April 26, 2018

As little Alfie Evans clings to life in a British hospital and his parents fight for the basic human right to take him to Italy for possible life-saving treatment, Kira Davis of Redstate.com has today’s must-read feature on the “real reason Britain won’t release Alfie Evans.” She notes that the UK is a famously free society, and if his parents wanted to take him to Italy for a vacation, there would be no obstacles at all. Yet not only them, but other parents who tried to take their children to other nations for care denied them by the National Health Service, have been barred by courts or threatened with arrest. In the “free society” of the UK today, police even monitor people’s social media accounts and threaten them with arrest just for criticizing the system.

Davis looks into how things could have reached this appalling state, and her conclusion is that like so many who embrace big government/socialist systems, those in charge eventually decide that the system itself is more important than the people the system was created to help. We’ve seen it here with the VA and public schools, where providing sick veterans with treatment and deprived students with a good education are given lower priority than preserving the precious “system.”

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This is worth reading if only for her chilling quote from one of the architects of the Berlin Wall, who was upset when it was torn down because he, too, believed that preserving the system was more important than people's liberties. He declared, “We had to build the wall. Too many people were leaving for the West, and you need people to make socialism work. We had to build the wall to keep them in so they could see how great socialism was, so they could see that it works.”


To our current crop of college students who’ve been brainwashed to believe that socialism is great and really works: Why, then, do even the people who love it admit that you need a giant wall with guns and barbed wire to keep people from fleeing it?

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  • Samuel Deitel

    04/29/2018 04:00 PM

    The callousness of the British government in its treatment of little Alfie Evans has no parallel in the history of civilized countries. As somebody else wrote, something of the Satanic nature of the Nazis must've rubbed off on some quarters of British society to condone such heinousness. Where is the English Bill of Rights that must vouchsafe life to its citizens? If England has devolved to this dystopic state it will not last much longer.

  • Judith Hoskins

    04/28/2018 09:25 PM

    I was appalled today to learn the Alfie passed away. I can not believe that a country who just had a new royal born would allow a small child to be starved of food,water,and oxygen. I do not know if his death was because of this but it did not help. He lived for 3 days. How do we know if Alfie would not have survived if the Italy doctors had tried. Parents have the right to get help for their kids, and this is a real black eye for Britian. My esteem for them has gone down a lot. Would they have gave this same death sentence to the new royal if he had been in the same situation. You bet not! Shame on the British people for letting this happen! The system is not more important than the people-even one small child!

  • Sandy Haas

    04/28/2018 05:07 AM

    I was doing some research and was questioning why the Queen , EU and elitists weren’t speaking out? It’s because they want to make it a precedent and save billions in their hurting socialist medical ! So mums the word ! Their silence is deafening ! They don’t want to help people long term as it is too costly. So they come up w reasons not to continue care ! Still praying a miracle for Alfie and that the British law will implement protection laws for the average patients, parents and family! Another reason socialized medicine is a failure! You are doomed if they decide your outcome!

  • chester arthur

    04/27/2018 10:23 PM

    If a liberal judge can impose DACA on us,at least temporarily,why not use it for a good cause?If the President would grant Alfie Evans DACA status,his family could bring him to the U.S. for treatment.The baby would get real medical care,the British quacks in the 'medical' establishment would be humiliated in front of the world,and liberals around the country and maybe the world would go nuts.That sounds like a win for everyone.Can somebody suggest this to the White House?

  • Elaine Liming

    04/27/2018 08:23 PM

    Excuse me for showing my faith in God and miracles. If the parents could leave for Italy and the boy lived. Wow what message would be revealed. The God who always puts people first would be speaking loud and clear. Maybe the people in charge fear the mere chance of this happening. I think it is time for people of good will to ask God for this miracle. I believe in the power of prayer. I have seen it work miracle. Let us pray.

  • debbie graham

    04/27/2018 07:51 PM

    what is wrong with Alphie?

  • Bill Kohl

    04/27/2018 03:46 PM

    Well, if this were my kid in the UK, heaven help those that would keep me from getting the care he or she needed.

    I can tell you after serving around the globe in the military and now retired, any police, any military teammates that prevented me from caring for my little girl or boy would be the enemy. Worse than the enemy. Pure evil. Disgrace to the world. Maybe more evil than any regime in history.

    This would be the true definition of renouncing of citizenship and moving to America or elsewhere. How could you stay knowing your country you served your whole life with honor and respect for spit on and potentially stands to kill your kid. Any Queen that allowed this to happen would no longer be my Queen. Shame on the UK Royal family. Royalty now means nothing if they cannot care for and protect those that need protection the most!

  • Stephen Russell

    04/27/2018 10:41 AM

    Scary this NH of the UK is, one cant take vacation with kid for care.
    UK HC we KILL babies post abortion.
    Nice, same for Canada 2?

  • Linda Mahan

    04/27/2018 10:20 AM

    And that is why it is so important to "change" history or rethink it, to change the way people view the past so that the control of the future emulates the same destruction the past followed. Rather than learn from the p ast mistakes, we become he'll bent on repeating the same errors again and again once we remove and ignore them.


    04/26/2018 03:58 PM

    I'm baffled by the stupidity of people. A lot of people take what they are told by liberal media and schools as gospel. I think they are too lazy to think for themselves. It's easier to trust someone (government, media) to tell you what to do. Leaves more time for video games and cell phones.