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September 7, 2023



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Mike Huckabee

Why 2024 Might be the LAST ELECTION Decided by BALLOTS

Do you know how political opponents to those in power are dealt with in 3rd World dictatorships, banana republics, and communist regimes?  Simple—the people in power use their police agencies to arrest their opponents for made up crimes in an attempt to discredit them, bankrupt them, imprison them or exile them, or all of the above.  And if you are paying attention, you may not realize that Joe Biden is usually exactly those tactics to make sure Donald Trump is not his opponent in 2024. 

This kind of thuggery at taxpayer expense is not supposed to happen in the United States.  We are supposed to be a nation of laws and not a nation of powerful people.  But the Biden administration is in full melt-down mode to hide the money-laundering, influence peddling, and outright bribery that Joe, his son Hunter, and their associates have been conducting for well over a decade that has enriched them to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. It has been exposed by numerous sources ranging from former business associates who knew first hand of the corruption as well as government whistleblowers who came forward after witnessing the so-called Justice Department, IRS, FBI, and the Attorney General himself all conspiring to hide the Biden family crimes while all the time being obsessed with charging Donald Trump with crimes that even liberal, Democrat, and Never Trumper constitutional scholars such as Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley assert are not crimes at all.  In fact they and other objective legal scholars are appalled by the attempt to smear Trump at any cost while seeing members of the Biden team feverishly try to destroy Donald Trump in the courthouse rather than at the ballot box.

If these tactics end up working to keep Trump from winning or even running in 2024, it will be the last American election that will be decided by ballots rather than bullets.  I know there are a dozen or so other Republican candidates wanting to be the GOP nominee next year, and most of them were on the stage last week to audition for the job, but if you watched what was more a game show than a substantive debate, you realized that none of them have the gravitas of Donald Trump and none could likely be as tough in staring down the enemy and moving this country forward with America First policies that will restore our energy independence, secure our borders, stop the runaway inflation that Joe Biden has inflicted upon us, and stand up forcefully and effectively to foreign enemies rather than making dirty money by taking their bribes and then not even paying taxes on it. 

YOU don’t get to make illegal money dealing with China, Russia and Ukraine and then hide that income from the government!  This is an administration that wants to hire 87,000 IRS agent to come after you, but ignore that the President and his crooked, drug addicted son are making millions off the worst and most dangerous countries on the planet and neither reporting it or paying their “fair share” of taxes on it. 

Here’s something that won’t surprise you—the media is in on it as well.  They are willing and complicit partners in crime by lying about Donald Trump and simultaneously hiding Joe Biden from any accountability for his using the office of Vice President as his personal business account and transportation company to jet him and his family members around the globe to collect checks from foreign government-tied businesses. 

We hope and pray that as the unmistakable facts continue to dribble out about the corruption, the equally corrupt media will finally grow a backbone and a brain, and that even some Democrat lawmakers will have all they can stomach of this disgusting abuse of power.

If these things didn’t affect you, maybe you could afford to keep quiet.  But it IS affecting you.  Due to the Bidenomics of high inflation and reduced wages, the average American is losing over $700 per month from what they had before Joe Biden entered the White House.  $700 a month in lost purchasing power!  That’s over $8400 per year that you’ve lost.  I’m pretty sure you could use $8400 this year that the government has taken from you in their incompetent mismanagement of the economy.  Next year, you can do something about it.  You can vote these people out and make noise about what they are doing to our country.  Or you can stay silent, sleep through it, and kiss your money and your country goodbye.  I prefer to stand up, speak up, and vote out every politician from either party who refuses to uphold the Constitution, serve the people fairly and evenly and who seek to profit from foreign dirty money!

The Miracle of Bidenomics 1!

One of the many things that President Biden inexplicably brags about is the notion that he personally reduced the deficit more than any President in history. That’s based on the fact that the deficit was jacked up to historically high levels during the pandemic to keep the economy afloat. It dropped from $2.8 trillion in 2021 to less than $1 trillion in 2022 because the pandemic relief spending ended, not because of anything Biden did. A more reasonable comparison would be to compare today’s deficits to those before the pandemic (Hint: a trillion-dollar deficit used to be considered heart-attack inducing, not a sign of fiscal restraint.)

