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May 10, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • Chinese Rocket falls into the ocean
  • The Colonial pipeline hack
  • Times Square shooting
  • New Yorker: Liz Cheney was behind op-ed attacking President Trump
  • The weekend brought us more assaults on the Christian tradition
  • Mocking Democrats
  • A Reader Writes Back...


Mike Huckabee


Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Psalms 16:11


Chinese rocket falls into the ocean

By Mike Huckabee

The world breathed a sigh of relief Sunday after remnants of a large Chinese rocket crashed into the Indian Ocean near the Maldives and, only by the grace of God or sheer dumb luck, didn’t hit anyone or destroy anything.

NASA still expressed anger at China for “failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris.” Every other nation involved in rocket launches is committed to controlled reentries to prevent space junk from crashing into populated areas. But China takes the attitude that most of the world is ocean, so it will probably land there. The chances of it hitting any one person are tiny.

One analyst explained their faulty logic by comparing it to the lottery: yes, your chance of hitting the jackpot may be tiny. But someone is going to hit it, especially if enough people are in the pool. And with China’s rockets, everyone on Earth is in the pool. You won’t hit the jackpot, but it might hit you.

Anyone who is at all surprised that China’s communist government has little regard for human life, whether it’s their own people or those in other countries, and doesn’t care if something they launch causes catastrophic damage elsewhere in the world, really hasn’t been paying much attention to the news over the past year or so.

The Colonial pipeline hack

By Mike Huckabee

Crude oil prices rose today after hackers broke into the computer system of Colonial Pipeline, forcing the company to shut down one of America’s major fuel delivery arteries. It’s not yet clear how bad the ransomware attack is or who’s behind it, but current suspicions point to a cybercriminal gang operating out of Russia.

This once again illustrates how dependent America is on the reliable flow of oil and how dangerous foreign hackers can be. Thank goodness we have a President who made us energy independent, okayed the building of a new major pipeline and banned Chinese, Russian and Iranian companies from providing hardware and software for America’s power grid.

Oh wait, I forgot: we replaced that President with Joe Biden, who reversed all those things! Well, at least someone at the White House finally realized how stupid one of them was. The suspended Trump executive order banning Chinese, Russian and Iranian involvement in our power grid has now been unsuspended. Is it possible that even liberal Democrats are capable of learning from experience? Or did someone with common sense just hack into their brains?

Times Square shooting

By Mike Huckabee

Saturday in New York’s Times Square, two men were having an argument when one pulled a gun and shot several times. He missed the other man, but hit three innocent bystanders, including Skye Martinez, a four-year-old girl who was there with her family to buy toys. Luckily, it appears that the bullet didn’t cause any life-threatening injuries, but I hope you’ll pray for her swift recovery and that of the other victims as well.

The little girl’s teenage aunt told the New York Daily News, “None of us knew what was gonna happen and then it’s like, why did it have to be her? Because she’s 4 years old. Like, why there, how could you? It’s just so many people there. Do you not care about any other people?”

Sadly ,I think we all know the answer to that. But the question shouldn’t just be asked of the shooter but city leaders like Mayor DeBlasio. He’s attacked and defunded the city’s police department, allowing violent crime to skyrocket, and let Times Square, which was reborn as a safe tourist destination thanks to Giuliani and kept that way by Bloomberg, to devolve back into a place where families no longer feel safe.

The NYPD Commissioner fumed, “How many more kids do we need to be shot before we realize that bad policies have consequences and we need action and we need policies regarding laws that have consequences? When is this going to end? How many more people have to be injured, pushed in front of a train, or in this case, a young 4-year-old — toy shopping — shot?”

The president of the Detective Endowment Association agreed, saying, “There’s a direct correlation between this uptick in shootings and bail reform laws and city council laws that handcuffed the police. The people suffering are the people of New York City and the people coming to visit the city.”

Fortunately, the shooter’s face was caught on video, and a manhunt is underway at this writing. Let’s pray he faces justice, and let’s also give a salute to heroic NYPD Officer Alyssa Vogel. A mom to a 6-month-old boy herself, Vogel’s maternal instincts kicked in when the shooting started. She grabbed Skey, ran to the ambulance carrying her, reassured her mother that she’d be okay, then went with her in the ambulance and ran her into the pediatric unit.

Not exactly the image you get of cruel, uncaring police officers from listening to the media, is it?

