Rudy Giuliani, debunked the most incendiary text messages that make up much of Adam Schiff’s latest alleged “evidence.”

Parnas said the texts to him from Trump donor Robert F. Hyde, claiming that the Trump team had former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch under surveillance, were just empty boasts or the “crazy” ramblings of a drunk and a “weird individual” whom he eventually cut off.  When Maddow tried to argue that Hyde couldn’t have sent text messages over several days while drunk, Parnas replied, "He's drunk the whole time. He wakes up and he's drunk. He starts at 6. I've never seen him not drunk."

Parnas added, "I didn't take him seriously. I didn't even respond to him most of the time. If I did, it was something like 'LOL' or 'Okay' or 'Great' or something like that."

So pretty much the same way I react to Rachel Maddow, or anytime that Adam Schiff claims he has “evidence” of something.



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Ironically, Bernie Sanders is “feeling the burn” of Elizabeth Warren snubbing his handshake during the closing credits of Tuesday’s debates (I’m amazed anyone was still awake to see that.)  The latest is that a hot mic picked up their tense conversation, with Warren accusing Sanders of calling her a liar on national TV. The fact that CNN released the audio has some Bernie supporters fuming that the network is trying to help the Democratic Party sabotage Bernie (again.)

The Sanders campaign is also ticked at CNN for questioning him about Warren’s claim that he said a woman couldn’t be elected President as if it were accepted truth rather than a politically convenient, unprovable claim by a known fabulist (see, I didn’t call her a liar.)  Sen. Sanders is apparently stunned to learn that CNN promotes fake news.  Welcome to the club, Bernie!

(Hilarious sidenote: Brian Stelter of CNN announced that he’s starring in an upcoming HBO documentary about “disinformation and the cost of fake news.”  By “starring in,” does he mean it’s about him?)


Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you."

- Matthew 6:14

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Comments 1-5 of 5

  • Brigittte Howells

    01/17/2020 09:39 AM

    All I can say is: I am sick and tired of the Dem's antics~

  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    01/16/2020 05:48 PM

    Good grief, when are we ever going to find out what those 'evil' men William Barr and John Durham have come up with? It seems like the wheels of justice have ground to a halt. I've been waiting (impatiently) for a bombshell report any time soon, but this feels more like watching two snails at a drag race.

  • Stephen Russell

    01/16/2020 05:33 PM

    Milwaukee Rally: shows photo & then text saying 54% NOT Republican??
    Photo shows em all wearing MAGA hats?
    o Text false
    o Or those outside wanting in?

  • Nancy Klus

    01/16/2020 01:45 PM

    This is in regard to the articles of impeachment. Can you find out for me if
    the articles could be sent to the Supreme Court to see if they are even valid
    and fit the "high crimes and misdeaminors" mandate? I don't think they do,
    so how can the Senate proceed on these when they aren't even valid!!
    Thanks!, Nancy Klus

  • Amelia Little

    01/16/2020 12:41 PM

    Actually, I thought bern answered the "thought provoking!! HA HA!!!" question quite well. And, I don't think he called pocahontas a liar. The stupid dufus asking the question obviously had her mind on her question to warren and did not bother to listen to the bern. Because, after his saying he did NOT say that, the "moderator" then asked warren a question that included something like "How did you feel when he said that?" Bern's expression at that moment was probably just like mine!!! I did almost feel sorry for joe, though. He looked like he was having trouble concentrating, and he certainly was having trouble putting out any cogent answers.

    I has seen a headline where it seems that whatever the latest (oh, add this in the articles!) conconction the HOUSE wanted to add must have fizzled out like a lame firecracker. I couldn't tell if nan was blaming the GOP, the President or who that this allegation evidently wasn't true, or if she was saying because it was deemed not admissable (or whatever) that that is what PROVES the impeachment trial will not be fair. BTW--if there is a document signed by McConnell or anyone else that documents acquittal or dismissal--now THAT would be gold pens being passed out that I would like to have one of!!!!

    I know it (the impeachment and a fabulous GOP turnout for the election) isn't over til the fat lady sings--but I'm sure hoping she will get to sing loud and long!!!