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January 4, 2024

Despite legal attempts to delay its release, documents were released Wednesday from a 2015 civil lawsuit, revealing the names of some prominent people who had contact with the late billionaire financier/Democrat donor/sex criminal, Jeffrey Epstein.

So far, the names released haven’t included any big surprises. We’ve heard most of them before, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, the late John Glenn and law professor Alan Dershowitz. The biggest takeaway from the story involves Bill Clinton, identified repeatedly in the redacted documents as “John Doe #36.” The documents include testimony from one witness that Epstein once told her that Clinton “likes them young, referring to girls.” But she said she had no recollection of ever seeing Clinton on Epstein’s notorious island.

Here are some more names, including a new famous one: magician David Copperfield. Copperfield was once accused of sexually assaulting a teen model, but he’s just described in these documents as having performed some magic tricks at dinner.

As for the references to Dershowitz having contact with Epstein, a number of those came from when he was acting as his attorney. As he reminded Sean Hannity, a woman who damaged his reputation by accusing him of having illicit relations with Epstein’s girls recanted and admitted she may have misidentified that person after he presented proof that he couldn’t have been in those places at the times she described.

Dershowitz also rightly pointed out that many people had professional dealings with Epstein for years before news of his sick sexual activities became public, so just being seen with him in public isn’t proof of wrongdoing.

As for Trump, despite the left’s efforts to connect him to Epstein’s perverted activities, the testimony revealed that a witness denied ever seeing Trump in Epstein’s homes, office or island. Their only known interaction was when Epstein reportedly acted creepy toward the teenage daughter of a Mar-A-Lago member at a public event, and Trump had him thrown out and permanently barred from his resort. Which seems to prove that Trump figured out what Epstein was and did something about it long before anyone else, while prominent Democrats just kept sucking up to him.

Stay tuned, this is a breaking story, and more documents will be released soon…

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  • Laurel Berger

    01/04/2024 04:24 PM

    This part about President Trump came out in the news long ago. He was never involved with Epstein's antics.