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March 13, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy authorized the release of 40,000 hours of surveillance video from hundreds of cameras at the nation’s Capitol from January 6 of 2021.  The tapes were initially shared with producers from the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News who after a few weeks of sifting through what was many hours of empty hallways and facilities, put together a very revealing compilation of previously unseen footage.  To say the reaction was explosive is an understatement.

Predictably, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democrat California Congressman, camera hog and all-around professional liar Adam Schiff predicted that simply viewing the actual events from that day would somehow mark the end of civilization as we know it.  How anyone takes these people seriously is beyond me.  A few Republicans did what they usually do and cozied up to the Democrat narrative that the Jan 6 riot was worse than Pearl Harbor, 9-11, or the Civil War.  I’m of course talking about Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, and Thom Tillis mostly.  And utterly discredited and soundly defeated Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi-approved former Republican Adam Kinzinger also tore their garments to protest that anyone other than the Kangaroo Kourt jesters sitting on the politically charged Jan 6 panel might be able to see for themselves the full story.  So here’s some things we learned:

There were some really bad things done on Jan 6 of 2021.  As I’ve said from the day it happened, those who broke through police barricades, broke windows or doors, assaulted a police officer either physically or verbally, or who vandalized facilities should be criminally charged.  There is no excuse for such action, no matter how angry or frustrated one may be with the system. 

But we also learned that what America saw from the Congressional clown car pretending to be hearings were a tightly produced and falsified record that included the addition of audio sounds of a crowd that didn’t exist on the original tapes since no audio was recorded.  We learned that the tapes were manipulated by the Adam Schiff/Liz Cheney/Nancy Pelosi club to pretend that Senator Josh Hawley was the only Senator hauling his backside out of the Senate Chamber, when in fact the full video revealed that Capitol Police were leading a whole host of Senators out of the Chamber in mass and that Hawley was the last to leave, not the first, and was simply following instructions of the security forces. 

We learned that officer Brian Sicknick, who the committee continued to claim was murdered by rioters in fact was walking about the Capitol quite some time after the Jan 6 claimed he had been killed.  Turns out that according to the medical examiner, he didn’t die that day at all.  He died from a stroke the day after and after a thorough examination by the medical examiner, it was determined that his stroke was not the result of any injuries from January 6 and that despite repeated media lies, he was NOT struck in the head by a fire extinguisher. 

We learned that the mysterious Ray Epps, who is seen urging people to “Go INTO the Capitol” and giving instructions to a number of people about breeching the Capitol lied to the Jan 6 committee by claiming that he had gone back to his hotel room shortly after texting a relative that he had orchestrated the assault on the Capitol.  He was in fact caught on the video still very much at the Capitol long after he claimed he left.  We still don’t know if he was there on his own or was in fact a government informer.  But unlike many others who have all but rotted in a DC jail since the riot, he was never so much as charged with a misdemeanor despite his clear urging for others to enter the Capitol.

There is much yet to uncover about that day, but here are some things we for sure know:

1.  The media repeatedly lied when it said 5 police officers were killed by rioters that day.  No police officer was killed at the Capitol.  There were 4 deaths at the Capitol that day.  All Trump supporters.  2 died of heart attacks.  One from an accidental overdose.  And unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit was shot and killed BY a Capitol Police officer who was never even reprimanded for the shooting.

2.  The Jan 6 committee didn’t show video of the event as they happened.  They hired a former ABC producer to create videos that were carefully and selectively edited and in which sound effects were added for dramatic effect.  It wasn’t an investigation.  It was a slick TV show.

3.  There were absolutely bad actors that day who did criminal things and should be held accountable.  But hundreds of others were charged with various crimes who didn’t even go inside the building like Brandon Straka who has been on our show.  For most, the charges were ultimately dropped or reduced to misdemeanors, but not before ruining many lives.

4.  Nancy Pelosi was repeatedly urged to put extra security in place that day, but for some reason did not.  She has never been asked under oath why not.

Instead of the press demanding that the 40,000 hours of video be released, the main-stream media joined the chorus of corrupt Democrats urging it be covered up.  When the press wants to turn the lights off instead of on, they ARE the enemy of the people. 

Truth won’t hurt us, but the lies will.  Let the truth out and let the chips fall.  Keep the truth hidden, and the nation falls.

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