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November 30, 2022



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Mike Huckabee


But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

Joshua 24:15 NIV

Radio Mambi

While many of us were distracted with other stories, the FCC quietly gave permission to the Latino Media Network to buy Miami’s Spanish-language conservative radio station, Radio Mambi.

The “Latino Media Network” is a liberal company run by a couple of former employees of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and partly financed by an investment group associated with socialist megalomaniac George Soros. One Radio Mambi host, Lourdes Ubieta, already quit because she refuses to accept a paycheck from George Soros. Although I’m sure that anyone who doesn’t share Soros’ far-left views probably won’t be getting a paycheck for long anyway.

This story already sparked angry responses from Radio Mambi listeners. Many are immigrants from places like Cuba, and they have no patience for being preached to about the wonderfulness of socialism. It’s a sign of how panicked the Democrats are that Hispanic Americans are abandoning their anti-American leftism and starting to vote Republican, which is far more in line with their patriotic, hard-working, pro-family and pro-God values.

I guess the left thinks that, since they believe everything they hear on MSNBC, all it will take to brainwash Hispanics is to take away conservative talk radio and replace it with leftist talk radio. How insulting. As if conservative Hispanics are so simple-minded that they’ll eat up that propaganda with a spoon and swallow it, despite the evidence of their own lives.

If experience is any guide, spending millions to push leftist talk radio is a good way to lose a ton of money (and I hope Soros keeps throwing away his money on dumb ideas like this or putting “Beto” O’Rourke into any position of power.) Here’s hoping some more intelligent radio programmers in Miami switch to conservative Spanish talk and steal their audience overnight.

25 years

For those who continue to insist that vote fraud is just a “big lie,” tell it to the Walker County, Georgia, man who was just sentenced to 25 years (the first 15 with no chance of parole) for forging his neighbor’s absentee ballot after it was delivered to his post office box by mistake.

I can already hear the objections: “But it was just one ballot, it wasn’t “widespread” voter fraud!” First of all, just one fake ballot disenfranchises one real voter, and that’s one too many. Second, look at how it happened: a ballot-by-mail not being delivered to the correct person. Now imagine the potential for vote fraud if a state mailed out a ballot to every person on the voter rolls, even those who are dead or who have moved away, so that millions of ballots were floating around in the mail system. And in a state like Georgia, where elections can come down to a few hundred votes. No wonder so many Democrat-run states are pressing for mass mail-in balloting.

Maybe the judge should have made it 25 years without parole to send a message.

Disney’s latest bomb

If you’ve never heard of the new Disney animated movie “Strange World,” you’re not alone. It opened over the five-day Thanksgiving weekend to a dismally low $18.6 million. The predicted gross was $30 to $40 million, and even that had been revised way downward.

This movie was the latest and most in-your-face example of Disney’s “not-so-secret gay agenda,” in which the company let radical activist employees take over and try to shove woke, pro-LGBTQ-M-O-U-S-E messages into every frame. Nobody even talked about the story, they just talked about how it featured a gay teen who is in a romance with another boy, and how there are hardly any white people, and even the dog is disabled (or “differently abled.”) It turned off parents and gave kids nothing of interest. I assume moviegoers figured they already had a turkey at home.

Disney has suffered plenty of bombs since it decided to ignore stockholders and double down on the “Get work, go broke” business model, but this is a Hiroshima-level nuclear event. The movie cost $180 million just to produce (that doesn't include advertising and promotions.) It’s estimated that it will need to make $360 million just to break even. And it’s currently projected to gross a total of around $45 million. 

International receipts won’t help it: due to all the gay themes, it won’t be shown in a number of countries, including China, Malaysia, Indonesia and much of the Middle East. This film alone could cost Disney a minimum of between $100 and $140 million. It’s like taking a family of ten to Disney World!

And before anyone tries to blame departing CEO Bob Chapek, this movie was greenlighted by his predecessor, Bob Iger, who is now back in charge. He’s also the one who hired all the work activists in the first place.

