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October 28, 2021

Election Day for the Virginia gubernatorial race, and for other down-ballot votes as well, is this coming Tuesday, November 2, and the stakes could hardly be higher –- or the choice clearer. Earlier in the week, our commentary on the lurking presence in Virginia of DNC lawyer/activist and infamous election manipulator Marc Elias drew quite a bit of reader response.

You know, it’s impossible for me to respond to every letter --- even though they’re all read --- but now and then it’s instructive to respond to a particular letter for a particular reason. That’s the case with the following letter from Carol, because of one thing she said about the election that really stood out and makes a timely response critical before Election Day. Read her letter and see if you can pick out the part I mean. Then I’ll explain what the very important issue is.

From Carol (with slight editing):

I am in Georgia. Wherever Stacey Abrams goes, the laws are broken. This is what she advocated and got done in Georgia for the 2020 election. She is in Virginia now and the [requirement for the] last four digits of [a voter’s] Social Security number has been deleted even though it is the law there.

This is how it is done and how the election was stolen in 2020, and unless it is stopped, 2022 and 2024 will go the way of 2020. They only win by changing the laws to suit their outcome. Many understand this and will not vote because they say and believe it is rigged. Even the Supreme Court are cowards in taking up the suits that would have proven that.

...Keep America sick and mail-in ballots will again be the next way votes are stolen and elections rigged.

From the Gov:

Thank you for writing, Carol. Yes, we discussed some of the recent changes to the voting laws in Virginia --- also the fact that it’s illegal for the government to ignore laws it doesn’t want to enforce. Marc Elias and Stacey Abrams make quite a team, don’t they?

Another good point is that as long as state and county officials can use COVID-19 as an excuse for mass mail-in voting, cheating will be easy and largely undetectable. And their hope is that we’ll get so used to the convenience of just mailing in our ballots, most people will prefer that whether COVID is still a major concern or not. But we need to do what the French did in 1975 after seeing the fraud caused by mail-in voting: scrap it except on a limited basis, by request when people have a legitimate reason for not being able to get to the polls. That will not happen in battleground states until they’re run by people who don’t want to keep their thumb on the election scales. Those people must be voted out.

That brings me to the part of the letter that has to be addressed. Did you guess it? “MANY...WILL NOT VOTE BECAUSE THEY...BELIEVE THE VOTE IS RIGGED.”

If enough Republicans stay home to make the margin of victory, say, 300 votes instead of 30,000, how much easier have we made it for Democrats to cheat? Cheaters love close races; it’s much harder to see big statistical anomalies and much easier to “find” the relatively small number of votes they need. It’s clear this is what happened in Georgia’s last senatorial election; fed-up Republicans stayed home and let their opponents just take it. We blew our chance to temper the Biden administration with a Republican-led Senate just because some Republicans sat on their hands.

Conversely, it might seem impossible to stop cheaters, but one way to do it is to turn out in such large numbers that they can’t make up the difference with fake votes. It has to be a blowout.

Anyone thinking of sitting out this or any other Election Day had better realize: you are doing exactly what the opposition wants you to. They want you to give up, to resign yourself to the fate they are choosing for you. Don’t do it. Instead, do the opposite of what they want.

It’s kind of a catch: in order to fix the cheating, we have to win in spite of the cheating! I know that seems overwhelming, but if conservative turnout is high enough, it will happen. (I would think that this time, all the justifiably angry parents in Virginia could really make the difference.) Once we’re in, then we work state-by-state to reform the system. Yes, Democrats will fight us every step of the way, so, as I said in speaking of Marc Elias, our lawyers have to be better than their lawyers. And they have to be everywhere.

But polls show conclusively that most Americans want accurate and honest elections. As Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project, said, “Voters want it to be easy to vote, but also hard to cheat.” It has become ridiculously easy to vote, and easy to cheat, too. Half the country has lost faith in our elections. If that half of the country stays home on Election Day, the other half wins by default.

As Mollie Hemingway says in RIGGED, “The left’s path to future victory requires it to cow its opposition into silence...A growing number of Americans are outraged by the way the left seizes and deploys power. They are sick of the lies, manipulation, and distortion that a corrupt ruling class spins on a regular basis. Those courageous citizens, not the decaying establishment, will determine the fate of the nation.”

Carol, I want to thank you for writing, because you reminded me, however inadvertently, of something I'd really wanted to mention before Tuesday’s election. Virginians, no matter how you feel about what the left has done to corrupt the system, it is critical that you turn out and vote! Get everyone you know to the polls. Start the red wave.

