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October 28, 2022

Elon Musk is expected to take ownership of Twitter by Friday, and he rubbed that fact in for the leftist employees who are in hysterics over having to allow users to exercise free speech. Musk posted a video of himself entering Twitter headquarters for the first time, carrying a kitchen sink, with the caption, “Let that sink in.”

Apparently, the Twitter staff's open letter demanding that he let them keep their jobs and benefits and respect their radical politics has not persuaded him to drop his plans to fire 75% of them. Normally, I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, but one could argue that what they do all day hardly qualifies as a “job.”

Despite some ridiculously large six-figure salaries, it’s a mystery what actual “work” most of them do, other than banning anyone who posts a conservative thought or a biological fact. If they were hoping to drum up sympathy from other American workers, this video that went viral isn’t helping. It was posted by a Twitter employee to show what a day in her life at the Twitter offices is like.

Aside from a couple of meetings, it looks like she spends her day enjoying an incredibly expensive day spa, complete with frappuccino bar, gourmet lunch room, yoga studio, espresso machine, meditation room, break room (break from what?!) with foosball table, rooftop sun deck with lounge chairs, and red wine on tap.

As one commenter noted, it’s no wonder these people act like they’re still college students. This is just like being in one of today’s spoil-the-students-rotten universities. After watching this, anyone who wondered how Musk can run Twitter if he fires 75% of the employees might wonder instead why he’s not firing 90% of them.

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