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January 3, 2023

Former President Trump stirred up backlash on Sunday with a post on Truth Social that seemed to put some of the blame for the GOP’s underwhelming midterm election results on pro-life Republicans. He implied that those who pushed for years to overturn Roe v. Wade “disappeared” once it happened, and that radical “no exceptions” abortion bans turned off swing voters.

Bonchie at does a good job of explaining why most of this makes no sense.

For instance, most people I know who opposed Roe certainly did vote. The most pro-life incumbents were all reelected, and there actually are no abortion bans, passed or proposed, that allow “no exceptions” for the health of the mother, etc. Granted, I’m sure that some of the Democratic vote was from single-issue liberals who were fired up by misinformation from the left, claiming that there were such bans.

Read the full article by Bonchie, who views this as a “dumb” move by Trump that defies reality, his pro-life supporters and his own pro-life record. As for the idea that pro-lifers aren’t continuing to work to change hearts and minds on the state level post-Roe, I’ve been talking about that for decades. And the fact that Roe is blessedly gone hasn’t changed how I vote one iota. In fact, here’s a monologue I did on my TV show recently that makes it clear that I can vote for candidates who fall short in certain areas, but I draw the line at voting for anyone who supports abortion.


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  • Kimberley Spinner

    01/04/2023 10:09 PM

    That small group of McCarthy resisters ARE THE ONES SHOOTING THE STRAIGHTEST. McCarthy is deep state and Trumps record for picking backstabbers is 100%.

  • Margaret Johnson

    01/03/2023 12:55 PM

    Happy New Year! I don’t like to complain (too much) but every time I try to comment on your site, which I do SUBSCRIBE to, it doesn’t go through. Would you please get this straightened out? My renewing my subscription will be dependent upon a quick resolution to this problem. Thank you.