I’ll close with some good news from John Solomon on the election reform front. In the wake of the Maricopa County audit report –- which was quite bad despite the media’s sugar-coat –- the demand for 2020 forensic audits in all 50 states is gaining support, now up to 38 states, with 150 state legislators signing an open letter to that effect. (Note: I think they’d have more participation if they didn’t call for decertifications as well; the emphasis needs to be on forensic analysis and reform of the system for future elections.) Here’s an excerpt:

“In addition to Arizona, sworn affidavits have accumulated from many states detailing rampant corruption and mismanagement in the election process...We have come to the conclusion that all 50 states need to be forensically audited. Voter rolls should be scrubbed with a canvass of the voters to ensure future integrity of our elections...We call on each state to decertify its electors where it has been shown the elections were certified prematurely and inaccurately.”

In fact, a problematic audit report in Wisconsin has prompted the state senate to launch its own investigation of the 2020 election in that state.

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  • Marion Clarke

    11/01/2021 01:18 PM

    I enjoy your comments on topics of interest to Americans. I am a retired teacher who worked 30 years in Virginia schools. In 2020, I sold my home and moved to Florida, but continued to follow the effects of school closures with online schooling as well as the governor’s race. I have 3 grandchildren in Northern VA schools which were shuttered for the majority of the year; only the youngest could attend in person for preschool. I was angered since statistics didn’t uphold closing schools. I would have been happy to take custody of the older two, and put them in an open school here in Florida. Wishful thinking...
    There’s a lot not being said or realized that’s going on in Virginia schools. We know about the unions, school boards, teachers wanting to remain home to teach online (which was disastrous), etc. Virginia has no school choice, and the example of limited charter schools isn’t applicable mostly because they’re “schools within a school” that a culled out, but under the same supervision and not a separate “corporate” entity.

    What I want to bring to your attention is the Fairfax County Public Schools adding “holidays” which told teachers not to introduce new concepts/curriculum on such days since students may be absent. After school events such as games are to be avoided as well. Essentially teachers have been robbed of these instruction times on the possibility of a student being out for a “ religious “ holiday. Since many of our traditional holidays have schools closing, I’m wondering what days are being recognized in our society that have such a small percentage of the population absent that would rob the majority of an instruction day, not to ignore the state law that requires minimal hours of teaching subject matter each week. If students are absent, it’s traditional that parents accept responsibility for make up work. I also allowed students to stay for additional help if they needed. This is another example of education “wokeness” lowering the bar on education costing the majority of students. Somebody is always absent. That’s life and how it goes with 30 people involved.
    The schools need to double down on behavior, respect, and work. It’s an ethic that few practice these days, and I’m not only talking about the children....!

    Marion clarke

  • Lisa Hicks

    10/31/2021 03:37 PM

    I pray that you read the comment by Sandra Broaddus re the fb post by her friend in VA. Now that this has come to light & knowing Hiliary atty Marc Elias was in VA just last week, WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT THIS FRAUD TAKING PLACE BEFORE THE VA ELECTION??? Why is this Elias bastard being ALLOWED to change anything to do with our election laws? And WE the PEOPLE are expected to just receive this deceit & corruption lying down? Kiss my foot!!! We MUST do something NOW to STOP it or we & our future generations are doomed!! Please advise, Governor, we are ALL waiting.

  • Candis Verhey

    10/30/2021 02:54 PM

    I was just wondering if anyone ever considered prosecuting Jill Biden for elder abuse of her husband?

  • Joe Healy

    10/29/2021 10:55 PM

    Dear Gov. Huck:
    I hope you and Sarah and her campaign are taking all possible precautions to prevent voting fraud from cheating her out of victory. The country needs every Republican governor we can get!

