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January 19, 2021

Sen. Lindsay Graham is making what is likely a futile appeal to Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer to reject the House’s second politically-motivated impeachment of President Trump in the name of protecting the Constitution and healing the nation.

Graham calls the House’s latest impeachment vote, conducted without evidence, hearings or a defense as Trump was already preparing to leave office, unconstitutional, an act of political vengeance and “a disgraceful saga” that needs to come to an end. He warns Schumer that turning impeachment into a meaningless partisan political weapon will haunt all future Presidents. Impeachment had only come up twice in America's history until Pelosi wielded it twice in 13 months. Graham asks where it will end? If former Presidents can be impeached, could a future GOP Congress impeach Obama over Benghazi, or Democrats impeach George Washington because he owned slaves?

These are wise words, and serious adults in the Democratic leadership should heed them. The question is, are there any serious adults left in the Democratic Party leadership?


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