But now, something strange is happening. Rick Moran of PJ Media reports (by way of the Washington Post, which is behind a paywall) that despite no more emergency spending, low unemployment and the economy growing, at least a little, the deficit is once again rising. It’s expected to double between 2022 and 2023.

A Harvard economics professor says this situation is “truly stunning,” there’s “never been anything like it,” and he called it “weird” and “freakish.” So what could possibly be causing it?

If you guessed that the deficit is rising because the government is spending money at an even faster rate than it’s coming in (16% higher spending than last year with a 7% drop in revenue), congratulations! You’re smarter than a Harvard economics professor!

The Miracle of Bidenomics 2!

Defaults on car loans and credit card debt is now at a 10-year high. Expect President Biden to take credit for creating lots of jobs for repo men.

That link also includes a list of five lies the Democrats are telling about the economy. One is about the deficit falling, as mentioned above. Another is the claim that under Biden, we’re on the path to record oil and gas production. No. But a new study by a University of Chicago economist found that if Biden had just left Trump’s energy policies in place, we’d be generating about 2 million more barrels of oil a day. As for the whopper about gas prices falling, well, they are down from the record highs of $5 a gallon, but as of today, Triple A reports that the average cost of a gallon of regular gas is $3.81. When Trump left office, it was $2.49.

Headline of the Day! From

“Elon Musk Declares War on Anti-Defamation League; Announces Defamation Lawsuit.”

You might wonder why the Anti-Defamation League would be accused of defamation, so these articles should bring you up to speed. It’s no longer your parents’ ADL.

At that link, law professor William A. Jacobson, a longtime fighter against anti-Semitism and now opponent of the ADL, explains how the group “betrayed its mission” since being taken over by CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. As he describes it, the ADL is exploiting anti-Semitism the same way the SPLC exploits racism, using false accusations to promote leftist political agendas and bully people.

And this article explains why it is not anti-Semitic to sue the Anti-Defamation League for defamation...

Fake News Round-up!

The leftist site The Daily Beast was forced to publish an embarrassing editor’s note after claiming that a Real America’s Voice interview with Donald Trump was actually with an AI impostor. Not only was it really Trump, but the Daily Beast admitted that quotes about the story attributed to the owner of Real America’s Voice were removed because the person they quoted was apparently an impostor.

Mike Rowe is warning fans that a TikTok account that claims to be his and has nearly 97,000 followers is fake. Worse, they’re altering real videos of his to include email addresses that can steal your private data or credit card info.

Finally, Rolling Stone had to issue a retraction for falsely claiming that a group of neo-Nazi protesters were Ron DeSatis supporters. Ironically, their leader is actually a Biden supporter.

I now eagerly await the retraction of everything else Rolling Stone has “reported” since 1968.


By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

While we and our parrots were still mourning the death of Jimmy Buffett, news came of the loss of two other prominent musicians.

Former Smashmouth lead singer Steve Harwell died in Boise Monday at 56 of liver failure after years of struggling with alcohol abuse. He left the band in 2021, but his very recognizable voice helped turn songs like “All Star” and “Walkin’ On The Sun” into huge hits.

Also, singer/songwriter/keyboardist Gary Wright died Monday at 80 after six years of fighting Parkinson’s Disease and Lewy body dementia.

Wright is best known for his pioneering synthesizer work on his ethereal ‘70s hits “Dream Weaver” and “Love Is Alive,” but his career spanned decades. He started as a child star and worked on Broadway in the musical “Fanny” with Florence Henderson. His music career stretched from his early rock group Spooky Tooth (my favorite album title: “You Broke My Heart, So I Busted Your Jaw”) to a series of New Age and World Music albums. He also played keyboards on classic recordings by countless artists from Harry Nilsson to B.B. King, including George Harrison’s landmark album “All Things Must Pass” and Ringo Starr’s hits “Back Off Boogaloo” and “It Don’t Come Easy.”

