March 17, 2021

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, speaking Monday to Joy Reid on MSNBC, said this: “The principal sponsor of this recall effort wants to put microchips in ‘immigrant aliens.’ We have folks that are literally part of the ‘Three Percent’ militia group, right-wing group, that are part of the principal proponents of this effort...the RNC is the second largest donor to this effort; the HUCKPAC, Mike Huckabee; Newt Gingrich is out there; Devin Nunes; Trump mega-donors have put in close to $3 million in this effort.”

All right, with the gauntlet thrown down, and me and my PAC mentioned specifically, let’s talk about the recall effort against Gov. Newsom.

First, the governor is trying to deflect criticism of his abysmal performance in office by pointing fingers at those who support his recall. Let me just say, if I’m in the company of Newt Gingrich, Devin Nunes and Trump donors who are working to get Gov. Newsom recalled, I’m honored to be a part of that. By lumping in right-wing militia groups, Newsom is trying to make it look as though all his opponents are racists.

And that’s the left’s strategy: No matter how bad things get under their leadership, you have to suck it up and take it, because those racists on the evil right want to “put y’all back in chains,” to quote then-Sen. Joe Biden. This is dishonest, unconscionable race-baiting.

Would you like to know why I’m involved in this effort? One big reason is that a message needs to be sent to arrogant governors who think it’s unsafe in these times to go to church but fine to go to a strip club, and to a governor who orders the public to avoid dining out and to wear a mask but who dines out without a mask.

I take it as a badge of honor to be disliked by a governor who’s so bad, he almost makes Andrew Cuomo look competent. (Wait, I said “almost.”) At last count, the Newsom recall campaign, which needed 1.5 million signatures, had surpassed 2 million. If there are that many white supremacists and racist militia members in California, it makes you wonder why he’d want to be governor of a state like that.

Of course, most of the people who want him gone have nothing to do with racist militia groups. In fact, if we’re going to talk about racism, Californians might want to look at HIS racism, as he also told Reid that he would be choosing an African-American woman to succeed Sen. Dianne Feinstein should she retire. “We have multiple names in mind, and the answer is yes,” he told Reid when asked.

Reportedly in the mix are California Reps. Barbara Lee and Karen Bass, and San Francisco mayor London Breed --- all black, female and far-left.

Newsom later clarified his statement on THE VIEW with host Sunny Hostin --- not in terms of whether he’ll choose an African-American woman (he will) but whether Feinstein would necessarily be resigning. She’s 87, and her term isn’t up until January 2025.

"...I have no expectation that she’ll be stepping aside,” he said. “Quite the contrary. I talk with her quite often. She is as lucid and focused, as committed to the cause of fighting not only for our state as...senior senator in California, but this nation, in her senior status, as someone who has been in the Senate, with great respect across the aisle, as long or longer than most.”

Yes –- in fact, longer than ALL. And I'd say she’s every bit as lucid and focused as the current President of the United States. At the very least.

Anyway, Hostin told Gov. Newsom that many black women “felt slighted” that he had appointed Alex Padilla to fill Kamala Harris’ old Senate seat; Padilla is Latino. Good grief.

Newsom had to defend his choice, saying Padilla will be the first Latino to serve as a U.S. senator from California. “Given the privilege,” he said, “the opportunity to make another, you have my firm commitment that will be truly representative and will make up for that.” In other words, don’t 'recall' me, and I’ll appoint a black woman. Because that’s the most important thing.

Joy Behar asked Newsom about organizers’ claims that over one-third of the signatures are from “Democrats, independents and unaffiliated voters mad that your pandemic policies [are] shutting businesses and schools.” He had a very different take, and I’ll bet you already know what it is. The people backing this are RACIST.“The number one grievance,” he told Reid, “was the browning of California, immigration.”

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night interviewed Anne Dunsmore, campaign manager for the group Rescue California, and she pointed out that according to a recent poll, 58 percent of Californians want to see Newsom recalled. (Wow, that’s a lot of white supremacist militia members.) Also, she said, 50 percent of their signatories are women, and Newsom is apparently dismissing them. Maybe he just assumes they’re white women.

"He’s managing to alienate pretty much everybody,” she said, “because there isn’t anyone who hasn’t had to deal with the ramifications of his lack of leadership and poor decision-making, except for maybe him."

As this story in CNN points out, in order to fight off a recall, Newsom needs the Democrat base, the “biggest pillar” of which is African-American voters. So that’s what this is really about.

In a hilarious turn of events, just a few weeks ago, 91 percent of teachers voted against Newsom's back-to-school plan, saying it propagated structural racism. How can that be, when he’s the one pointing fingers at everyone who opposes him, calling them racist? Everybody's calling everybody racist.

Aimee Allison, founder of “She The People,” which strives to elect more “women of color," told the HUFFINGTON POST that “regardless of whether Feinstein steps down,” Newsom’s comment “signals a shift in our political landscape. Women of color are the future of the Democratic leadership and no matter what the old guard thinks, we aren’t going anywhere, either.”

The original question was supposed to be, do the voters of California think Gavin Newsom is doing an acceptable job as governor or not? If voters think the quality of life in California will be improved by basing their choice of leaders on race, they are doomed to disappointment and failure. They need to look beyond skin color and consider the leadership qualities, experience and abilities of all.

And that means Gov. Newsom’s promise to choose a “woman of color” (translation: non-white) to fill Feinstein’s seat should not in the least help him avoid a recall. Just the opposite, as such a promise is itself racist and sexist on its face, discriminating as it does against white women and also against all men. (Note: President Biden has done this as well.) "Anti-racism" is racist, against white people, and if we’re going to call out racism, it has to be consistently done.

For this reason, in addition to all the examples of Gov. Newsom's abominable performance, I’m proud to be helping Californians remove him from office.

IF you feel so moved to support Huck PAC's candidates, our effort in California and elsewhere, you can make a donation here:

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