I don’t take any particular delight in seeing once-great companies I used to love destroy their reputations or burn their stockholders’ money. But if this is what it takes to force Disney to realize that it is in the family entertainment business (and it is a business) and not the far-left, LGBTQ+++ToInfinityAndBeyond grooming business, then it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Related: Maybe Iger is finally getting the message after all:

Dave Barry’s Annual Christmas Gift Guide

Because we could all desperately use a few laughs, here’s humorist Dave Barry’s annual Christmas gift guide, for people who don’t care how weird a gift is, as long as it’s cheap. Although I am curious to know what kind of plant grows out of the Willie Nelson Chia Pet.

Surprise: DC jury finds Stewart Rhodes guilty of seditious conspiracy

Late Tuesday, after eight weeks of trial and three days of deliberations, the verdict came in.

And it was a sad first. As Julie Kelly tweeted: “No American has ever been convicted of seditious conspiracy. Today, a DC jury convicted [Oath Keepers founder] Stewart Rhodes and [head of the Florida chapter] Kelly Meggs of attempting to overthrow the U.S. government without weapons and mostly based on texts and videos.”

Twitter avatar for @julie_kelly2
Julie Kelly ???? @julie_kelly2
No American has ever been convicted of seditious conspiracy. Today a DC jury convicted Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Meggs of attempting to overthrow the U.S. government without weapons and mostly based on texts and videos. L

Attorney General Merrick Garland released a statement: “The Justice Department is committed to holding accountable those criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy on Jan. 6, 2021.”

Never mind that these defendants, however misguided their actions (and they were –- I don’t excuse them), believed that the real assault on democracy was happening inside the Capitol Building. And never mind that we’re still learning about the role the FBI and others in the government played in the inevitability of this so-called “insurrection.”

The last convictions for seditious conspiracy were in 1995, when Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman and nine others were convicted in a plot to blow up landmark buildings in New York City. Yes, it’s correct to say that no Americans ever have been convicted of this charge, though three other Oath Keepers chose to plead guilty to it rather than face a DC court.

Julie is “the” reporter on January 6, who literally wrote the book on it. Her tweet went on: “This is why it’s absolutely imperative that House GOP investigate Jan. 6. At least 5 FBI informants, including the VP of Oath Keepers, were embedded in the group months beforehand. Jury never heard this or witness testimony that some attempted to help police including Harry Dunn.”

(NOTE:  Harry Dunn is a Capitol police officer who did testify, though it's unclear from his testimony if he understood at the time who the Oath Keepers were or that they were trying to help him.  Language alert...)

According to the US code, seditious conspiracy is when two or more persons “conspire to overthrow, put down or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force seize, take or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof.” Conviction brings a fine, less than 20 years in prison, or both.

Three other co-defendants --- Kenneth Harrelson, Jessica Watkins and Thomas Caldwell --- were acquitted on the seditious conspiracy charge. But, as REUTERS reported, “all five defendants were convicted of obstructing an official proceeding --- the congressional certification of election results --- with mixed verdicts on a handful of other charges.” Four other Oath Keepers go to trial in December on similar charges of seditious conspiracy, and also some members of the Proud Boys.

James Lee Bright, an attorney for Rhodes, said after the trial, “The return in this, even though we’re not pleased with it, probably speaks to the fact that the DOJ is going to go full steam ahead in like fashion on all the others.

Another of Rhodes’ attorneys, Ed Tarpley, called the verdicts a “mixed bag” and told reporters, “We are grateful for the not guilty verdicts received. We are disappointed in the guilty verdicts. “There was no evidence introduced to indicate there was a plan to attack the Capitol.”

In fact, Rhodes took the stand and told the jury he had no plan to storm the Capitol and didn’t even know some of his fellow Oath Keepers had gone inside until after the riot was over. He and two of his co-defendants, Caldwell and Watkins, testified that they had not plotted such an attack and weren’t trying to block Congress from certifying the results, though Watkins did admit criminal liability and apologized for impeding police officers protecting the Capitol. Watkins, who was acquitted on the sedition charge, testified she was “swept up” in the moment, like a shopper on Black Friday. Caldwell, a disabled Navy vet who also was acquitted on that charge, did not enter the building and wasn’t even formally a member of the group.

