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November 15, 2021

So, after three indictments and counting, will there be big-time accountability as a result of John Durham’s investigation of the Russia Hoax? It depends on who’s talking.

The NEW YORK POST ran a superb, richly detailed editorial last week that starts by condemning most of the media for their lack of coverage now that the special counsel is finally speaking. Of course, it comes as no surprise that most media are ignoring the story coming out of his grand jury. The POST reveals the whole sordid story of how the media covered the “dossier” that was peddled to them by Christopher Steele and others. For when you have time, this is recommended reading, and also good to pass along to those you know who are just now becoming aware of what we’ve all known for years.

The media eagerly pushed a bogus “dossier,” but they avoided revealing the connections between it and Hillary’s campaign or doing anything on their own to try to discredit it, as real journalists would be bound to do. Instead, they lapped it up like a cat with a bowl of cream. For that, THE NEW YORK TIMES and the WASHINGTON POST won the Pulitzer Prize. There might not be jail cells for these “journalists,” but they should at least have to give the Pulitzer back!

Or make them give it to the NY POST. Here, the POST has clearly outlined the relationships among major players Christopher Steele, Igor Danchenko and Charles Dolan. Be glad that a few major news outlets such as the POST are not only reporting what we think of as “old news,” but are doing so in a clear, methodical way that makes the complex simple. We know that one strategy the left uses for cover is to make sure its scandals are too complicated or “inside” for most people to follow. They also delay, delay, delay so that stories BECOME “old news,” and then they say, “Hey, it’s time to move on!” Um, we’ve not moving on from this.

So, the NY POST has indicted the media, not literally in a court of law but as a matter of public shaming. What about actual indictments, the kind that can lead to convictions and jail sentences? I hesitate even to link to the latest commentary by Andrew C. McCarthy, as I think he might have just been in a pessimistic frame of mind last week and will put you in one, too. The theme for his piece might be that “abuse of power is not criminal.” To that we say that, yes, sometimes it isn’t, but sometimes it sure is.

It’s true that what Durham knows and what he can prove in court are two different things. But at this point, Durham doesn’t really have to prove every last word in the "dossier" is false; we’ve already seen enough evidence about this for any reasonable person to conclude it was made up. As for who is responsible at the top for directing this outrageous scheme, we still don’t know everything Durham has. He sure seems to be zeroing in on the Clinton people. So even though McCarthy literally wrote the book on the Russia Hoax (BALL OF COLLUSION; highly recommended), we think he might be trying to forecast too far ahead. There’s more material yet to be declassified, and it might go a long way towards satisfying McCarthy.

In fact, last week, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told Maria Bartiromo there were over 1,000 documents from the Durham investigation that haven’t yet been declassified, and some of the intelligence relates directly to criminal activity that could be the basis for “further indictments.” He reminded us that a grand jury is saying that what happened with the Steele “dossier” is criminal in nature, and he anticipates that various people involved in exploiting it will be in legal jeopardy.

Kash Patel, lead investigator for former House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, spoke with Maria this Sunday and specifically implicated Fiona Hill as one who could face criminal charges for lying to Congress in October of 2019 when she said, “I have no knowledge whatsoever of how he developed that dossier. None. I just want to state that.” Heck, she counts herself among Christopher Steele’s close friends and introduced him to Igor Danchenko. She also introduced Danchenko to big-time Clinton ally and Trump-Russia fabulist Charles Dolan, who provided fake stories for the “dossier.”

Fiona Hill serves as the connection between the Steele operation and the Democrat Party, Patel said. “John Durham’s on that case,” he said; “I think we’re gonna get there.”

Patel broke down three areas of criminality that Durham has been looking at, describing them as three points of a triangle and represented by the three criminal indictments that have been handed down so far. Michael Sussmann, at the top of this triangle, represents the indictment of the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS, “funneling tens of millions of dollars to perpetuate the biggest fraud in the history of the FBI.” FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith represents one of the bottom two points, representing the FBI’s role in lying to a federal court by doctoring a document about Carter Page to get a warrant under false pretenses. The other point is the indictment of Danchenko, whose own words discredit the phony “dossier.”

“He’s got a long way to go,” Patel says of Durham. But he’s glad to see that Durham is finally getting information from the FBI that had been intentionally withheld from the House Intel Committee.

Former FBI deputy director Andy McCabe appears to have played a central role. “All roads lead to Andy McCabe,” Patel said. Recall that McCabe was caught in three lies by Inspector General Horowitz during the internal investigation and seemed to have skated, but we’ll see. Patel insisted that a mid-level official such as Clinesmith couldn’t have pulled off “the greatest political scandal in history” by himself. It would have been “virtually impossible.” He was directed by his supervisors, and this would not have happened without the deputy director of the FBI knowing about it, and almost certainly colleagues Peter Strzok and Lisa Page as well.

