April 9, 2020

The lying I spoke of in yesterday’s installment was just the tip of the iceberg. It’s hard enough to assess the danger of this pandemic without people deliberately lying. Here are just a few more examples, not from China but from right here in the U.S.A.

The health care workers risking their own health to fight this virus deserve nothing but praise. But in New York, a nurse who claimed in an apparently phony video that she had quit her job after being made to work in a coronavirus ICU without a face mask fooled CBS News into posting it, complete with background music and captions added to highlight the supposed danger.

In the video, this Instagram “influencer” gets emotional and says, “America is not prepared, and nurses are not being protected.” But on Facebook, she had admitted she left her job at the hospital over a year ago and wasn’t sure she was ready to return to work, as she has anxiety and bi-polar depression and was “triggered” by the growing volume of information on COVID-19.

Note the irony in what she posted: “The information overload can be hard for me to sift through as far as what is credible and what is not, it triggers me.” This, when her own words blur the line between truth and fiction.

Not only CBS, but now-former-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was misled by the video. He retweeted the fraudulent CBS NEWS story, adding, “It is insane that our nurses are being forced to care for the sick without masks and respirators. The Department of Labor must immediately issue emergency workplace standards to protect our health workers, their families, and their patients.”

Finding out how New York hospitals are currently doing regarding PPE (personal protective equipment) is challenging. We went back to CBS NEWS to see what they’re saying right now. For one thing, they’re still maintaining the fiction that Trump “dissolved” the White House pandemic response office in 2018; my understanding is that Trump did not get rid of it but consolidated it with other offices. Beth Cameron, who ran it under Obama (and then under Trump until he reorganized), is quoted at length about what keeps her up at night right now –- mostly competition between states for supplies. She says that “without a unified federal plan, states don’t have any choice but to be prepared for their constituents.” She’d like to see a federal-level “logistics czar.”

Recall that just this week, I complimented President Trump on his ability to delegate, to give governors the very responsibility Cameron is worried about them having. When I was governor of Arkansas and dealing with emergencies, I saw that being closer to my constituents made me better able to determine my state’s unique needs, as opposed to having to depend on a “one-size-fits-all” federal bureaucracy. As she is one of those bureaucrats herself, she might not get that.

Yes, we've had challenges getting supplies to hospitals, notably because so many of them have been made in China for years. The CBS story does acknowledge this problem, with Prashant Yardav, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development and “an expert on supply chain management,” saying that of all the N95 respirators we might use, half or more come from China. The same goes for protective gear such as masks, gloves and gowns. So, given the startling number of cases predicted, the Department of Health and Human Services warned there wouldn't be enough.

But the CBS story never says that medical professionals caring for coronavirus patients in New York hospitals are going without respirators. I have read elsewhere that in their uncertainty about the supply chain, they have been re-using them, but that’s very different.

The problem as I see it, whether supplies are allocated at the federal level or not, is that most of this stuff is coming from China. That has to change NOW, and Trump has been coordinating with private companies to make it happen. Still, it doesn’t help us determine the severity of the problem when CBS NEWS, Bernie Sanders and others post a fake video by someone who doesn’t even work at a hospital.

Much of the anxiety about demand is based on computer models that turned out to be wildly wrong, dramatically inflating the numbers of people who would require hospitalization. In other words, computer models can “lie,” too, at least in the sense that the predictions they’ve given us to work with are false. Though Tuesday was, nationwide, the deadliest day we’ve had, “the curve” of new cases seems to be flattening in places where infection has been worst, such as New York, New Jersey and the Seattle area, and the need for beds and ventilators is not nearly what was anticipated, thank God. Projections are being revised downward.

Of course, some of the most damaging lies are those told “by omission.” For example, we had the story a couple of days ago about Michigan state Rep. Karen Whitsett and her swift recovery after literally begging the medical bureaucracy to let her have a prescription for hydroxychloroquine. (Recall that Michigan is the state in which Gov. Gretchen Whitmer temporarily called for doctors in her state not to prescribe the drug for coronavirus.) Over just a few hours, Whitsett's condition had deteriorated greatly, with shortness of breath and fluid-filled lungs, and she was terrified. But later that night after taking the medication, she was already on the mend. And even though she’s a Democrat politician, she credited President Trump’s publicizing of the drug with her treatment and amazing recovery.