If you listened to music during the ‘70s, there was a good chance you heard Gary Wright and didn’t even know it. He is being remembered by fellow musicians as a consummate musician, a deeply spiritual man and one of the nicest people in the industry.

If you’d like to learn more, he wrote an interesting book called “Dream Weaver, a Memoir: Music, Meditation and My Friendship With George Harrison.”

ICYMI: Feel-Good Story of the Day:

On Friday, after seven years of fighting in court for the basic First Amendment right to pray to God and also keep his job, Washington high school football coach Joe Kennedy coached his first game since winning his Supreme Court victory for freedom of religion. And in keeping his pact with God, he ended the game the way he always did: by taking a knee on the 50-yard line for 10 seconds in a silent prayer of thanks. Only this time, the stadium wasn’t silent because fans on both sides were cheering.

Report: Prosecutors intend to indict Hunter Biden

It was reported Wednesday that special counsel David Weiss plans to indict Hunter Biden by the end of this month. It’s not yet known what the charge will be, but considering all the serious potential charges that have been allowed to fall beyond the statute of limitations while Hunter has been endlessly “investigated,” speculation is that it will center on the gun he obtained by lying on a background check.

While the media will likely frame this as proof that we do have equal justice, there’s no politicization of the justice system, move along, nothing to see here, la-la-la…that’s not true at all. First of all, I suspect this will be the least possible charge they think they can get away with, just for show. I also believe it can more accurately be read as evidence of how worried the Democrats are about the public’s growing awareness of and anger over their subversion of the justice system.

As outrageous and unprecedented as it is to try to imprison a political opponent for 700 years for things that not only aren’t illegal but that your own side has done routinely, at the same time having Hunter (and Joe) Biden in the spotlight, displaying stunning corruption while facing zero consequences, is just too glaring a contrast.

I think the Dem party powers sensed that voters who care about fair treatment under the law were becoming enraged to action, so they had to do something drastic fast, like make a sacrifice to the political gods. Hunter is hardly a virgin, but he is the lowest-hanging fruit and the most obvious choice for a fall guy to protect the Big Guy. I don’t expect this indictment to amount to much (if they treated him like Trump, he’d be facing a millennium in prison), but I think they hope it will help ease the pressure.

It won’t:

And we’ll have more on this very soon, I’m sure:

Related: Wednesday, the judge in the ridiculous Georgia RICO case against Donald Trump and everyone he ever shook hands with rejected requests by co-defendants Kenneth Chesebro and attorney Sydney Powell for separate trials. On the surface, this is a loss for the Trump side, but as this article explains, it’s actually not a good omen for DA Fani Willis’ Rube Goldberg-style legal case.

Despite his ruling, the judge said he remains “very skeptical” that Willis’ plan to try all 19 defendants in one trial would work, with some requesting speedy trials and others not, and some petitioning to move their trials to federal court. Chesebro and Powell claimed their defenses would get lost in a four-month trial that included a lot of other testimony irrelevant to the particular nonsense they’re accused of.

In fact, the accusations against each of them are completely unrelated, which makes it hard to understand how they’re both part of the same alleged “criminal conspiracy.” But then, I'm not an attorney. I also don’t have a bedroom wall covered with post-it notes, newspaper clippings and colored strings, the way I assume Ms Willis does.


Related MUST-SEE:

Georgia RICO defendant Harrison Floyd – the black Marine veteran who was the only one denied bail or a public defender – gave an exclusive interview to Sample quotes:

“What transpired in Georgia and what a lot of people are arguing about, they are chasing the wrong rabbit. When the truth comes out, things are going to be a lot more clear.  Things are going to make a lot more sense, and I think people will definitely be convinced by the truth.”

“I feel like God is using me as an instrument right now to bring about change in a place that doesn't want to change. Because of that, I wouldn't change anything that I did because God put me here for a reason…I know the truth. I know what's going to happen.” He added that he guarantees the DA is going to have a “very, very hard time” proving these charges.


