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May 15, 2023

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  • LaDonna Ryan

    05/16/2023 09:11 AM

    DeSantis is a great fighter against this make up woke mob but it isn't his turn yet. Trump deserves to go back to the WH for sure and he will fix this mess. Just the left scared of Trump is a big sign that Trump wheels power against them and the fear isn't in just our country. And if your voting on campaign feelings and not what they can do for this country that is wrong. What is said during campaigning at each other or to one another is just part of campaigning since the beginning of time. ??

  • Ann Bennett

    05/15/2023 01:13 PM

    I do not like it when President Trump attacks Ron DeSantis, and it makes me less likely to vote for him.
    President. Trump is not the reason Republicans continue to lose. The reason is our incompetent Republican party who won’t advertise about issues that matter and spend time attacking Democrat policies. There is no excuse for any Democrat having one in 2022 other than incompetent republican party leader ship.
    If the evidence in the movie 2000 mules or mike Lindel’s election fraud video had been made in 2016 on behalf of Hillary Clinton President Trump would’ve been removed from office immediately and all American citizens with no most every line of those videos with our main stream media trumpeting it all day long. The national Republican leader ship has no guts to stand up for America on issues that will save our country. Until someone in leader ship, get some guts to stand up for America we will continue to lose elections and our country.