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May 4, 2023

I told you that Target stores that remain in San Francisco have started locking up their entire inventories in bulletproof glass cabinets due to constant theft that the “authorities” do nothing about. Now, add Whole Foods and Nordstrom to the growing list of businesses that have announced they’re closing up and getting out. They no longer make a profit selling products to consumers, they’ve just become direct suppliers to brazen shoplifting rings.

Elon Musk is still in San Francisco because Twitter HQ is there, but I imagine he must be thinking of moving it to Texas, the way he has his other businesses. Musk tweeted that so many stores are shuttered in downtown San Francisco, it feels “post-apocalyptic.”

Of course, this is not a problem just in San Francisco. Wherever there’s a city controlled 100% by far-left Democrats who think enforcing laws is racist, there is rampant crime driving out businesses and law-abiding citizens. Their policies are like a political neutron bomb. But it’s a particular shame for San Francisco, once one of America’s most beautiful and successful cities, but now plagued by crime, homelessness, drugs and filth for no reason at all other than its residents’ addiction to pulling the “D” lever at the polls.

Greg Gutfeld focused on this on his Fox News show this week:

Guest Kayleigh McEnany pointed out that maybe voters are finally starting to figure out the problem (or they’re literally getting some sense knocked into their heads) because in a city with 86% Democrat registration, they voted to recall criminal-coddling DA Chesa Boudin by 60% (she noted that recall elections normally have a 0.3% chance of succeeding.) There have also been some encouraging signs in recent school board elections.

But it’s going to take more than just throwing out one crazy, destructive leftist. In San Francisco, that’s like thinking that getting rid of one bed bug will solve your infestation problem. I worry that it will never improve because at the rate people are fleeing, the only voters left will be diehard Democrats and criminals.


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