June 9, 2018

Time for another periodic service check of your “Progressive” Slandermeter.  As you may recall, in 2012, when applied to Mitt Romney, the Slandermeter needle pointed to “out of touch rich guy,” “sexist with binders full of women,” “cruel corporate raider who personally gave an employee’s wife cancer,” and the ever-popular, “Literally Hitler.”  Then in 2016, Romney criticized Donald Trump quite harshly, and the needle on the Slandermeter swung back to “respected statesman” and “reasonable Republican I could have accepted.”   

Well, Romney just said that thanks to the booming economy and the likelihood that the Democrats will nominate a fringe leftist loon in 2020, he believes that Trump will be renominated easily and “reelected solidly.” 


So if your Slandermeter needle suddenly swings wildly back to “Literally Hitler,” don’t worry, it’s not broken.  It’s operating exactly as it’s expected to.




If Mitt Romney is right and the Democrats do nominate a leftist fringe presidential candidate in 2020, it apparently will not be Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.  During a recent podcast, she said three times, “I am not running for President.”  I guess we should take her at her word.  On the other hand, she says something else in the same interview that’s even more surprising and newsworthy, and I have a very hard time believing she’s telling the truth.  That quote:


“I’ve read the Constitution.”




I was wondering when female student athletes and their parents would finally start to rebel against the transparent lunacy of allowing transgender males who “identify” as female to compete in girls’ sports.  Well, the first outbreak of rebellion has started, and surprisingly, it’s in one of the bluest of blue states, a state that overwhelmingly backs the kind of politicians who force these reality-denying policies onto schools. 


Frustrated parents from Plainville and Glastonbury, Connecticut, have started a petition that’s been signed by 150 parents so far, calling for an end to allowing males who “identify” as females to compete in women’s sports.  This came after a biologically male student won the women’s 100-meter dash competition for the second year in a row.  The parents say it’s not fair to make girls who've trained very hard to win compete against a male athlete when males are naturally larger, stronger and faster.


But this complaint was refuted by Western New England College Center of Gender and Sexuality Studies director Erin Buzuvis, who insisted, “A transgender girl is a girl and ought to be treated like a girl.”  There's a famous quote attributed to George Orwell, and this is the kind of comment that must have inspired it: “Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them.” 


A male who identifies as female may feel like a girl, dress like a girl, and even demand to be treated like a girl.  But that doesn’t alter his muscle mass and bone structure, which are still male.  That's what matters in athletics.  The very fact that female athletes are being told to shut up and take it is more evidence that in the current push on the left to divide everyone up into competing identify groups, women's rights are now the last to cross the finish line. 


Good luck to the parents in their effort to restore some acknowledgement of simple biological facts.  In the meantime, they should be grateful that their girls are running track and not competing in wrestling against such athletes, who could cause serious injuries to the girls with their naturally greater strength that we’re all supposed to pretend doesn’t exist.


We all know how desperate President Obama was to get his legacy-making Iran nuclear deal.  So desperate, he skirted the Constitutional requirement for treaties to be ratified by the Senate.  So desperate, he acquiesced to demands that nobody who cared about preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons would have accepted.  So desperate, he let Ben Rhodes mislead gullible reporters into creating an echo chamber so they could, in turn, mislead the American people.  So desperate, he lifted sanctions and sent a planeload of cash to Iran.  And so desperate he did all this, assuring us that Iran could be trusted to give up its threats and aggression, even as their Parliament was holding breaks to chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” as often as our politicians take coffee breaks.   


But now, a new bombshell has landed (luckily, it isn’t a nuclear one fired by Iran).  A draft report by the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations claims that Obama administration officials worked with the Treasury Department to draft a license to grant Iran access to the U.S. financial system so they could convert billions of dollars in Iranian assets into American currency.  Without this special license, giving Iran access to US banks would be a violation of sanctions.  It was also a direct contradiction of Obama’s promises to Congress that the Iran deal would never allow this.  Obama officials even testified to Congress that this would never be allowed, even though at that time, they’d already granted Iran the license to allow it. 


Fortunately, the plan was reportedly dropped after Obama officials tried to get two banks to execute the conversion of rials into dollars, and the banks refused.  They cited the complexity and the unwanted appearance involved in processing such a transaction for Iran.  What does it say about the previous Administration that they couldn’t spot the appearance of impropriety in giving Iran access to US banks and billions of dollars, and bankers apparently had a superior ethical compass and did see it?