What apparently made the prosecution’s case were all the inflammatory texts, recordings, etc., that these guys sent around to each other, not so much their actions on that day. Some of these were silly memes adapted from Bugs Bunny cartoons and movies such as “The Princess Bride.”

As the NEW YORK POST reported, defense attorneys told the jury the hotheaded rhetoric was just bravado. Rhodes testified that he was upset when the mob stormed the Capitol, saying his followers were “stupid” for going inside. On the other hand, prosecutors had evidence of his expensive investment in a stash of weapons intended for a just-in-case “quick reaction force.” The weapons were never brought into DC.

Rhodes told the jury that they'd dressed in combat gear to act as bodyguards and peacekeepers, not attackers, but they apparently didn't believe him. As POLITICO wrote (included in a REDSTATE commentary; link below): “Defense attorneys contended Rhodes and the other four Oath Keepers defendants were prone to violent rhetoric but took no effort to back up their words. They noted that they left their firearms arsenal at a Comfort Inn near Arlington, Va., on the day of the riot. They traveled to Washington to perform security details for speakers at Trump’s ‘Stop the Steal’ rally and related events, including figures like longtime Trump ally Roger Stone and event organizer Ali Alexander, who were among those in a Signal chat with Rhodes shown by prosecutors and defense attorneys.”

Attorneys for Rhodes and Harrelson plan to appeal.

Those of us who strongly disapprove of what these defendants did but understand they weren’t seriously engaged in bringing down the United States government or forcefully preventing the certification will see the irony in this quote from U.S. Attorney Mark Graves: “This case reaffirms the strength of our democracy and the institutions that protect and preserve it, including our criminal justice system. Over a period of many weeks, a fair and impartial jury heard evidence in a search for the truth of the conduct of these defendants before, during and after the events of Jan. 6, 2021.”

I believe that after the events, these hardened insurrectionists went out to eat at Olive Garden.

And rather than “reaffirming” our institutions, January 6 prosecutors have been abusing the rule of law, as with the overly broad “geofence” warrant they’ve been using to "go back in time" and sweep up thousands of people who are simply shown to have been in the proximity of the Capitol. “Equating presence with criminality” –- what better way to stifle dissent! Fortunately, defense attorney Rebecca Fish, Assistant Public Defender in Tacoma, Washington, has convincingly made the case that this tactic is illegal and violates Fourth Amendment rights. It's as I've said: the law is on our side, but our lawyers have to be better than their lawyers!

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  • Sad4theUS

    12/08/2022 06:17 PM

    This is sad for those innocent people, especially when you think about the fact that the real guilty parties (Pelosi and cohorts) are arrogant enough to they're getting away with their true Seditious conspiracy... Thankfully we have a God who will not let them get away with it, just let them "think" they are.

  • John Roy Clark

    12/01/2022 06:42 PM

    my sister in law got 3 absentee ballets in the mail for 2020 election! two were in her name and she sent one in and other two was second one for her and one for previous home owner.
    she distroyed two of them and forgot about it

  • Jerry

    12/01/2022 11:15 AM

    I am thankful that I had visited Disney's Attractions before 2020 while I thought the company was still decent. Today I doubt I would return to visit if given free admission with todays recession I doubt many Americans can afford the price however the international people will keep this once American prize healthy economically. Its attendance may become a smaller world I doubt many people of moral character will flock to their attractions. The chain of immoral people is getting longer and that is what Disney is looking to attract, The midterm elections show the populations looking for a more low life approach to this country with the reelections of many low life Senators Representatives Mayors AG and Governors especially in my State of Minnesota. People will start to exit Minnesota as it is becoming unaffordable to keep up with the high Property Taxes and High income Tax along with the sales tax vehicle tax and rising energy cost as our state will need to heat the homes for 6 months the electric bill continues you rise and its only the 1st of Dec winter starts in 20 days. Our urban schools are a breeding ground for illiteracy and no chance of math solving equations and drop out rate of those schools equate to our young people to theft violence and a disregard for law and order. If residents can escape this horror Minnesota has a lot to offer in our landscapes our hunting and fishing although in some area is regulated by Indian tribes that have a distain for others to enjoy its natural resources and the tribes benefit from non state regulatory gambling enterprises. However having removed 8 inches of snow from my property yesterday I do like most of the people here although their view of political intelligence is a concern.

