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February 14, 2023



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Prayers for the victims

Monday, there was a mass shooting in the student union of Michigan State University in East Lansing. All the victims were students, and at this writing, three are dead and five are in critical condition. I hope you will pray for them, and for all their family members.

The 43-year-old black male shooting suspect was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot. He has no known connection to MSU. Police identified him, but in keeping with our long tradition of not giving fame to people for murder, I will not repeat his name. You’ll find it along with continuous updates at this Fox News feed.

It was predictable but sad to see that many people are already rushing to politicize the shootings before we even know the motive. This is not a time for that, so I won’t try to refute them all. I will just say that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s claim that mass shootings are a “uniquely American problem” is simply factually untrue.

CPI rises

The Labor Department reported Monday that the Consumer Price Index rose 6.4% on an annual basis in January.

That’s higher than expected inflation, but it probably sounds like a pretty lowball estimate to anyone who does any grocery shopping. I only wish food prices were just 6.4% higher than a year ago. For some items, prices seem to rise that much between visits.

While that’s down from the four-decade high inflation of 9.1% we saw in June, it’s still three times the Fed's target inflation rate (you know, the 2% inflation we had under that awful President Trump), so don’t expect the Fed to cut interest rates anytime soon. More details at the link.

We missed!

Still no further updates on the various mysterious things that have been shot out of the sky recently. The government claims it’s taking longer than expected to recover the debris, which is the type of excuse that made Roswell, New Mexico, a tourist attraction. But there is one piece of news: it seems that the first shot taken at the object floating over Lake Huron missed.

Not exactly the scenario we saw in “Top Gun: Maverick.” Our F-16 fired a Raytheon Sidewinder AIM-9x heat-seeking missile at a floating object and missed. Those missiles cost taxpayers over $439,000 apiece, so either the object was really good at ducking or that was one expensive oopsie. It’s not clear where the missile went, which is also a concern.

Either way, whether we’re being probed by China or the Klingons, the message we’re sending when our airspace is violated is not exactly one of either resolve or competence.

For those filling out their racing forms

Nikki Haley has made it official, she’s running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Déjà Vu

What is going on in Washington, DC, that the people entrusted with preserving the documents that guarantee our rights have no concept of what those rights are?

Just a few weeks ago, guards at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum ordered a group of Catholic school students to remove their pro-life caps or leave. They were told it was a “neutral zone” where visitors weren’t allowed to express personal political views (although I can’t imagine them threatening anyone wearing a BLM cap.) After it went public, Museum officials apologized and blamed it on poorly-trained guards, but they’re still facing a First Amendment lawsuit by the American Center for Law & Justice.

And now, it’s déjà vu all over again!

This time, the National Archives have apologized after being sued by the ACLJ for ordering four unrelated visitors who were in DC for the March For Life to remove their pro-life T-shirts or other attire or else leave. To make it even more outrageous, they were visiting the chamber where the original copy of the Bill of Rights was on display!

Apparently, judging from both this and the way they treat certain former Presidents, National Archives officials display the Bill of Rights but have never gotten around to reading it.

Once again, they blamed it on employee error and said, “We have reminded all of our security officers at our facilities across the country of the rights of visitors in this regard.”

Good, but my question is why do these DC guards all seem to have the same mistaken belief that only conservative or pro-life beliefs are forbidden in public places? That sounds like the kind of widespread attitude that can only occur when it’s allowed to seep down from on high. Maybe everyone there needs to be forced into some mandatory “diversity training,” and not the usual propaganda but the kind where they’re told that in America, we protect free speech and diversity of thought.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To get you in the proper mood, here’s a song from my friend and writer/researcher Laura Ainsworth’s new album, “You Asked For It,” which is filled with great new renditions of romantic standards like this Rodgers and Hart classic, “Isn’t It Romantic.” Yes, it really is…

If you’d like to add some old fashioned romance to your Valentine’s Day and help support her side career as an award-winning retro jazz vocalist, you can find all her albums here: 



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  • William Chamlee

    02/14/2023 08:59 PM

    Why do we use a $439,000 missile to shoot down this stuff? When a 50 caliber would take it down. And I still say we could bring it down where we want it to go down. Maybe get a high school kid to write a compute program to do it.

  • Geraldine Slaght

    02/14/2023 03:17 PM

    Thank you for giving me the facts, and i think Sarah is great. i think PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD CHOSE HER TO RUN WITH HIM AS V.P.

  • Terry D Palfreyman

    02/14/2023 03:09 PM

    Democrats, under the guise of the KKK, were big into mass killings! Maybe the good governor of Michigan needs to read a little bit of actual history!

  • Anne Turner

    02/14/2023 03:01 PM

    Dream ballot: DeSantis, Haley in 24, 28. Haley, Sanders 32, 36. Sanders, ? 42. I would say DeSantis, Sanders for 24 but .Sarah could profit from being Governor for two terms. I’ll bet Sarah and Haley

    Now that so many negatives are coming out, I find my lib friends just don’t want to talk about politics anymore. Hmm, wonder what that’s all about? I’ll bet Sarah and Nikki can define a “ woman” . Both are smart, pretty, feminine and tough as nails

  • Jerry

    02/14/2023 02:43 PM

    The SB National Anthem was so very fantastic to see such huge and powerful men with a bit of a tear only tells me these are the real men of our generation not many men in the greatest generation would allow a tear in public they also know a tearful rendition of the national anthem only because they knew the cost of keeping America free of nazi and communism and imperial rule the viet nam conflict also had horrific results along with all of our conflicts when I stood for our anthem during my sports officiating dutie I had shook from within sometimes getting weak at the knees alway made me feel to do the best I could for the kids

  • Jerry

    02/14/2023 02:06 PM

    When Trump was President i loved the grocery Market I would us the big cart and fill it up today I use the little cart and only put the sale item in usually about 4 items because they put a limit on the sale priced items. Today Biden is oping for Russian style Grocery store with bare shelves and prices so high regular people couldn't purchase the dems in this country are without shame for the conditions the dems put them in a place called misery to begin with the Dem wants everyone to be miserable. The democrat way