On Tuesday night, she and her doctor appeared on Tucker Carlson’s FOX NEWS show. Carlson has been an outspoken critic of Democrat politicians, fanatical anti-Trump media people and some government bureaucrats who are trying to get between patients and their doctors by discouraging the use of this therapy, in most cases only because President Trump has been touting it as a possible remedy. You’d think that to offer their audience hope for a treatment in the coming weeks, some other media outlets might pick up Rep. Whitsett’s story, right?

Wrong. No other major media outlet has picked it up. Nothing about Rep. Whitsett’s recovery was seen on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS or NPR. The DETROIT FREE PRESS had the story on Tuesday, but even though USA TODAY is under ownership of the same publisher, Gannett, the story did not “go national."  Except for the people who watch FOX NEWS –- and perhaps listen to Hannity and other conservative radio hosts –- the story was effectively buried. This is a textbook example of “lying by omission.”

That’s why, when a witness is sworn in to testify, the person is required to tell not just the truth, but the WHOLE truth. With anything concerning President Trump, the mainstream media can never be trusted to get it right.

As I've said before, in the news business it used to be, "If if bleeds it leads," but now, it's "If it makes Trump bleed, it leads."  Here’s how ridiculous the lying about Trump and hydroxychloroquine has gotten.

If you doubt what I’m saying, I’ll let Attorney General William Barr have the last word.

William Barr: Media on ‘jihad’ to discredit hydroxychloroquine

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Comments 1-25 of 93

  • David Reinhardt

    04/13/2020 09:41 PM

    Just saw your comment on April 13 edition on Hannity. Look at what the democratic dominated legislature has done with the rights of Washington residents. We voted as citizens for $30 car licenses and the atty gen and Governor are ignoring the constitution in so many ways that it is deplorable. We need strong republican help in Washington State or taxation without representation will continue. We even have phony "Trojan Horse" bills that only get populated at the last minute prior to votes being cast in the legislature. HELPPPPP

  • jerry clemens

    04/11/2020 02:15 PM

    Keep trying Mike. November elections, while still too far away, are becoming more important for the survival of our Republic than one could have ever imagined. I'm 81 and can remember a time when the "News" was credible. So very few sources today! A real shame.

  • Richard Sessions

    04/11/2020 11:31 AM

    ???? CBS News wasn't 'fooled' into reporting the lies of the nurse from NY! They were salivating as she told her story! They couldn't wait to get it to the masses! They never sought to verify the story like true journalists would do! Stop giving CBS credit!

  • Jane Joplin

    04/11/2020 10:05 AM

    Thank you for your tireless effort to get the truth out. I believe that God is exposing the darkness in our nation and shining the light on our mainstream media and their lies. It is unbelievable that people still believe anything that makes President Trump look bad. Wouldn't it be refreshing if just one of the mainstream media stations would admit their mistakes, or at the very least not suppress a story that could actually save lives!

  • Susan Lowe

    04/11/2020 09:08 AM

    When I was a girl scout in the 60's and lived in Illinois near St. Louis our county had emergency supplies stockpiled in the courthouse for emergencies. We were able to see canned foods, blankets, cots, etc stored for emergencies. Why doesn't each state, county, town invest in ppe and disaster supplies now days? States depend on the federal government to stockpile. States, counties and cities should take responsibility in protecting their people!!! This virus should teach us to be prepared for everything, pandemics, missile strikes like in the 60's , natural disasters, anything and everything. Canned food, water can be given to the food banks when close to expiration date and replenished. Just saying, get better prepared and depend on our own state and local governments more than the feds.

  • Eric Letts

    04/10/2020 08:43 PM

    I think that people who make up these lies should be prosecuted, it sturs people up, for No reason.