  • Steve Alarid

    12/01/2022 10:24 AM

    re: Disney's Latest Bomb

    Governor, Disney's Bob Eiger expresses regret at having tangled with Florida's laws. However, he still vows to push the LQBTQ+ inclusion agenda. I do not buy his mea culpa.

  • Jerry

    12/01/2022 09:32 AM

    How can anyone trust this Administration with MSM, Foreign affairs, Domestic Affairs, Medical Affairs Economic affairs, Military Affairs, Transportation Affairs, Agriculture Affairs, Manufacturing Affairs and highly questionable Energy Affairs, and it's educational affairs and Immigration Affairs. This Administration is on track in comppletly destroying this countries infrastructure, value and only a little outrage is heard. The midterm elections shows about half of the Nations population is OK with this administration my only hope is God is teaching what a God less country will look like as He watches as His nation crumbles,

  • Shelley Hoelz

    12/01/2022 08:50 AM

    You cannot get a fair trial in DC if you are a conservative. However, by the definition of sedition, the Biden administration should be charged. They are failing to uphold the laws of this country, as well as the constitution. That by definition is sedition. They are failing to uphold the 2nd amendment and want it abolished. They are failing to secure our southern border and are allowing the invasion, actually assisting with, the invasion of our country, they ignore court decisions, the list is long. That would ALL be sedition. But those in government on the left never are held accountable for their actions.

  • Jerry

    12/01/2022 07:29 AM

    This country is in so much trouble to have people elected into important offices like Fetterman and a such a nut job as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris what type of a population does the United States have it appears the country wants a socialist or a communist run government seniors in this country are living their best time that doesn’t include fighting against this administration’s goal of killing America we as seniors are feeling the effects of the policies however most of them really don’t care as a lot of them were not that great of a citizen themselves they will go the grave without any regrets I would say if I didn’t have skin in the game with having children and grandchildren I would say have at it imbeciles live like a low life begging for energy food and housing and half of the population is parting ways with our God lowering the standard here and the after life

  • Judy Radley

    11/30/2022 11:01 PM

    Isn't it typical of the Democrats to make up names of things to sound wonderful, but are in reality a disaster, like 'electric vehicles', there is no such thing as electric vehicles that can drive on roads, because the only true electric vehicles are bumper cars at carnivals or trains or subways, but in reality, the so-called 'electric vehicles' idiots are fooled into buying 'to save energy' are in reality just re-chargeable battery-operated vehicles.

    If the Democrats would ever tell the truth, no one would want these crazy oversized and over-priced battery-operated things, because batteries are not eco-friendly, they are toxic waste, and explode, like the problem with the lithium batteries over-heating and causing more damage than helping the environment, that were used in cell phones, that are now not safe to have. I think they took those over-heating cell phones off the market. I bet the same thing will eventually happen with the so-called 'electric vehicles', they will eventually be banned and taken off the market, and wouldn't that be an improvement? Plus it proves yet again, any idea the Democrats come up with are dumb and useless and causes more problems than solutions. I will never buy an electric vehicle. The only re-chargeable type vehicle I may get one day, is a golf cart to drive around in a 55+ community one day. But maybe just a regular riding lawn mower would work just as well and can be used for other things too. LOL

  • Paul Kern

    11/30/2022 08:34 PM

    I had to laugh at the Christmas gift list.More like what the left gives after a " peaceful" protest!
    It should be apparent to all who have a brain by now that most lawyers and jurists are rotten to the core. The closer one gets to the zztemple of Ba'Al aka Washington DC one is trapped in their Temple of Doom. Nope that the left has shredded the First Amendment it is time to remove the evangelical elite who are Satan's false priests. Time to start listening to the living God and not Ahab and his witch Queen Jezebel who rule with an iron fist.

  • ken moore

    11/30/2022 06:38 PM

    i see the kangroo court has spoken i want 3 areas of our goverment not funded and disassembled the FBI DOJ IRS ALL STINK with tyrinical over reach