November 29, 2019

One of the more annoying traits of today’s Democrats (I know, it’s hard to narrow it down) is the condescension.  If you don’t agree with them, it’s always because you’re either evil or stupid. If they want to be diplomatic, they suggest you’re just ignorant, but possibly teachable.  That’s the thrust they’re taking with next week’s Jerry Nadler-led Impeachment 2.0 reboot.  They’re saying that obviously, the public that’s turning against impeachment just doesn’t understand the serious crimes against the Constitution represented by Trump thinking that he makes foreign policy rather than unelected Foggy Bottom bureaucrats, or his not wanting to give a pile of our tax money to a corrupt government that might simply steal it.  So they’re going to lecture us until we see the light.  At Christmas time.

I predict this will go over about as well as surprising your family with tofurkey on Thanksgiving.

While Nadler attempts to whip this dead horse back into Kentucky Derby contention, signs are that wiser heads among the Democratic establishment realize what a disaster this is and are desperate to back away quietly before they end up in the Senate, where real witnesses will be called to testify.  For instance, there was the strange case of Michigan Rep. Brenda Lawrence, who’s been calling for Trump’s impeachment practically since the minute he took office, then suddenly flip-flopped to censure, then after getting the predictable Twitter outrage, flip-flopped back to impeachment.

Despite Lawrence’s flip-flopping back and forth like a trout on a hot dock, several liberal newspapers, such as the Chicago Tribune, are suddenly running editorials suggesting censure instead of impeachment. I don’t know whether they’re trying to send a message to the Democrats, or if Democratic leaders put out the word to them to push this idea, but either way, someone smells disaster brewing on the impeachment front.  (Incidentally, does anyone else find it hilarious that a newspaper in CHICAGO would be horrified at the idea of a politician demanding a favor before handing out government largesse?  I don’t even believe Trump did that, but I really don’t believe anyone in Chicago would be offended by it. Isn’t that how Chicago is run?) 

One of the few voices of reason left in the Party, pollster Doug Schoen, is also urging fellow Democrats to get over their impeachment fever, vote for censure and move on.

What’s really behind this “censure” trial balloon?  The first post-hearing polls are out.  They show that the more Americans saw of Adam Schiff’s pathetically thin “case” against Trump, the less they favored impeachment (Schiff has a personality that’s tailor-made for untelevised, locked-door hearings.) And it’s not just Republicans and Independents who oppose impeachment.  Democrats are also curbing their enthusiasm. The erosion is so obvious, they’re even starting to notice it on CNN!

Worst of all for Democrats, support for impeachment among Hispanics has dropped from 73% in October to 48%.  Among blacks, it’s plummeted from 58% to 37%.

The only bright spot for Democrats in the new polls is that 86% of MSNBC viewers still want to impeach Trump.  Someone with a calculator, let me know: how many is 86% of three dozen people?

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  • John Mac

    11/30/2019 03:08 PM

    Great article. The last thing the deep state wants is a fair and open hearing. Trump has asked for impeachment and I don't blame him. He should get his day in court. I don't believe Pelosi has the stomach for bringing this up for a vote and if she does, I hope every Republican votes for impeachment. I say bring it on. Let the world see the truth and then lock her up.

  • Gary Henry

    11/30/2019 09:38 AM

    That would be 30.96 people Governor.

  • Lorri Thompson

    11/30/2019 08:38 AM

    Ti would never say I was a democrat I would be totally ashamed.they need to pay back all the m po net they spent on the stupid act of stupidity.and be fired for what they have done

  • Mike Wayne Templeton

    11/30/2019 05:32 AM

    If you click on Nancy (Nurse Ratched) Pelosi you will have the pleasure of reading a Mike Huckabee article. One of my favorite TV guests is Mike Huckabee. He is a former Governor and there aren't too many around. He is a former Presidential candidate; not too many of those still around either. He is the father of someone else I like immensely and admire; Sarah Huckabee. There are even fewer of those around. Sarah has about half his wisdom because well, she is about half his age; she will get there. She doesn't have his wit and wicked sense of humor. She may never get there. He likes metaphors, the double entendre and the triple entendre. He is a master of the withering put down with humor. As he is being interviewed he can often pull a pithy comeback right out of thin air. Now, some people can talk that way (very few actually) but either Huckabee writes his own editorials and plugs all that stuff in there or someone brilliant just listens to the guy and transcribes all his witticisms. Either way, if you take the time to read this piece you get a treat.
    Oh by the way, his commentary would be funny even if it weren't true but it's even better when it is. The next comment is for millennials and college students. Nurse Ratched was a character in a famous Jack Nicholson film by the name of "One Flew Over The Cuckoos' Nest". According to Wikipedia, in the book and the movie of the same name, she was a cold, heartless and passive-aggressive tyrant. So now you have the rest of the story...and why I named Nancy Pelosi after her.

