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April 1, 2024

Congratulations to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He might not have won the GOP presidential nomination, but he’s still racking up big wins for Florida and showing other states how things can get done if they’d just stop electing Democrats.

First, with leftist organizers helping trespassers to exploit “squatter’s rights” and steal people’s homes (especially in blue states like New York), Florida moved fast to nip that scam in the bud. DeSantis just signed a quickly-passed bill eliminating “squatter’s rights,” protecting property rights and giving police the power to remove trespassers. One Florida sheriff explains how the bill will make it easier to send aggressive trespassers “straight to jail.”

Also, in the war that liberals sneered that DeSantis could never win, Disney just unconditionally surrendered. Disney withdrew its lawsuit to try to stop state oversight of the district where its theme parts are located, agreed to rescind all the last-minute deals and agreements they tried to cement into place, and announced that they are looking forward to this new era of partnership with the state - which you know they really aren’t, but they do know when they’re licked.

Check out that link for Bonchie’s take at, which includes some fun reminders of how wrong the media got this story when they were snarking about how Disney and its super brilliant lawyers were going to trounce that goober DeSantis.

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