In another horrific shooting, shortly after midnight on Sunday, a man walked into a birthday party in a mobile home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, opened fire and killed six people and then himself. Not much is yet known about his identity or motive. This is a developing story, so keep an eye on the news for more to come.

New Yorker: Liz Cheney was behind op-ed attacking President Trump

By Mike Huckabee

It looks likely that Rep. Liz Cheney is not going to hold on to her position as chair of the House Republican Conference, largely because of her in-your-face, unrepentant anti-Trump attitude that bleeds over to his supporters, who are a large majority of the Republican base. But if she was counting on the anti-Trump media to throw her a life preserver, they just threw her an anvil instead.

The New Yorker revealed that Cheney secretly orchestrated a January op-ed in the Washington Times in which 10 previous Defense Secretaries (including her dad, Dick Cheney) denounced Trump. The letter falsely accused him (based on pre-election Democrat conspiracy theories) of planning to politicize the military by involving it in disputes over the election.

Thank goodness we now have Joe Biden, who as President would NEVER politicize the military! And why would he involve it in disputes over the election when he could send in the politicized Justice Department instead?

The current frontrunner to replace Cheney is New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, who has Trump’s endorsement. But if he’s judging solely on opposition to Trump, you might wonder why he picked her. Stefanik hasn’t been an outspoken anti-Trumper, but her voting record is almost 100% nay on Trump’s America First agenda. Here’s a rundown of her voting record, from opposing the Trump tax cut and border wall funding to supporting amnesty, transgender troops, the Paris Climate Accord, Obamacare, abortion and other liberal issues.

I’m not saying that Republicans have to support Liz Cheney, but maybe they should do a little more research before leaping to any replacement just because she’s not Liz Cheney.

The weekend brought us more assaults on the Christian tradition

By Mike Huckabee

The weekend brought more news related to assaults on Christian tradition. It’s an open question which is more dangerous to traditional morality and Biblical teachings:

1. Armed oppression by leftist governments hostile to expression of religious faith... (No, I’m not talking about China this time; I’m talking about Canada, where an armed SWAT team swarmed and arrested a pastor for “inciting” people to attend church. For the record, I’m not defending holding indoor gatherings without masks, but the authorities didn’t check to see if the congregants had been vaccinated or already had the virus; they just handcuffed and arrested the pastor for holding the service.)

2. Or liberal church leaders themselves, who are so eager to embrace the latest, leftist “inclusivity” trends that they will trample Biblical doctrine to do so?

Mocking Democrats

By Mike Huckabee

While Democrats try to piously defend their use of the ludicrous phrase “birthing persons” instead of “mothers” on Mother’s Day, it’s getting the mockery it richly deserves. And nobody does it better than the Babylon Bee:

Hilarious story

By Mike Huckabee

As long as I’m making your Monday a little easier with humor, here’s the Babylon Bee on the left’s hysterical claims that asking to see an ID before voting will prevent minorities from being able to vote. The story is hilarious enough, but the photo alone is worth clicking to see.

A Reader Writes Back... 

RE: FBI:  No, it should not be abolished. What is needed is new leadership and greater Congressional oversight.

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  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/14/2021 10:55 AM

    John Galvin save your air. You are a Blue Reich stooge. Trump was and will be again our Greatest President.
    If you don't condemn Biden, Clinton, Kennedy ( and MLK who was an adulterer) say nothing about Trump.
    John McStain like Bush and Cheney are traitors. If you don't like it tough.
    And why don't you criticize the RINO backstabbing of Trump.

  • John Galvin

    05/11/2021 02:42 PM

    First let me state that I have voted for Donald Trunp twice. His America first agenda suits my vision for a strong and great America. That being said, Republicans have to understand that there are some in the party that have supported the Trumo agenda, but is hugely disappointed in how he has conducted himself while in office. I can name a number of unforced errors he has made during his term, from his condemnation of Sen John McCain to any number of verbal gaffes he has made.

    The GOP needs that stop eating their own with this notion of “RINO”.... It is not anti American to disagree with President a matter of fact, diverse thought is the foundation of our Republic.... Barbequing Liz Cheney will cause further erosion and churn inside the GOP. There are those who do not approve of her op ed hit piece, but I don’t disagree with her calling the President out for his abhorrent (at times) behavior. He is, at times, his own worst enemy... If he tries to move forward with a 2024 bid without addressing his personal faults, then he might as well save himself the time and effort.

