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September 19, 2023



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Mike Huckabee

A gag order on Donald Trump?!?

Special Counsel Jack Smith is trying to get the judge in his bogus election interference case to put a gag order on Donald Trump to keep him from talking about it. If you had any doubt that these charges are all about election interference, imagine lodging unprecedented indictments against your chief political opponent during an election season, then threatening to jail him if he defends himself.

Dick Morris believes this is all about the left’s desperate attempts to find a way to jail Trump. Law Professor Jonathan Turley goes into more legal detail, but also makes the great point that Smith’s insincere nine-word description of what he wants as “a narrowly tailored order that imposes modest, permissible restrictions” should be added to Ronald Reagan’s nine most terrifying words in the English language: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

Brutally hilarious

Here’s the article I’m sure many of you have been waiting for (and shame on you): Kurt Schlichter’s farewell tribute to retiring Senator Mitt Romney. Brutally hilarious.

No surprise

Watch VP Kamala Harris tell a university crowd that the government should enforce “equal outcomes,” not equal opportunity. Why am I not surprised that Kamala Harris doesn’t believe in advancement based on merit?

Pray with me for Rep. Wexton and her family

Virginia Democratic Rep. Jennifer Wexton announced that she will not be running for reelection after being diagnosed with a rare and incurable neurological disease known as Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsy. She described it as being like “Parkinson’s on steroids.” Wexton said she’s always believed in honesty, so she has to concede that “there’s no getting better,” and “I’m going to die, which isn’t fair.” But after struggling for a long time, “I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the time I have left and the time I have left in Congress.” I hope you will join me in sending prayers and good wishes to her and her family.

Bye-bye Senate dress code

Chuck Schumer has decided to no longer enforce the Senate dress code. No reason was given for this, but everyone knows what it is: Sen. John Fetterman (D-Slobsylvania) seems incapable of dressing himself like a professional adult.

GOP strategist Andrew Clark put it well, tweeting, “I’m all for more casual dress codes in general but to not enforce **any dress code** on the floor of the **United States Senate** because one guy wants to hear a hoodie and basketball shorts is just crass.”

A thought I had…

I’m thinking of sending President Biden a T-shirt that reads, “I gave Iran $6 billion and all I got was a broken promise to spend it on humanitarian stuff and a refusal to let the UN inspect Iranian nuclear sites.” Or if that’s too long to fit, I’ll just send Jill Biden an “I’m with stupid” T-shirt.

A ridiculous nuisance lawsuit

Despite all the talk about electric cars, here’s the surest sign that oil companies still have plenty of money. California’s leftist politicians have launched a ridiculous nuisance lawsuit against them, blaming them for the “climate emergency” and demanding billions to fund their pet eco projects. It’s like an alcoholic suing a brewery for making him a drunk.

Since all these alleged problems (including wildfires caused by decades of leftist government mismanagement of forests and waterways) are entirely the fault of oil companies for unconscionably selling gasoline to Californians, the solution is obvious: the oil companies should show repentance by immediately cutting off all sales of oil and gas inside California. Let the politicians explain to stranded Californians why this is really for their own good because they’re saving the planet.

Biden team moves to protect the incompetent

The Biden White House must be really afraid that Donald Trump will become President again because Biden is already moving to institute a new rule to make it harder to get rid of entrenched, incompetent and biased federal bureaucrats. He wants our border gates welded open and the drain on the swamp welded shut.

I confess, I nearly spit my coffee on my keyboard laughing at the Biden official who claimed they have to defend this system of being unable to remove Deep State termites and incompetents because it’s a “system that has been in place for 140 years to ensure we have a dedicated nonpartisan civil service.”

And anyone who dares suggest that they might not be nonpartisan had better brace for being silenced on social media and having the FBI raid their homes at dawn.


Here’s a new term to add to your vocabulary: “grade-grubbing.” Turns out it’s the shockingly common practice by today’s high school and college students of begging or threatening their instructors to give them higher grades than they earned.

