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January 17, 2023

If President Biden had made a real visit to the border and seen the humanitarian and national security nightmare he’s caused instead of a cleaned-up photo op, maybe he would have had the kind of revelation that New York City Mayor Eric Adams apparently experienced when he visited El Paso last week. Adams said, “No city deserves what is happening. This is a beautiful city, and what happened over the last few months undermines this city.” He blasted the federal government for its lack of coordination in dealing with illegal immigration and said he’d bring it up at the US Conference of Mayors starting today.

Adams also backed away from New York City’s self-proclaimed “sanctuary city” status, saying that New York is at its breaking point and “doesn’t have enough room” for more migrants, who are filling homeless shelters and destroying hotels where they’re being given free room and board.

It hasn’t been that long since Republican Governors like Greg Abbott in Texas were being attacked and mocked by the media for busing illegal border crossers to Northern blue cities, but in retrospect, that now seems like a brilliant strategy. It's the only thing so far that’s forced Democrat mayors to face up to the crisis their party leader’s policies have caused.

It was easy for them to virtue-signal about Republicans hating “immigrants” and “There are no illegal people” as long as the disaster they caused was 1,000 miles away. But once the migrants started showing up in their cities (as many as 800 in one day in New York, and an overwhelming 50 in Martha’s Vineyard, compared to thousands a day in El Paso), suddenly, it became a real problem.

It’s too bad it had to come to that, but unfortunately, the only thing that can blow away the thick fog of liberal self-delusion is a harsh blast of cold reality.

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