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July 30, 2022



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Assault weapons ban passes in the House

Friday, House Democrats reversed their plan to wait until next month to try to push through another ban on so-called “assault weapons” and passed it by the narrowest of margins, with two Republicans voting yes and five Democrats opposing it. Hopefully, it will die in the Senate because it’s unconstitutional, unenforceable, and wouldn’t do any good.

We had a ban on such weapons in the ‘90s and it was allowed to expire because it didn’t make any difference in crime stats for a number of reasons, among them that most criminals don’t use rifles; the weapons they do use are illegal, black market guns; and there isn’t even a clear definition of what an “assault weapon” is. Yes, President Biden claims the assault weapons ban worked, but that’s just because, like most things he remembers, it didn’t really happen that way.

I would go into more detail, but with any luck, this will be the end of it; and the Dems knew that, so the only reason they rushed to pass it in the House was to shore up their base for reelection (“See, we did something!”)  But if you’d like to read more about this, I highly recommend this from Cam Edwards at the Bearing Arms blog.

He reports all the behind-the-scenes machinations and traces the contradictory claims about what the ban would actually mean (would it confiscate AR-15s from current owners or just ban future sales?) Unlike the people trying to regulate/confiscate guns, Cam actually knows something about them.

And check out this from Bonchie at, who points out how the Dems kept beating their dead horse of a talking point by repeatedly calling guns owned and used legally by millions of American civilians “weapons of war.”

He also makes the great points that all guns used in wars, from pistols to single-shot muskets, are “weapons of war;” and that since the Second Amendment was created to ensure Americans had the ability to resist any future tyrannical government, claiming that something is a “weapon of war” should actually be seen as an admission that it’s protected by the Second Amendment.


Brilliant move of the year

When Texas Gov. Greg Abbott began busing illegal migrants to Washington, DC, to give the people who created the problem a taste of dealing with it, he was attacked, mocked and accused of wasting money on a silly political stunt. Then Arizona joined in. And now, it’s shaping up to be the most brilliant move of the year.

Texas and Arizona have forced oblivious Northeastern liberals like DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and New York Mayor Eric Adams to admit that the huge influx of illegal immigrants under Biden is overwhelming social services and busting their budgets.  Now, after experiencing just a tiny fraction of the problems Biden unleashed onto the border states, Bowser is demanding federal aid and to call out the National Guard (imagine if Trump had said that; what a xenophobic racist they would call him!) Biden is even quietly finishing building the border wall in Arizona!

So congratulations to the Governors of Texas and Arizona for successfully employing one of the left’s own “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky against them: #4 "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."

And now that the world is finally noticing what a massive problem Biden caused on the border, the White House is desperately trying to spin it by claiming that his Administration flying plane loads of illegal immigrants to New York is totally different from Texas and Arizona busing them to DC, because…uh…they’re just better people or something.



Court Win & Loss For Religious Liberty

Religious liberty suffered both a big win and at least a temporary loss this week. The good news first: the first settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit by health care workers fired for refusing to take the COVID vaccine over their religious objections. Chicago-based NorthShore University HealthSystem agreed to pay more than 500 current and former workers over $10.3 million for infringing on their religious freedom rights. Fired workers who wish to return will be reinstated with no loss of seniority. Those who took the shot against their objections in order to keep their jobs will receive $3,000 each. And the company will change its policies to accommodate religious objections.

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel, which represented the fired workers, said this “should be a wake-up call to every employer that did not accommodate or exempt employees who opposed the COVID shots for religious reasons. Let this case be a warning to employers that violated Title VII” of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin.

Now, the bad news. The Michigan Supreme Court ruled once again, by 5-2, that the invented right of protected status by sexual orientation trumps the clearly enumerated First Amendment right of freedom from government interference in religious beliefs.

Mike Miller at goes into the history of this sort of case, one I’ve been chronicling since the beginning, of how we went from “Why would Christians object to same-sex weddings if they never participate in them?” to “Participate in same-sex weddings or we’ll fine, bully and sue you into bankruptcy!” When the SCOTUS “found” the right to same sex marriage in the Constitution, apparently hiding behind the same comma where they found the right to abortion, there was discussion at the time of how this could clash with religious freedom rights.

It should have been clarified at the get-go that the First Amendment is supreme and takes precedence, but the Court didn’t do that. Now, how many Christian business owners have paid a heavy price for the Court's failure to do its job?

Don’t let it take 50 years to get it right, as it did with Roe v. Wade. The SCOTUS needs to end these harassment lawsuits once and for all, and the appeal of this Michigan suit would be a perfect opportunity to do that.


Pelosi in Asia

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has left for her Asia trip, but the controversy over whether she will visit Taiwan is still red hot. China doesn’t want any hints that the US recognizes Taiwan as an independent nation (which it is.) In a phone call with President Biden, China’s President Xi Jinping reportedly warned him that “those who play with fire will get burned by it.”

(Incidentally, can anyone imagine him trying to pull that threat on Trump? Trump would probably tell him that the Chinese invented fireworks, and the person playing with fire is you.)