Here’s the most frightening sentence in the story: “…In a study of undergraduate students preparing for careers in medicine, ‘over a quarter of the respondents self-reported engaging in grade-focused interactions.'" I don’t know about you, but I don’t want doctors who only passed biology by begging not to be flunked or by threatening to reveal that they slept with the professor.

Nothing To See Here!!

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, where the incumbent mayor eked out a narrow, come-from-behind victory of 251 votes over a Democratic primary challenger, surveillance video has surfaced of a local Democratic official and supporter of the mayor apparently stuffing stacks of absentee ballots into a drop box. If so, that's illegal: only the voter or an immediate relative of an absentee voter can cast those ballots, which usually means only one ballot. The challenger calls this an “undeniable act of voter suppression and a huge civil rights violation” and is demanding an investigation.

Meanwhile, the Bridgeport police say they are investigating the actions in the video, but also investigating how the video was obtained and released to the public, and if there was a breach in the security video management system. Yes, that’s obviously the biggest concern here: the public wasn’t authorized to see the proof of election chicanery. Better track down the person who exposed it. There’s your real criminal!

Hunter’s attorneys suing the IRS: legal strategy or tantrum?

“This case seems to be almost like a tantrum that Abbe Lowell’s having...”

That’s the observation of former federal prosecutor Jonathan Fahey, in an interview Monday night with FOX NEWS’ Trace Gallagher, speaking of Hunter Biden’s lead attorney suing the IRS and the former agents who came forward with their concerns about his case. The whistleblowers “did everything under the law in revealing this information,” Fahey said. The suit, he said, is apparently not about their testimony but what they’ve said since going to the House Ways and Means Committee.

(As you know, they went to Ways and Means in the first place because they were dealing with someone’s personal tax records, and this committee, behind closed doors, was the only place they could legally divulge that. The committee then had the authority to allow a public hearing before the Oversight Committee.)

“...I don’t really see the merits of this lawsuit,” he said, “and I’m not really seeing the point of the lawsuit, either, as far as the big picture for his client, how it benefits him.”

In his original plea deal, which was scrapped --- no matter what Abbe Lowell says --- Hunter was originally charged with misdemeanors for crimes that normally would be considered felonies. According to Fahey, the judge in California could come back and charge him with felony tax offenses, if he is so inclined (I wouldn’t hold my breath), along with felony gun crimes. “So, really, things are going in a bad direction for Hunter…this current legal strategy doesn’t seem to be helping him that much, from what I’m seeing.”

That’s in line with a report from the WASHINGTON POST that David Weiss may soon file a new indictment against Hunter on tax charges in a California federal court. ABC NEWS got specific about this --- WAPO, ABC...see, the memo really has gone out! --- saying Hunter will likely face charges of failure to pay taxes after allegations made by IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler about money from Burisma channeled through a Chinese firm run by the Biden family business.

Fahey predicted Hunter won’t go to trial on the gun charges, and that his attorneys would try to work out a deal and “keep the option open” of appealing on a constitutional issue with those. He also predicted no jail time, surprise!

Mark Lytle, the attorney for former IRS lead investigator Gary Shapley, had weighed in earlier in the day, saying, “Congress wrote the law so that whistleblowers could come forward in a protected manner and shine the light on government misconduct. And that’s what happened here. And as a result, the ‘sweetheart’ plea deal was revealed...and the judge rejected it. And they’re mad about that, and they’re coming after the whistleblowers.”

Oh, they’re mad, of course, but going on the offensive in a blind fury is also their legal strategy. Very deliberate.

The lawsuit itself is extremely tenuous. It alleges that Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler sought to “publicly smear” Hunter Biden by releasing information about his taxes to congressional investigators. This, his attorneys say, adds up to a violation of his “privacy rights.”

(Aside: I thought that with the release of President Trump’s tax returns under the Biden administration, the idea of financial privacy was a thing of the past! Why, it must be back again.)

In suing the IRS, Hunter is, in effect, suing his father’s administration, claiming that IRS agents “targeted and sought to embarrass” him. His attorneys also allege that the whistleblowers released information that Congress had not yet released. That includes allegations of his failure to pay $2.2 million in taxes --- hey, we already knew about that; it’s the bill his “sugar brother” Kevin Morris paid --- and possible tax fraud over claiming expenses for prostitutes and sex clubs on his returns.

