December 4, 2017

New Washington scandal: someone in a position of high responsibility was discovered to have been secretly engaging in partisan activities, then was relieved of his duties and a high-level cover-up ensued to hide the real reason why.  I can already hear the cries from the media:  “Collusion! Treason!!  Impeach!!!”

Oh, wait: you say this was a high-level member of Robert Mueller’s team investigating the Trump Administration, and the FBI tried to cover up the fact that he was removed for exchanging anti-Trump e-mails with another FBI agent when he was supposed to be conducting a fair, unbiased probe?  And this was the same person who led the Hillary Clinton email probe, which exonerated her before even questioning her?  Well, in that case, nothing to see here.  Considering how many former Hillary donors and Clinton Foundation trough-guzzlers Mueller has hired, and how many damaging and illegal leaks to the press they’ve made, I’m surprised they don’t all have to wear long sleeves to cover up their “Impeach Trump” tattoos.   


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  • Dan Johnson

    12/04/2017 09:01 PM

    This waste of $5 million should come out of mullets pocket. This is nothing more than “let’s get even” for Comet ??. I want congress to stop this monetary waste of our tax dollars.

  • Amelia Little

    12/04/2017 02:54 PM

    I'm sure the story will hit the msm some day---it just might take a bit of time for the left to come up with how to spin this as all Trump's fault--which, of course, in their eyes would be a treasonist act which would lead to impeachment.