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    04/10/2020 06:21 PM

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    04/10/2020 02:31 PM

    I don't watch the news that takes away from the truth neither the so call comedians that are an absolute disgrace to our nation. Shame on them.

  • Toni M. Robb

    04/10/2020 01:11 PM

    Hi, I'm a nurse and have been since 1984 and we go into this profession KNOWING that we may be putting our life in jeopardy due to unknown diesiese's, infections or just the volatile patients that we may have to deal with. I was the first nurse in Ohio to actively work with AIDES patients, I worked and ran triage's in ER's for years, I had been stuck 6 times with dirty meddles that were hidden patients clothes, etc, etc..... I was lucky and never got infected with HIV, hepatitis or any other illnesses (not even a cold). I did get thrown around a few times by patients that were out of their minds with pain and/or by drugs used but I knew what I was "signing up for" and any one who goes into our profession claiming that they didn't know the risks is LYING! Shame on you!!!! There is enough bull shit from the media WITHOUT nurses or all other medical professionals adding crap to the mix! We should be more worried about the care that the patients are NOT getting than to have to listen to a bunch of pansies who NEVER should have been allowed in the profession in the first place!!! Again, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

  • Robert LeFevre

    04/10/2020 12:58 PM

    The way some of the media distort and outright lie about President Trump is despicable. The White House reporters are, for a large part, unprepared as is shown by their irrelevant and inane questions.

  • Gordie Blevins

    04/10/2020 12:01 PM

    I heard on the news this morning that some of the aid will be going to midsize companies. Fine. Here is my issue. I own a building on main st. Red Lodge, Montana. I operate a retail tourist gift shop. After 2010 I've pretty much work it myself. I pay myself a small wage of $14K a year. I pay UI on myself for over 10 years. I've owned the business for 16. I figured I had myself covered if my business goes under. Unemployment said I have 0 benefits. Then if the Gov't added $600 to the little I thought but now nothing.
    I filled out the PPP form at my small local Bank. They called that same day saying I was just too small for this small business program.
    I have filled out for the disaster Grant for $10K but that was a week ago. I have a case number but I am not hopeful.
    The big boys in DC just has no idea what small business is. I emailed Steve Daines but no return and there was no hope with Jon Tester so I did not try with him.
    That for hearing me out.

  • Carolyn A Waldrop

    04/10/2020 11:56 AM

    I am so sick of the fake news, in fact I can't stand to listen to ANY news all day!! I attempt to watch the President's briefing daily, AND THAT IS ALL! It's overload...I am contacting my state senators and representatives and Governor when I want to know something or give my opinion.
    Thank you Governor Huckabee, we watch you every saturday night!! Please continue to keep up the good work!!

  • Lisbeth Sherman

    04/10/2020 11:05 AM

    It is time to shut down irresponsible media. CBS should not be able to air any kind of "news" until the Hunan Virus is eradicated, including so called talk shows.

  • Gail Denham

    04/10/2020 11:01 AM

    Boy do I miss the good old newscasters - the ones who just told the news and didn't bloviate, sharing their own opinions, telling lies and stories that they did not investigate. It's so tiresome - cant' bear to even see them

  • Ed Thompson

    04/10/2020 10:27 AM

    I have been ostracized by family members for my support and loyalty to Fox News. I have begged family members to turn on Fox News and just listen to it for an hour and then go to whatever they normally watch and compare the facts in what they hear and then get back to me but they just refuse to believe that those other news organizations would actually put something on the air that they weren’t completely sure about. I keep trying to tell anyone that they will put anything on the air if it’s negative enough and can be twisted into an issue with our President. I just don’t understand how those outlets are able to produce stores that have little to no truth in them and not get called out by the media “police” and forced to make retractions on air fully and made to pay fines for their lies and total misleading stories. I thought there was laws about telling everyone something that was false but presented as truth. Deeply disappointed with how America is being lied to from people who we used to look to for the truth and guidance. I don’t know who is in charge of these people but I sure know what agenda they have for everyone here. And it ain’t good. How awesome it would be to hear one of them all of a sudden on the air say something like, “I’m sorry for what I have been telling you every night and now I’m going to tell you what you really need to hear from this station”! You can bet that station will cut to the longest commercial ever and when they come back who ever was there won’t ever be back. God Bless America, please. We need to pray for America and the World.