Bartiromo pointed out that “those who abused power are now in power,” notably Jake Sullivan, who was Hillary’s foreign policy adviser and is now President Biden’s national security adviser. Recall that Sullivan is the operative who broke the fake Alfa Bank story, which Hillary herself retweeted and falsely described as a discovery by computer scientists, when it was actually phonied-up by some helpful university techies. And now there he is in the catbird seat –- inside the White House.

Patel sees that “what the American public so desperately need” is accountability. “And I think that’s where this road is going, and [where] John Durham’s taking us,” he said. “So stay tuned; I think we’re only 60 to 70 percent of the way there.”

Former Georgia congressman Doug Collins is quite optimistic as well. He’s got a new book coming out on the whole scandal, called THE CLOCK AND THE CALENDAR, which comes out this week. We’ll add it to our stack.

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  • Kathy Wilson

    11/22/2021 12:21 PM

    Last week you made a comment on how low could Biden's approval rating go? If you folks know how to make memes, I pictured a Joe Biden trying to go under a limbo pole. Love your sarcasm on everything.

  • Linda Mihovich

    11/21/2021 10:00 PM

    Everyone is writing books, books, and more books, but nothing ever gets done, no one is ever held accountable

  • Wayne Byerly

    11/21/2021 08:41 PM

    Your descriptions of what's going on are the best. I read them all. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

    It's amazing how crocked the Dems are.

  • Robert R Hill

    11/21/2021 06:47 PM

    As an average citizen and a born-again Christian so busy with life like so many other responsible people what are we to do? We can't wait until the mid-term elections. We may have already passed the point of no return already. The younger in my church think we're wrong to talk/ be involved with politics. They (and some Christian leaders) say, "Just focus on the Kingdom." That sounds spiritual, but it is the result of liberal influence in the education system, media, and culture on their minds and hearts. Prayer works, yes! But actions should at least be attempted.

  • Andre Hamel

    11/16/2021 05:04 PM

    Need to be able to share on Facebook for me .
    Doing a good job keep it up

    Thank you

  • Dusty

    11/16/2021 10:18 AM

    Gov. why has this taken this long? Where was Mueller on this and what was he hiding and WHY? We now have this puppet Pres who is confused and a VP who is a laughing Hyena we are in trouble. WHY is Big TECH pushing this agenda of Socialism? Why is Hollyweird behind a dictator Gov .? See some of the big mansions in LA owned by these lib people ? Everyday people are struggling as a host on MSNBC says we have plenty of money to spend now? WHAT? Fill a truck gas tank that was $50 now $80 and more and need it for work. Have a family and go to grocery and prices rising? These paid a million or so salary think oh look I can pay so why not the rest? Increased salaries for a hamburger flipper now we have no workers to do the work? Business had to cut back to survive. Wait in an I Hop an hour to get waited on in Ala. WHY? My CVS had no cashiers for awhile WHY? Walgreens shutting down in San Francisco my most favorite city I found back in the 60 is being destroyed and Pelosi says nothing? WHY? V OTERS wake up know the facts. One friend of mine voted for this puppet and he now has a not very nice word he calls him. VEry sorry now but too late. No, I do not tell him how wrong he was too late. Now we are discovering Russia and TRUMP a set up lie and scam and too late? We are going down the tubes just in a few months of this Puppet Pres.

  • Edwin Raby

    11/15/2021 08:32 PM

    What about Adam Schiff, is that lying jerk ever going to have to account for his crooked actions in the phony impeachment’s ? He had to know it was all a lie !

  • James Davis

    11/15/2021 07:26 PM

    Thank you for your efforts to teach us about Christ and defend our Constitution!

  • Elaine M Liming

    11/15/2021 07:08 PM

    This was a great summary today. I will keep praying not just for accountability which American people need but for justice for the pure evil of this Russian/Trump Hoax. I keep saying this to some of my thick headed Democratic associates, this is a wake up call on corruption in our politics; your party is not the Democratic Party any more. Democratic Socialists is what they have become.
    Voters need to wake up to this; get educated, vote responsively. We can't remain silence; our Democratic Republic is under attack.

  • John M Doudna

    11/15/2021 06:54 PM

    If accountability is not produced, the entire Democrat Party, Biden Administration, DOJ, FBI and Hillary Clinton crowd including media propaganda arm deserve complete scorn and dismissal by USA citizenry as unworthy of public trust. It is time the parts of the governing system designed by the creators of this Republic be made to work for the benefit of all citizens above the delusional tyranny of some elite few. Thank you, Governor, for all you do; it’s painful to follow, so thanks for persisting.