  • Doug Moon

    10/29/2021 08:34 PM

    Dear Mike:
    I live in a fictitious small town in non-existing state near our western coastline.I would like to share with you the events surrounding a break-in and robbery that probably never happened, but depicts a mind set that I have observed among many good, conservative, Christian fellows such as yourself.
    The robbery occurred back in November of 2020. On the night that it occured, there were quite a few good citizens out and about on the streets doing good responsible things, and mostly minding their own business. At some point in the night, however, there was a loud noise as of glass breaking, and a very noticable hole appeared in the front window of one particular storefront. Any number of witnesses observed the damaged glass, heard the sound of breaking glass, and a few observed an individual running away, with arms loaded, from the scene.
    This mythological berg being a small, rural area, the police department there was mostly volunteer, and the officer who investigated the crime, for crime it was, also happened to run the local hardware store. When he arrived on the scene, he noticed right away that the front window was broken, and quickly determined that this was a case of vandalism. He proceeded to set up barricades in front of the store so that no one could get close enough to get in, this at the same time having the unfortunate consequence of hiding the evidence of a crime. Having determined in his mind the nature of the crime in question, he further decided that since he was the local supplier of glass for the berg, he would go ahead and replace the window.
    The next day, once the barricades had been removed, it was just as if the window had never been broken and no crime commited. However, several people went to the police station and reported that they had heard and seen the window broken, and two witnesses reported seeing someone fleeing the scene with one of them claiming to be able to identify that person.
    Later in the day the shop owner himself reported that he was missing merchandise, and in fact had reviewed the video footage of his surveilence camera(I said this was a mythological town, not a prehistoric one) and seen clear evidence of the robbery.
    However, the police officer/ hardware store owner had forgotten to file an initial report on the break-in, and was not wanting to face the ackwardness of admitting that he had put his own profit ahead of protecting the town(and failing to recognise the true nature of the crime)stubbornly stuck to his original claim that this was only a case of vandalism.
    The local judge, who doubled as the principal of the town's high school, was also a man with a secret. He had a troubled teenage son was acting out by stealing things. The judge was able to recognise his boy in the video footage, and desired to protect him. After talking with the police officer in the case, they hatched a plan to hide the evidence of the crime for their mutual benefit.
    So, they conspired to lay the blame for the crime at the feet of the shop owner. Specificly they told him that he really should have made it harder to break the glass in the first place. In fact, they went to the town council and convinced them to pass an ordinance requiring heavier grade glass to be installed in all storefronts, as well as a heavy steel grid over the glass. They insisted that it was more important to protect the glass storefronts moving forward than to persue finding and persecuting the person who broke the glass. They went further and wrote op-eds in the local paper accusing the people who claimed to have witnessed the actual crime of being trouble makers who just wanted to stir up trouble, and denied the legitimacy of their claims. The worst thing that they did, though, was to accuse the shop keeper of lying to cover up his own attempts at tax fraud. They downplayed the video footage and stirred up outrage at anyone who claimed there was an actual crime.
    So the teen who originally broke in and robbed the shopkeeper was never found guilty of a crime until much later after he robbed and killed a family with two small children; and the shopkeeper was forced out of business by all the bad press and false acusations.

    But the important thing is that they put ordinances in place to prevent other break-ins from happening in the future.

    I know my story was a bit long, but I felt it was necessary to present the whole story so that you could see clearly what the REAL crime in this situation was. It might be too much to believe that this story would convince you that the original crime MUST be revealed and justice restored before we could ever be confident of it not happening again, but I could hope. Oh, and by the way, the judge and police officer are both still prospering: the judge has become mayor and the part time officer was elected chief of police, a full time gig. So I am sure that nothing like that will ever be able to happen again.

  • Patricia Jean Myrdal

    10/29/2021 01:12 PM

    Yes, voter turnout is very important, the other important piece is that Republicans need to vote at the last minute. The Democrats see the direction the vote is taking and then "manufacture" enough votes to win. Early turnout is the worst thing conservatives can possibly do. Even though Washington state is completely mail in, I always vote the last day so that the Democrats have to work harder to cheat. ( :

  • Forest Myers

    10/29/2021 11:23 AM

    Mike, you have stated that when an election audit revealed that the results were not valid and the officials certified the outcome early it should not be invalidated. I believe that invalidation is a necessity and that another election should be conducted as soon as possible. I also believe that the officials that provided the false validity should be held accountable for their actions. The people of this great country need to see full accountability of their officials. The healing process cannot occur until faith is restored. Thanks for keeping us informed. Forest

  • Andy Jordan

    10/29/2021 09:53 AM

    Most Presidents have personal spiritual advisors.
    Who is in that role for Joe Biden?

  • Kathleen Riley

    10/29/2021 08:21 AM

    Just wondering at what point the newly discovered election fraud will actually overturn the presidential election and boot Biden and his gang from office. Life has consequences and lying and cheating must result in removal and prosecution. To simply use this evidence to change our enforcement for the future is not good enough. And it is not fair to the candidates who actually Did Win nor the voters themselves.

  • ronald E smith

    10/29/2021 07:22 AM

    Dems think their people and especially Black voters are illiterate and need Biden s people to tell them what to do.