They told about the prostitutes and sex clubs?? Why, Hunter’s squeaky-clean reputation is RUINED!!

Attorney Lytle released a statement: “Neither IRS SSA Gary Shapley nor his attorneys have ever released any confidential tax information except through whistleblower disclosures authorized by statute. Once Congress released that testimony, like every American citizen, he has a right to discuss that information.” He called the lawsuit “just another frivolous smear by Biden family attorneys trying to turn people’s attention away from Hunter Biden’s own legal problems and intimidate any current and future whistleblowers.” I don’t think the IRS is losing any sleep over it.

By the way, did you know that there was another FBI informant in the Biden case who was “shut down” before the 2020 election? Retired Special Agent Timothy Thibault, a 25-year employee who was second in command at the Washington field office, testified before the House Judiciary Committee last week, and said he’d been told by the lead agent in the Hunter tax case to shut down their confidential human source (CHS).

Thibault wasn’t identified in the transcript, but investigative reporter Peter Schweizer believes he has identified him based on previous comments he’s made and other clues. More on this will undoubtedly be coming out soon; in the meantime, here’s what we know…

House Oversight Committee Chair Jim Jordan no doubt has many questions for Special Counsel David Weiss on his handling of the Hunter case, and Weiss is now scheduled to testify before the committee on October 11. Jordan is also calling for documents relating to whistleblowers Shapley and Ziegler. His full list of demands is here...

Allen West has a great editorial on the “Hunter Biden Hustle,” going through the reasons why it’s just not gonna play with the American people and pointing out the ironies of “Mr. Gun Control” having a son who’s guilty of three felony gun charges. You’ll enjoy this…

Well, let’s move on to see how this scandal is currently affecting the Big Guy. The mainstream media are pretending he’s doing great --- that, cognitively, he’s superior to Trump (I am not kidding). “Which begs the question,” David Strom said, “if they [Democrats] know the MSM will lie on something so obvious, why do they believe these shills on anything else?”

Poll-wise, Biden is cratering. According to a new survey from Harvard-CAPS-Harris, Biden is trailing Trump. But even worse, he’s also trailing Nikki Haley and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott. You might say he’s got three strikes against him.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has a theory for how the election is going to go, and we think he must have been reading the Huckabee newsletter. He predicts the Democrats will push Biden aside, and who else will parachute in at the last minute to “save” the party and take the nomination but...Michelle Obama. She’ll be portrayed as “the adult in the room.” (One of my writers has only been saying this for the past three years, only she used the term “healer.”) Cruz talks about the various scenarios that might replace Biden with Michelle --- as we did years ago --- in this podcast…

Bonchie at REDSTATE doesn’t think it would be all that easy for the Democrats to accomplish this, though, because of other candidates, such as Kamala, who won’t cooperate and will cause a floor fight. Perhaps he’s underestimating the power of the Obamas. He’s always heard Michelle hated being in the White House. Perhaps he’s underestimating the amount of time she could spend “vacationing.” He thinks Biden will still be the candidate, that Democrats “will have to ride or die with Joe Biden.”

Perhaps he’s forgotten: They’re Democrats. They don’t intend to lose. But here’s what he says...

Duke, also at REDSTATE, doesn’t see Biden getting to the finish line. He talks about Cruz’s prediction as well, and relates a story about Biden’s biographer Franklin Foer saying it “wouldn’t be a total shock” to him if Biden gave up running again, “much earlier than August of next year.”


AG Merrick Garland to appear before House Judiciary Committee Wednesday

Does anyone think Attorney General Merrick Garland will give straight answers when he testifies before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday? He’ll be there to answer questions about disputed aspects of the Hunter Biden investigation. James Lynch at the DAILY CALLER has even provided a helpful list of questions for him to dodge. As your grandma might have said, “Askin’ ain’t gettin’.”