  • Angela L Lawson

    04/10/2020 08:40 AM

    Lying by omission. How absolutely desperate and pathetic the Fake News Media and the Democrat Party truly are. I seriously do not know how President Trump faces every day with so much negativity "out there" against him. I do not understand the reason The Media, The Democrats, and Drs. Fauci and Birx are so reluctant to get behind the use of the Z-Pak and hydroxychloroquine.
    As my Grandma Long always said, "It will all come out in the wash." What worries me is just how many lives are going to be lost because we cannot get "so-called" authorities/specialists to recognize a drug that has saved lives.

  • karen s aubertine

    04/10/2020 07:30 AM

    Mike thank you for your integrity in keeping us informed. How do we as regular Americans fight past this, it is so cynical to think it is political, even though the virus is real. Can't wait for November to vote all Republican.
    thank you Mike

  • Stephanie Staker

    04/10/2020 12:18 AM

    Governor, that so-called nurse is despicable and she should be thrown in jail as well as any and all at CBS who ran this fake story. As I said before, we must get people back to work. My husband and I are 75 and 77, respectively, so we have been staying at home whenever possible. I have 4 grandchildren and 2 adult children that can do what we need to get done. I have a friend (78) and she is alone. She HAS to go out but she is very careful - wears a mask and gloves and uses hand sanitizer. That is what the older generation has to do. The younger generation needs to go to work! My son-in-law's business falls through the crack. There is no "hand-out" for him. He works for himself, has no employees but he has not worked for over 2 weeks. Thank God my daughter work for FedEx so they have money coming in but they are taking a big hit financially with him not working. There is no help for him. There are probably millions of others like him out there. Where is the "stimulus" for them? We must get the economy going. I fear it for more than I do the virus. Please, if you can have a word with President Trump, urge him to get people back to work! Thanks so much for all the truth you provide to us. God bless you and your family.

  • Kevin J. Cook

    04/10/2020 12:16 AM

    I truly hate the democrats and their Enemedia. I pray that they never ever gain any power ever again. And been punished too!

  • Jearetta A Clayborn

    04/10/2020 12:05 AM

    Why is the drug hydroxychloroquine for the virus, not being more widely used. So many are dying. Is the drug not available yet, or in low supply.

  • Brian Woodell

    04/10/2020 12:00 AM

    Someone needs to be tried, convicted, and sent to prison for lieing to the American people! And I'm all for, and have said for years, that the Media should be sensored. They sensor what they tell us, so what's the difference? I've refused to pay for their sensored crap for eight years. I get it for free now. When this is over, I won't miss it one bit! But, I will still get your daily letters as well as from the white house. Thank you so very much Mike! And I thank president Trump also!

  • Carol Mathews

    04/09/2020 10:44 PM

    Hell has not fury over the democrates who hate President Trump. Trump Derangement, will be fatal. Hate destroys the container that carries it.

  • Robert Carter

    04/09/2020 10:29 PM

    I'm surprised that the safety critical supplies made in China have apparently been effective; there have been so many sad stories of a seemingly evil avoidance of quality control in so many and so many safety related issues on products. I hope we keep future manufacture of all "critical" products at home.

  • Glen W Wilcoxson

    04/09/2020 08:58 PM

    Its a combo of Return to Me + Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste=the last amounting to cashless society/1wrld gov/ anti c.....only problem is the Temple needs building and Israel musnt be divided-hmmmm

  • Ethel Attaway

    04/09/2020 08:31 PM

    This is the biggest hoax perpetrated on the American public ever.
    The data does not support the reaction. I like to think that I am capable of making sound decisions for myself. Scared people are easily manipulated.
    I would like true facts and numbers!