  • Jj

    05/11/2021 11:09 AM

    This doesn't add up about the mask wearing matter. Thru out the year cases of the china virus was reported by the thousands and thousands people are getting the vaccines by the millions and millions millions of people are not affected by the china virus millions and millions have immunity against the china virus how many people do we have left worry about. Biden is allowing more china virus into the country like the CCP did with the 1st spread is this what the masks wearing is all about biden trying to infect the population again with more diseases other than the China Virus????????

  • Trudie Benham

    05/10/2021 10:25 PM

    You say that your not for having gatherings without masks. My Bible tells me no weapon formed against me will prosper& also we are healed by the strips Jesus took for us. And the 91st Psalm says that no perilous pestilence or plague shall come near your dwelling. So would you explain why we should have a mask on when in Church praiseing our Lord the one who took our stripes for all our sickness.

  • Bruce W Bjorkman

    05/10/2021 09:33 PM

    We who claim Jesus as our Savior need to be praying mightily for the church and Christian pastors and leaders. The persecution in America will get worse. We all need to STAND FIRM in the WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD! Fast and Pray weekly! Thank you for your continued ministry (TV Show). Keep up the good fight of faith Gov. STAND FIRM IN JESUS because you are a target of the darkness and commie liberals.

  • Sid Levin

    05/10/2021 09:32 PM

    The Leftists/Liberals/Democrats have gone absolutely crazy! They have decided to change common words and expressions that we have used for a couple of hundred years with the doublespeak of mental asylum LUNATICS! Almost as bad as the mentally deficient magazine editor who stated that babies need to be asked permission to change their diapers!

  • Janis Hook

    05/10/2021 05:33 PM

    How long will it take for the real US Citizens to realize they have been sold out to China? Biden and son have been compromised! We are doomed! The United States Of America is going to be owned by China very soon! So sad and sorry to say but if anyone with a brain listens to the media and watches fake Biden in his speeches, etc! He is nothing but a puppet and a pawn for China! God please help our great Country!! Land of the Free!

  • Stephen Russell

    05/10/2021 05:14 PM

    Pipeline hack Outcomes:
    o Speed up Infrastructure
    o refocus Infrastructure
    o modernize
    o Update
    Or lose

  • Jerry

    05/10/2021 04:54 PM

    I am stunned that a Black person was able to get a voter ID I thought I was the only guy that knew Black people that could help me figure out a problem with the help of a Black person, do I really think this could be? Fake news: Black people can understand they can get Voter ID cards? Maybe they are capable of that feat. After all Dr. Ben Carson became a Brain surgeon and was it last year I saw a Black Quarterback operating a NFL game? Did someone paint a Senator from South Carolina named Tim Scott Black who painted him? Oh I get it the Gov. from Virginia is playing Holloween again. I have never seen so much shitff stacked so high and wide then what this MSM and biden run administration is running today if every Black person doesn't demand a voter ID and vote then just stay home I will decide how your life will be lived.

  • Sue VonderOhe

    05/10/2021 03:48 PM

    Mike, there’s gonna be problems more if the Republicans in DC are hung up on Liz Cheney saying what she did about Trump. She was 100% in on his policies and that’s what counts. She’s in titled to her opinion and expressed it. The Republicans in DC are beginning to act like the Democrats w/everyone must think, act alike. We have an election in 2022, 2024 that is more important than haggling in the party leadership positions. Honestly, the kids in DC are all in the playpen too long. They need to come live where the constituents do and listen to us. This circus of crazy is getting more shows and will destroy all of America in the process. Come on, there’s bigger fish to fry.

  • Paul Kern

    05/10/2021 03:35 PM

    Now the left and RINOs are effectively destroying America's history and it's important days like Mother's day and going after others I agree with one person who said we are effectively a Marxist nation. Now attacking the Red states
    America has effectively eliminated the covenant the Pilgrims and later the Puritans made with God. Selling most of our farmland and other sites to Gates and the CCP.
    Will we wake up when it is too late?
    Majority of the churches here in the Pacific Northwest have crawled into their " safe" spaces.
    Just like the German church did and surrendered to Hitler. Now real Christians and Jews are the evil ones standing against the Great Restart!

  • Shirley Krampen

    05/10/2021 03:11 PM

    With regard to, "The Colonial pipeline hack," WE did NOT replace that President with Joe Biden!! Just sayin'.

