December 2, 2016

While President-elect Trump was thanking Rust Belt voters for their support and calling on all Americans to unite to accomplish great things, liberal pundits were spinning like bald tires on a gravel road in an attempt to downplay his success in keeping Carrier from moving 1,000 jobs to Mexico. They’d have you believe that it was really nothing, and they’re questioning the government giving incentives to businesses to stay in America as if it were capitulating to terrorists (except the Iran nuclear deal proved that they don’t mind that at all). On a side note, have you noticed that liberals claim they’re good at creating jobs, but their reflex response when dealing with private businesses is to attack and treat any concessions as an unacceptable capitulation to evil?

But if Trump didn’t accomplish a Christmas miracle, then how come just last June, President Obama dismissed Trump's vow to keep industrial jobs in America as impossible? He mocked the very idea, suggesting that it would take a “magic wand.” Turns out all it took was someone who knows how to make a deal, and who was willing to fight for those jobs and use the government’s leverage as a negotiating tool to keep them.

This has been a recurring theme over the entire Obama Administration: if there’s something that Obama is unwilling or unable to make happen, then he treats it as if it’s not only impossible, but of course, it always was and always will be impossible. Nothing can be done about terrorism, illegal immigration, bad trade deals, skyrocketing health care costs, a sluggish economy and too few jobs; we just have to lower our expectations and get used to the “new normal.”

And young people tend to believe that, since Obama is the only President they’ve ever really known. They don’t remember that pundits were equally certain during the 1970s that America’s best days were over for good, and nothing could bring them back. Then voters brought them back by replacing Jimmy Carter with Ronald Reagan.

Believe it or not, young readers, before Obama, it wasn’t impossible to control our borders and keep thousands of people from swarming over them, because we had a Border Patrol that was allowed to enforce the laws and stop them. It wasn’t unthinkable to deport criminal illegal aliens; we had people whose job was to do just that. If employers were leaving America or we could no longer launch major public works projects, all because taxes and regulations were too burdensome, we had the power to reduce taxes and regulations. We didn’t have to let every punk dictator walk all over us because pre-Obama leaders didn’t try to “lead from behind” and let our adversaries set the terms.

The White House, along with a sycophantic media, has convinced an entire young generation that if Obama can’t or won’t do something, that means nobody can. Au contraire. I worry that young Americans are about to get mental whiplash from how quickly Trump will start accomplishing things that they’ve been brainwashed into thinking are impossible. They may not get “tired of winning,” but they might suffer shock just from learning that “America winning” is possible at all.

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  • Hank Fahrlander

    12/21/2016 12:17 PM

    Thank God!!!