Trump Derangement Syndrome Exhibit 1004

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August 27, 2019 |

I try not to cover every ridiculous statement made about the President by people suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome for the same reasons I don’t cover every Joe Biden gaffe and every dumb quote from AOC: I have limited time and space, and at some point, it just starts to seem mean to point it out.  

But this one was so beyond the pale, I have to take note of it, particularly because CNN not only allowed it to go out over the air but host Brian Stelter did nothing to correct it.  And bear in mind, this show is called “Reliable Sources,” so even the title of the show was a lie:

This guest claimed that Trump may be responsible for “many more million deaths” than Hitler, Mao and Stalin.  Really?  Would you like to show us the bodies?  Because I’d think that would be pretty noticeable, considering Hitler was responsible for the deaths of about 20 million people, Mao for 20-45 million, and while estimates of Stalin’s death toll vary, it’s well up in the millions.

Considering that Trump once called off a planned attack on Iran because he was told it might kill 150 people and he thought that wasn't proportionate to Iran downing a US drone, I think he has a way to go before he rivals Hitler, Mao and Stalin in the mass-murdering department. 

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  • Phillip Hotchkiss

    08/27/2019 06:36 PM

    I would guess Uncle Joe's total topped them both.

  • Robert Wrucke

    08/27/2019 05:24 PM

    I've come to the place, when I hear this JUNK, to just say " OH MY" and let it go! There is just too much of it anymore to waste my time giving it any more thought than that.

  • Pearlene Dyar

    08/27/2019 04:25 PM

    I am fed up with the news people and democrats. President Trump has done nothing wrong if trying to make our life better.Democrats didnot want us to find out what their game plan was and thats to sell us to terroist. steal our money care more about illegals. they have done nothing for the American people. I am proud to say Donald J. Trump is my President best in 30 yrs or more