  • Kimberly Yochum

    05/10/2021 03:03 PM

    Dear Mike, while I appreciate your info on politics, I do not understand why you continue to push an EXPERIMENTAL shot (.0002 chance of dying, not a real vaccine). for a regular virus that was politicized snd used to scare people. Same with masks... they do not work. I never wear one... did not die over it. Please stop! Real vaccines are a choice and wearing a mask when fresh air is better for you makes no sense... it is a fear tactic! Do you or your team not read any info on the covid shot except Fauci's propaganda? Like read Dr. Tenpenny,, Dr. Gold and the rest? There are cures and theraputics 60 years old and not harmful. Who knows what will happen to those who get the c-shot. I told friends... when your eyes bug out and your arms fall off do not tell me! Why would you take something experimental?!?!?


    05/10/2021 02:37 PM

    I feel bad for Liz, speaking her mind isn't IN today. As far a JOE goes I think of this he fiddled while ROME burned. Love your shows and mail

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/10/2021 02:36 PM

    I think one of the reasons Liz Cheney is upset at Trump is because he and other Republicans were and are intending to start hearing about the Iraq War which we now know her dad and Bush got us into causing the death of thousands of US troops and causing us to be responsible for about a million Iraqi civilian deaths and which we now know based on lies .

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/10/2021 02:35 PM

    I think one of the reasons Liz Cheney is upset at Trump is because he and other Republicans were and are intending to start hearing about the Iraq War which we now know her dad and Bush got us into causing the death of thousands of US troops and causing us irresponsible for about a million Iraqi civilian deaths and which we now know based on lies .

  • Pat J Green

    05/10/2021 02:08 PM

    I am not nor have I ever been a Cheney fan. But t I do believe that a rep. or a sentior should not vote the way there party decide you but the way the folks back home want, and I just feel that both parties are wrong when they act like this when a rep. goes against party line.

  • Cheryl Hasson

    05/10/2021 02:07 PM

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your daily newsletters. By choice, I do no have cable or antenna, so I cannot get any news on my tv. Your newsletters give me the information I need & the ability to search farther with the links included. However, I was dismayed to read today that you were not defending holding indoor gatherings without masks. Why not? There is sufficient science to prove the masks have little to no value. People seemed to have lost the ability to use common sense (washing hands, sneezing or coughing into your elbow or staying home when sick), so we have convinced them the answer is in a useless mask. It is very troubling to pass people driving by themselves in their car and wearing a mask. It makes no sense!! Also, it would appear you have embraced the idea of being vaccinated. That is your right. However, I am concerned that the long term effects of the vaccine are unknown and we may have millions of people with problems that crop up down the road. Over the years, drugs and vaccines have been subject to years of testing before being put on the market. Why are you, and so many others, convinced that six months of testing is good enough? Yes, I know there are many who have died and many who are dealing with severe effects of the virus. But that number is relatively small compared to the number who have not been infected or been infected and survived. I have read and listened to a number of physicians who are part of the America's Frontline Doctors and they are convinced the vaccine will prove to be more harmful than good. The one hope I have is that many unvaccinated Christians are praying that those who have been vaccinated will not be harmed. Only time will tell. Thank you for reading my comment.

  • Lois Folla

    05/10/2021 01:54 PM

    Thanks always for mixing humor with bad and sad news! You really take some of the sting out of it... God Bless you!

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/10/2021 01:53 PM

    Thank you

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/10/2021 01:25 PM

    I DO support gatherings without these stupid masks that more and more doctors and scientists are saying do more harm than good.
    And that was an excuse anyway... the goal is to intimidate and bully the church in Canada.

    And nuts to the traitor trash bushes and cheneys...and if not stefanik there are many others. How about a Trump family member?

  • Sherryl Rayner

    05/10/2021 12:39 PM

    What happen to the article you posted on Facebook in regards to the Arizona recount of the 2020 election? I read it & then it was gone never to be seen. You must have been threatened by Facebook. I couldn’t even find it searching on Google. So disappointed.

  • Opaobie

    05/10/2021 12:04 PM

    Please do some research on masks. They do NOT prevent the spread of any known virus including Coronavirus, but they DO cause a number of health issues. Those include mild hypoxia by blocking the inflow of oxygen, facial infections due to trapping toxins on the face, and upper respiratory diseases by forcing the rebreathing of expelled toxins.