China knows that we have a weak, compromised President, and they’re taking full advantage of it, even using their propaganda media to trumpet how Xi is pushing around the US and accusing Biden of lying about the phone call. Which admittedly puts us in a tricky position of trying to decide whether to believe China’s or Biden’s version of events.

One thing that's beyond question is that an editor of the Global Times, a Chinese government mouthpiece media organ, threatened on Twitter that if Pelosi’s plane is escorted by US fighter jets, and they are blocked and refuse to turn away, they may be shot down. That actually sparked rare bipartisan outrage, with even Republicans who loathe Pelosi saying that if China dares to attack a plane carrying our House Speaker, hell should be unleashed on them.

One hopes that for all their bluster, the Chinese government privately realizes how stupid it would be to start World War II over an innocuous state visit. But author and China expert Gordon Chang warns that it would be a mistake not to take their bluster seriously.

PS – Note that Chinese communists who threaten to shoot down US jets and kill our House Speaker have a Twitter account, but President Trump and the Babylon Bee are still blocked.


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Golden State no more

Fifty years ago, California was the Golden State that everyone wanted to move to. Even Jed Clampett’s kinfolk said he should move to Beverly (Hills, that is.) But now, it’s officially the state that everyone is fleeing because even Bugtussle is better than living in Oakland, San Francisco or L.A. these days.

The weather, the terrain, the sunshine, the oceans, they’re all still the same. Gee, I wonder what’s the one difference between then and now that’s making people run from California?

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Comments 1-8 of 8

  • Jerry

    08/01/2022 10:27 AM

    If anyone thinks charges against biden and his crime family will come before a federal court asteroids will bomb the earth destroying it. The deep state will not allow any action of this type until they Biden no longer useful or he admits he is compromised by the CCP no action will be taken climatic change is on the agenda and getting China made dolor systems are the main priority for this administration China will not mess with our country till it can claim all its assets when that happens the planet will then be destroyed biden’s administration is the tool that the CCP will use till no longer necessary so Americans keep buying China made goods as every purchase hastens your demise

  • George W. Trever

    07/31/2022 11:06 AM

    If the UN had any spine, China's "threat" would not be a serious concern. Just look at the UN response to the Russian invasion. Rather disappointing.

  • George W. Trever

    07/31/2022 11:02 AM

    Goes to show you what incompetent representatives we have in the House. No critical thinking there; assault weapons also include knives, baseball bats, cars, etc. Any mandatory sentencing for the use of an "assault weapon"? Of course not; that would be a consequence.

  • Janice Decker

    07/31/2022 10:29 AM

    Thank you for printing the link to M.B. Mathews' article from the American Thinker. Every scoffer of Trump should read it for perspective and understanding and wisdom. He truly is what this country needs.

  • Jerry

    07/31/2022 07:08 AM

    The democrat party has elected so many anti American Americans with the hope of bringing all Americans to the level of poverty like many of our democratic run urban areas where poverty and low level education is present one finds civil unrest destitution that normal people have to resort to uncivilized behaviors I am hopeful the mid term elections are an eye opener for the better way of life it will only begin with Americans first not the CCP although the msm will continue the slaughter of the truth and many of unsuspecting voters will fall into the simple trap of promises made and never kept it is the merry go round urban and misinformed voters never seem to get off the democratic zombie mind set just can not be broken they are just set on Americans last

  • Jerry

    07/31/2022 06:31 AM

    One could fly Air Force One into China if it wanted to and nothing would happen with biden and the entire Congress could fly in for a 3 day weekend and the CCP would have Fang Fang and her organization all ready for a sex get together Fienstien Mitch, Schumer can tie up any loose ends with the CCP business partners. Wray and Myorka could get an update on the Spies the CCP is sending Our energy mastermind could calculate how much more the CCP needs of our Federal Reserve oil No harm would come to Air Force One will all the CCP needs at their disposal while our "Government officials" are on board and they all could walk around China free as a bird as long as they stay committed to needs of the CCP while our "Government officials" sell out the American citizen. Xi just looks at these miserable WH people just like we do as just pitiful people In case of ZI he probably just shakes his head and says the Americans they are dead and they just don't know it yet.

  • Paul Kern

    07/30/2022 05:51 PM

    The latest news leaves me with mixed feelings. On the one hand I grew up before our " modern Chinese dominated" society was created by racists like Joe! Now I see God bringing to light all the hidden trash that stinks. Ugh!!
    Havinget some lefties I told one he could not even write a logical letter when he texted me. I was being polite
    Now we have RINOs going full bore to ban any and all guns and rifles. They tried this in last year's NDAA. It was laughed off by a leading RINO who voted. He obviously swore his oath on Saul Alinski and Marx statues and plans to dismantle civilization. He made a pretty penny himself from the BBB program
    Here on the west coast the RNC on blast to destroy any MAGA/ America First people running for office. After California Washington and Oregon will soon become " where only the deer and the antelope" roam

  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/30/2022 02:16 PM

    Pelosi's trip to Asia is pure political pr for her ego. I only support this crap funded by hard strapped U.S Taxpayers if she stays there.