Excellent questions, though! And he goes into detail about what they involve. When you have some time, check them out…


Ken Paxton's impeachment

I held off commenting on the impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton because he’s a friend and I didn’t want to be accused of personal bias. But now, I think it’s safe to say, without fear of contradiction, that this is the end of a long-running, politically-motivated smear job and an attempt to “attack our democracy” by having a handful of Senators overturn the will of over four million Texas voters.

For years, the liberal media in Texas have accused Ken Paxton of bribery, corruption and other abuses. He’s also been the target of federal SEC prosecutions that were thrown out of court. Unlike the case of Joe Biden, where powerful forces conspired to keep negative news hidden from voters, Texas voters in the last election heard endlessly about these claims and rejected them. He beat George P. Bush in the GOP primary by 2-1 and won the general election with over 53% of the vote.

But that didn’t silence his political opponents, whom I suspect were more upset by Paxton’s vigorous defense of conservative values and willingness to challenge the feds in court than any alleged corruption. There’s also bad blood between him and the House Speaker because Paxton called for his resignation after allegations of him appearing on the dais apparently drunk.

The House passed 16 impeachment counts in a process that Paxton’s attorney claims is illegal because the managers failed to take witness testimony under oath (a mistake that would come back to bite them in his Senate trial) and they rushed through the vote without fully informing members of the case’s flaws or giving them time to question it (to quote Nancy Pelosi, they were pressured to pass it now and find out what was in it later.)

It seemed Paxton couldn’t possibly survive, but then a funny thing happened: he finally got a chance to defend himself. His excellent attorneys made mincemeat of the charges, proving over and over that the so-called “witnesses” had no real evidence and hadn’t actually seen or heard anything incriminating first hand. When the final vote came, not only did none of the counts reach a two-thirds majority, they didn’t even reach a simple majority. He was overwhelmingly acquitted on all counts. It makes one ponder how the January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee might have gone had Republicans or Trump lawyers actually been allowed to cross-examine the “witnesses” or introduce their own witnesses and evidence.

In a statement, Paxton said, “Today, the truth prevailed. The truth could not be buried by mudslinging politicians or their powerful benefactors… The weaponization of the impeachment process to settle political differences is not only wrong, it is immoral and corrupt… Now that this shameful process is over, my work to defend our constitutional rights will resume.” He was reinstated as Attorney General, and he warned that he will come after the Biden Administration for its many illegal and unconstitutional actions that are harming the state of Texas.

I know this is more of a state-level news item, but I wanted to cover it because it carries national implications, and not just because it sets up future legal battles against our open borders President. There’s a larger lesson that can be taken from it. I see polls showing that many Americans believe Donald Trump must’ve committed some crimes because he’s facing so many indictments. Well, as they say, you can indict a ham sandwich. It’s easy when you have a partisan DA with no professional ethics and a grand jury that isn’t allowed to hear the target’s defense, question the witnesses or see any exculpatory evidence.

But when the trial starts, it’s a different matter. That’s when the accusers actually have to prove their claims, and if they’ve got nothin’, it soon becomes pretty obvious. Many Texans were convinced Paxton must be guilty and couldn’t possibly survive: after all, he was facing SIXTEEN counts of impeachment!  But what happens if every last one of them is bogus? Well, now we know: he’s Attorney General again.

 Possibly Related: Could somebody at ABC News be reading the writing on the wall about Georgia DA Fani Willis’ nutso RICO case against Trump and his associates? They seem to be trying to prepare their regular viewers so they won’t be too shocked when it implodes by actually admitting that it’s a bad case and she’s just “throwing things against the wall.”



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  • George Reynolds

    09/20/2023 12:00 PM

    This Newsweek article sounds like a Babylon Bee article. A BLM person promoting "fat acceptance"???

  • Paul Kern

    09/19/2023 08:00 PM

    Time to "batten down the hatches!' It looks like the " perfect storm" We see the black robes and DAs lining up against Trump and MAGA supporters. I wonder how many RINOS are paid off by the left to keep the dying RNC on life support. They are bringing out the big guns. We desperately need God to wake up the sleepers and stand for all that made this nation great. Pray! Pray! Pray!

  • Stephen Russell

    09/19/2023 11:54 AM

    Hunter suing IRS is:

    It shows What Goes around Comes down for Dems