July 24, 2017

Correctional Services Canada has ruled that a convicted first-degree murderer who claims to identify as a woman will be moved to a women’s prison in British Columbia. Such transfers will now be allowed “based on gender identity and not biological sex.” The rationale for this is that male prisoners who identify as females face discrimination, “such as name calling and harassment from both correctional staff and other prisoners."

As tough as that might be, it doesn’t sound as bad as what women prisoners might face if they had to be locked up, or even made cellmates, with a male convicted felon who “identifies as a woman.” But just as in sports and other fields, women are finding that their rights now take a back seat to “trans” rights. This is from the same nation that recently passed a law to allow the government to charge people with a hate crime punishable by fines, imprisonment or “anti-bias training” or to seize children from their parents if they don’t use someone’s preferred gender pronoun.

It sounds as if the mental ward inmates aren’t just running the asylum in Canada, they’re also running the prison system.


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