“Rock stars…Is there anything they DON’T know?” – Homer Simpson 

Taylor Swift is undeniably talented, and she’s been wildly successful by remaining a rare positive, nonpartisan role model for young women.  Unfortunately, she’s recently been under heavy pressure from the left to get political, and sadly, she finally caved in to it. 

Swift came out against Marsha Blackburn’s Tennessee Senate run (in a statement conveniently timed to fall immediately after her final US concert tour date – Taylor may have been “woke,” but she wasn’t entirely crazy yet), claiming that Blackburn’s House voting record “appalled and terrified” her.  The media treated it as a seismic event in politics, but I said it wouldn’t make much difference unless they let 13-year-old girls vote (don’t be surprised if Democrats endorse that idea.)  In the end, Blackburn won 54.7-43.9% and swept all but three counties.  Taylor had risked alienating half her fan base for no effect.

Instead of taking that as a sign, though, she’s now jumped even deeper into the tiresome leftist preaching game with a new song and video promoting the misleadingly named “Equality Act.”  With the type of thoughtful nuance you’d expect, the video depicts everyone who approves of it as happy, loving, wonderful and open-hearted, while smearing opponents as frumpy, dumb, bigoted haters of LGBTQ people.  In other words, it takes Taylor’s political a-woke-ening beyond just endorsing a candidate and into the currently fashionable trend of condescendingly insulting millions of Americans who don’t agree with a particular leftist policy initiative.


I wonder if she, or anyone who would take political advice from Taylor Swift, realizes the fatal flaws in that bill?  Like the way it would trample First Amendment religious rights, or codify into law the current trend of allowing transsexual “former” males to unfairly compete against girls in sports.  Some iconic female pro athletes have been brave enough to risk condemnation from the PC police by speaking out against this insanity. 


The “Equality” Act would set into law the idea that all someone has to do is “identify” as a woman to compete against female athletes.  At that point, girls who’ve worked for their entire lives to win athletic scholarships could pretty well hang up their dreams.  Is that really what Taylor Swift considers to be “looking out for” her army of young female fans?  Or did she just not look very deeply into it, instead buying the simplistic, partisan cartoon version of the issue that’s routinely pushed by the left?

If you’re going to try to leverage your celebrity to influence votes, you have a responsibility to do the research so you know what you’re talking about and you’re not encouraging people to do things that are harmful to their own interests.  If you wouldn’t endorse a beverage that’s poison, why would you endorse a bill that would harm your own fans? 

I know 13-year-old girls are more likely to listen to Taylor Swift than to me, but just in case, here’s a little advice: If someone tries to get you to vote for a piece of major legislation based on how cool it is to see Taylor Swift and Katy Perry dancing around while dressed up as a burger and fries, then you’d better go research that bill very, very carefully.

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