I tried warning Democrats...

Well, I tried and tried to warn the Democrats away from smashing legal norms and historical precedents to “get Trump.” But it couldn’t penetrate their TDS-addled minds that the lawfare they unleashed against Trump would set a precedent that would boomerang back onto them, and they have done SO many more things actually worthy of indictments.

And so it begins: Georgia’s Republican Attorney General Chris Carr announced RICO charges against 61 leftist militants who were allegedly part of the violent riots and protests to obstruct the construction of an Atlanta police training center.  This is the same statute DA Fani Willis is using to try to imprison Trump and his associates for challenging the 2020 election, only in this case, it’s about actual crimes that really do fall under the RICO statute.  More than three dozen of the accused Antifa types have already been charged with domestic terrorism (actual terrorism, not shaking a fence), and three are accused of money laundering to fund their interstate network of radical violence.

Hilariously, a group supporting the rioters issued a statement accusing Carr of trying to advance his political fortunes by violating the defendants’ right to free speech, and declaring that this will not silence their commitment to standing up for what they believe. Funny, that would make a good opening statement for the Trump trial. Except, again, in his case, it would actually apply, since he and his followers were just challenging what they thought was a rigged election, not shooting cops, assaulting people and setting things on fire.  

Oh, and as long as Georgia is now launching multiple indictments against prominent politicians over any infraction, I have one for them…



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  • Sidney Patin

    10/19/2023 01:11 PM

    You said: "I prefer to stand up, speak up, and vote out every politician from either party who refuses to uphold the Constitution, serve the people fairly and evenly and who seek to profit from foreign dirty money!"
    That's true, but the inherent problem in the system is the "vote out" part. In most cases the voters have to wait years for a chance to vote out dirty politicians, and by then they have done their damage. Plus the crooked news media and the dirty politicians will find a way to cheat the voters to keep the crooks in power. Maybe you can address how to fix that problem in your daily newsletters.
    Sidney Patin

  • Doug Moon

    09/08/2023 09:44 PM

    Mike, I enjoy your newsletter, I really do. I also admit that I have not subscribed to your newsletter via substack. I utilize Duck-duck-go as my search engine, and have to date been free from any censorship that might have occured had I been using Google.
    While I am not opposed to the idea of paying for the information that you are providing(great) access to--albeit the practical reality that I don't have to purchase it still trumps $36/year--I feel the need to point out that you are missing one of the most compelling reasons for asking people to donate towards the production of this newsletter. You DESPERATELY need to hire proof readers on your staff! Your newsletter frequently has glaring typos in contextual flow that seriously mar the professionalism that I know you and your staff strive for.
    Case in point: in the TITLE article of this particular newsletter(Why 2024 Might be the LAST ELECTION Decided by BALLOTS) you had two mistakes that both muddied and contradicted the intent of the article-IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH! Specifically: "If you are(sic) paying attention, you may not realize that Joe Biden is usually(?!) exactly those tactics to make sure Donald Trump is not his opponent in 2024.". Well, I do pay attention, both to the world around me and what people whom I generally respect are saying about it. And because I have become jaded, I "trust but verify" no matter who I am listening to.

