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December 7, 2021

At least 10 Antifa radicals are facing prosecution for allegedly committing “violent criminal acts” to disrupt a peaceful pro-Trump rally in San Diego.

Prosecutors say the evidence shows this was not a mutual altercation, and that the Antifa groups used social media to plan “direct action” against the Trump supporters. That includes assaulting people with tear gas, sticks, a flag pole, a folding chair and other items. One even allegedly pepper sprayed a man and his dog. Because of the planning, this is the first time laws against criminal conspiracy have been used against Antifa, but let’s hope it’s not the last time. The Biden DOJ might pretend that Antifa doesn’t exist, but they seem pretty real when they’re attacking you with tear gas and sticks.

While I’m very glad to see this, and think we should have seen such stories many months ago (San Diego may be the only place we’ll ever see it on California), I take exception to one thing in this story: the repeated use of the phrase “anti-fascists” to describe Antifa. These are radical thugs who use violence and intimidation to try to silence anyone who disagrees with their political views. Calling them anti-fascists would be like calling that poor dog they assaulted a cat. They are fascists, pure and simple. And let’s hope that they will soon be accurately called “convicted felons.”

By the way, a commenter on this story asks a good question: do these people have jobs? The suspects are all “adults,” in age anyway, ranging to as old as 39. Yet they seem to devote much of their time to going around causing trouble and attacking people. Do they actually have jobs, or is someone paying them to do this?

Flashback: As a reminder of how long this kind of political violence has been going on, here’s a story from August 2020 about Sen. Rand Paul and his wife being attacked by a leftist mob while trying to leave the GOP Convention after President Trump’s nomination acceptance speech.

My wife Janet and I were there, and it was harrowing for us to try to leave the area, too, although thankfully, the security held the mob back by then. This is another reason why I have to roll my eyes at the Democrats’ melodramatic claims that January 6th was a shocking and unprecedented attack on our democratic system. They’d spent the previous year cheering on attacks on political free speech, public safety and the rule of law, but it somehow only became a real problem when it threatened them.

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  • Dorothy Gable

    12/07/2021 04:09 PM

    Look back further - to 2008, shortly after Obama's election - Occupy Wall Street. In 2010 they moved to Wisconsin to protest Act 10. I attended a rally to support the initiative to keep Wisconsin solvent and they were mostly peaceful, but there were so many. Follow the bread crumbs.