October 20, 2017

Many of us would find it an impossible mission to run even one marathon.  But imagine taking on the task of running 31 marathons in 31 days.  Once you’ve wrapped your mind around that, imagine doing it on two artificial legs because you lost both legs in an explosion while serving with the Marines in Afghanistan.

That is the incredible true story of former Marine Rob Jones, who is running 31 marathons to raise money for wounded veterans’ charities, ending appropriately with a run in Washington, DC, on Veterans Day.  And this isn’t the first of the amazing feats he’s accomplished.  Click the link to see the full story and a video about this Huck’s Hero among heroes. 


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  • Linda Dee

    10/22/2017 11:13 AM

    Thank you, Mike, for continuing to provide great reports about our soldiers, veterans, and their families. It's a wonderful contrast to what the liberal media portrays.

    Oh, and by the way... not surprisingly, it appears as though the evil powers that be have somehow hacked and disabled the story from this morning about the president's conversation with the "Gold Star Mom." I clicked on the link to read the story -- and listen to the phone call with President Trump -- and the initial banner from "Western Media" (or something like that) came up, and I started to scroll through the story to see where the phone conversation was mentioned, and as soon as I got to the "listen to it here" title, my computer screen went blank, the "sick/sad computer" icon popped up with "this page is no longer available... it has either been disabled or moved..." but then immediately my NORTON anti-virus popped up with a message that an attack on my computer had been thwarted, noting it was a "Fake Tech Support Website," the IP address, and other such particulars. Thank goodness for Norton. Assuming this may happen to others as well, someone is not only preventing readers from hearing the mom's conversation with our president, but they are attempting computer harm to those who try.

    Stay the course, Mr. Huckabee! I love what you're doing!

  • Thomas E Sharp

    10/21/2017 08:44 AM

    OORAH !