    Speaking of that afore mentioned article, you ended it in your usual manner, exhorting your readers to "get out and vote" to force change for the better(yes, I am taking liberties there, but we both know what was written, so close enough to the mark for discussion purposes).
    I am going to respond in MY typical fashion(pretty sure every time I respond to your newsletter it is in a similar rant). In light of everything we have seen, are continuing to learn and anticipate learning in the near future regarding the ABSOLUTE corruptness of career polititians and the administrative caste in DC, not to mention the shadowy globalists, and their ABSOLUTE commitment to doing ANYTHING to purpetuate their agendas; with that back drop, HOW CAN YOU CONTINUE TO INSIST THAT ALL WE HAVE TO DO TO CHANGE THIS IS GET OUT AND VOTE?! For every single sleazy, underhanded and/or illegal manuever that the DOJ/FBI/CIA/DHS/adnauseum has done in the courts or in the media, they have done just as much in their efforts to control the outcome of elections. I have seen it firsthand. I was a canvasser after the 2020 general election in the "safe" red State of Indiana--let me tell you, it WASN'T safe. It wasn't legal. It wasn't secure. Sure, you(and every legacy journalist in this country) can insist that since the information has never actually had it's day in court(since every judge in the country has refused to look at it) we haven't PROVED that there was really any fraud, illegal voting, manipulation of the voting machines, suppression of anyone's votes or any other of the myriad accusations that have been levied, but exactly how naive, ignorant, or willfully blind do you have to be to even say that?
    It is really simple logic and common sense to recognize that since this administration is willing to torture and outright break the laws of this land in order to perpetuate their agenda, as we see them doing(and you are reporting) every single day, since they have firmly established that there is no line that they won't cross to accomplish their goals, there is therefore no reason to believe that they will ALLOW us to vote them out if office. I have been ranting on this for three years. I have been frustrated(and still am) at your consistent reluctance to embrace the REALITY of the stolen election, and your continued insistence that we can fix this at the poles come November '24. How I wish you had added your voice to the demands of so many others at the end of 2020 that a crime(actually many crimes) had been committed and that EVERYONE needed to demand that Congress halt certification of the election and immediately investigate the preposterous sham of an election that purported to have elected a man who even then couldn't carry on a conversation for three minutes without getting lost, who campaigned from his basement and before crowds of 10's&20's, and winning the most votes of any president in history!! If YOU had told your readers this THEN, and insisted they act THEN, it could have made a huge impact. Your insistence on the sanctity of voting was misplaced then, and it remains so to this day. Not in concept, but in the dirty, corrupt reality.
    If we don't get the courts to overturn bad(corrupt) rulings, if we don't get state legislatures to reign in corrupt Secretaries of State & Attorneys General, and pass laws to protect the voting process(eliminate mass mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, etc), BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTION, the outcome of the 2024 general election is already determined. The headline of this article is already three years too late.

  • Carol Hopper

    09/08/2023 09:22 AM

    I subscribed to substack so I wouldn't miss your newsletter. I love your newsletter because I feel this is the only real news anymore. Please continue.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    09/07/2023 05:54 PM

    "Do you know how political opponents to those in power are dealt with in 3 rd World dictatorships, banana republics, and communist regimes? Simple—the people in power use their police agencies to arrest their opponents for made up crimes in an attempt to discredit them, bankrupt them, imprison them or exile them, or all of the above. And if you are paying attention, you may not realize that Joe Biden is usually exactly those tactics to make sure Donald Trump is not his opponent in 2024. "

    The real sad part is the jackasses didn't do this "overnight". This has been going on for YEARS and getting steadily WORSE until we have the 3rd world justice and political system we have today. And the REAL SAD PART is you rinos saw this happening for YEARS and did NOTHING to stop it. You rinos are as guilty of allowing this to happen as the jackasses are for creating it!! And today the jackasses are getting away with it and again you rinos DO NOTHING TO STOP IT except spew the same old rhetoric from your pie holes to feed your huge arrogant obnoxious narcissistic egos. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen Russell

    09/07/2023 05:32 PM

    Last election:
    Dennis Prager said similar many years ago on his radio show
    Coming Civil War ahead?

  • Patrick J Green

    09/07/2023 05:12 PM

    I find that fact that hunter lied on a gun purchase background check and then threw that weapon in the trash, is so very hypocrite of the left. First of it proof that the background check law his daddy wants does not work all one needs do is lie.
    And no were have I ever heard a gun safety lecture were they tell you to just throw it in the trash

  • Pamela Junk

    09/07/2023 03:50 PM

    I'd love to pay $3.81a gallon for regular. Here in WA state it's $4.89 a gallon at the cheapest place, Fred Meyer. The regular gas stations are charging even more.

  • Kathleen Wood

    09/07/2023 03:20 PM

    FYI -Your daily newsletter has mysteriously disappeared & not arriving in my gmail account all of a sudden. I am going to sign up again & see what happens.