    Michael Wayne Templeton

  • Gilbert C SAWYER

    11/30/2019 03:12 AM

    "GET YOUR MIND RIGHT FOR WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO."'s getting to the point I'm embarrassed to tell people where I'm from....I've always been proud to be from Virginia until recently...not so much any more...Dems are destroying themselves and drag the country down with them. This is real sad for a country the world looks up to....
    'IDIOT'S' the lot of you. 'THE VALUE OF LIFE'. is what must be FIXED. 'WE THE PEOPLE' must learn that we have a common cause---- DEFENDING and SECURING the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

  • Gilbert C SAWYER

    11/30/2019 03:08 AM

    My biggest fear: Peace and Harmony, Why do "WE THE PEOPLE" need a 'organization' when we have The CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. On December 15, 1791 Virginia ratifies ten proposed constitutional amendments, adding the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution. If this central document of American Life were to be changed by Virginia; Virginia would NO LONGER BE FREE. Good Luck with this. In Maryland a sixty-one year old man was KILLED over 'RED FLAG LAW' by the POLICE at his HOME. I would GUESS his family is 'THINKING' this Constitution is NOT WORKING so well. Someone wake up those folk at the Supreme Court of the United States
    1 First Street, NE
    Washington, DC 20543 Time for them to go to WORK. Oh! Just so you don't have to LOOK---- AMENDMENT II ---- A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.----AMENDMENT IV ---- The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.---

  • Gilbert C SAWYER

    11/30/2019 03:04 AM

    Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mayor Bobby DYER, Sir you know me. Shore Drive, Ret. United States Marine. I have NEVER been arrested, why Bobby I have NEVER been handcuff. After my almost twenty-seven years in the United States Marine Corps I became a Master Mason. This past year I was WM of my lodge. In my almost seventy-three years I have taken many 'OATH'S' ending in "So help me God." Like my BIBLE, I also have The CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA at my bed side. Perplexing problem here, if SB16 passes in Virginia and sticks, we have until July 2020 to comply or we automatically become felons subject to arrest. There is the rub, how do many of us then honor our solemn oath as Master Masons? Something to ponder isn't it? As 'WE' Marines say ---- "Now there is a LINE IN THE SAND. Let's SEE who steps up to the LINE." Oh! YES, "GET YOUR MIND RIGHT FOR WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO."

  • Gilbert C SAWYER

    11/30/2019 03:01 AM

    On the Congress of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. "WE THE PEOPLE" don't TRUST them. NONE of them. Now they want to take OUR GUNS, sound like something that has been a 'FAILURE' in the past. Come on 'YOU KNOW' ----a state of inability to do or perform a normal function adequately. Just a little thought! In 1775 the British Empire, the most successful the world had seen, came to America to take the GUNS of the colonist.---- I give you, YORKTOWN, VIRGINIA.

  • mary jones

    11/30/2019 12:22 AM

    no they will continue until trump leaves we have another 4 years of this when will the republicans in office start turning the tables and start investigations on them

  • David McGillvray

    11/29/2019 10:47 PM

    Seems to me that a "Censure" would just be saying "We don't like you and we are Jealous" The next Democrat president will not like the restrictions that is being placed on normal processes. Of course that will be even more years now. Probably 12 years from now, Just like the weather!!! LOL.

  • Clifford L Garrison

    11/29/2019 09:17 PM


  • Kimberly Mincer

    11/29/2019 09:00 PM

    They should drop it. Doubt they will. Either way they've already shot themselves in both feet!

  • Arda Blevins

    11/29/2019 04:01 PM

    I happen to LIKE tofurkey. After the third of my nine siblings died of cancer when there is no known instance of it in either of the families of my parents, I thought - and still think - we must be doing this to ourselves. I was following a vegeterian diet at that time but then changed to a strictly vegan diet. which I have followed for about ten years. About this time last year I did get cancer; however, it was treatable lymphoma and I am now in remission. My cancer doctor was constantly amazed that I not even once had any nausea nor vomiting from the chemo, in spite of spending five days as an inpatient with chemo running 24 hours a day every day, then home for 2-3 weeks, then 6 more days of being an inpatient with chemo running 24 hours a day, then after spending a short time at home again, returning to the cancer center for several further chemo treatments as an outpatient. He said my vegan diet was likely responsible for me not getting a killer cancer and also my not having even one episode of nausea. So, yes, tofurkey will forever be a part of my life and no animal will give up its life for a meal for me. If a meat and dairy-free life worked for Adam and Eve, it's certainly good enough for me. :) I might also mention that I'm 80 years old and still working as a Realtor.

  • Dave Newbry

    11/29/2019 03:53 PM

    31.96 (OK, 32) votes. That said, I still don't think the democRATs are going to back down easily. If they were, Nadler wouldn't be getting another shot at the President. I think they're still entertaining the hope that the magical crime they haven't been able to produce will somehow emerge with a vengeance this time. E.L. Thayer said "Hope springs eternal...."


    11/29/2019 03:47 PM


  • Barbara Willis

    11/29/2019 02:57 PM

    Chicago newspapers being critical of ANY politician is a joke! The American people will rebel if anything happens to President Trump! The Democrats are only opening a HUGE can of worms and it is definitely backfiring on them! May God bless President Trump, American, Americans, and you Mr. Huckabee! Stand tall and stand firm!