Subcommittee chairman and Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman said he believes the Obama administration intentionally misled the American public.  That’s bad enough, but when you “intentionally mislead the public” by telling their Representatives things you know to be false during Congressional testimony, it seems as if that might rise to a slightly more serious charge than “misleading."


For the record, a former Obama Administration official denied the report’s findings, claiming the license didn’t give Iran access to US banks, but “was aimed solely to allow the movement of Iran’s own funds stranded at an Omani bank into euros at a European bank, where Iran could then make use of them.”


Oh, well, in that case, there’s nothing to be concerned about.  In fact, I practically cried at the thought of all that poor, lonely Iranian money stranded in Oman where Iran’s mullahs couldn’t use it for…whatever Iran’s mullahs would spend billions on.  I can certainly see why the Obama folks would want to help rectify that tragic situation.


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There are hardly words adequate to describe the brilliance, good heart, and incredible example of FOX News contributor and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Charles Krauthammer, nor to express how deeply saddened we are at the news he now shares with us.

In a letter read on-air by his colleagues at FOX News, Krauthammer reveals that after cancer surgery and almost a year of treatment and slow recovery, he was knocked back again with the news that his cancer has suddenly returned, very aggressively, and that his doctors give him only a few more weeks. He had anticipated getting back to his work but now says that “fate has decided on a different course for me.”

The letter reminds me a little of the heartfelt one President Reagan wrote to the nation after receiving his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. “I leave this life with no regrets,” Krauthammer says. “It was a wonderful life --- full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living. I am sad to leave, but I leave with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intended.”

His appearances were always a highlight of Bret Baier’s “Special Report,” so much so that Baier was able to get approval from the higher-ups to have him on “the panel” every night. Everyone –- colleagues and viewers alike –- had been missing him greatly and hoping for his eventual return. But Charles is as much of a realist about this as he has had to be about other things, saying, “This is the final verdict. My fight is over.”

He has coped with hard realities ever since, at the age of 22, a dive to the bottom of a swimming pool broke his neck and took most of his ability to move. It almost took his life as well, but the Harvard medical student persevered and not only graduated but went on to become chief psychiatry resident at Massachusetts General Hospital and later to enter the world of politics as a speechwriter and then a columnist and on-air commentator. (That world certainly needs the counsel of a good psychiatrist, but I digress.) For the fascinating story and a deeper understanding of his life and philosophy, be sure to read his book THINGS THAT MATTER.

It would be hard to find anyone else with such a huge intellect and such a small ego. In these times, we can benefit from his keen observations more than ever, so it’s fortunate they are recorded for posterity. As he says in his letter, “I am grateful to have played a small part in the conversations that have helped guide this extraordinary nation’s destiny.” We’re grateful for that, too. Let’s keep him in our prayers and our thoughts, remember his example always, and be thankful for his wise words over the years.


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Comments 1-38 of 38

  • Lance E. Brown

    06/16/2018 03:49 PM

    SUBJ: Charles Krauthammer

    THANX Mike
    I am saddened by the news, His insight has been missed. I doubt that we can easily replace him.

  • Marjorie Crawford

    06/14/2018 03:58 PM

    How about term limits for Congress? PLEASE HELP!! Perhaps Mrs. Huckabee can talk to the National Association of Republican Women and interest them in taking the lead! Thank you.

  • Diane Woodard

    06/13/2018 01:51 PM

    My family and I are broken hearted for the diagnosis of Charles K.. We have missed his insiteful comments and polite humor. He truly is an exceptionally great mind; I cannot believe anyone could replace him; an unforgetable person!

  • Stephen Russell

    06/11/2018 08:12 PM

    FNC needs to replace Krauthammer or find similar for spot.
    Need thinking conservatives on FNC.
    GOP should name a Center for him in his home state.
    Or something.

  • Martin Pedersen

    06/11/2018 12:56 AM

    I hope Charles Krauthammer is a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Two Biblical references are John 3:16 and also John 3:36:
    “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.”

  • Franklin Hopkins

    06/11/2018 12:05 AM

    Joni Eareckson Tada & James5:14.

  • Ann Bruce de Pineda

    06/10/2018 08:52 PM

    My most sincere sympathy to Charles Krauthammer and his family. I loved reading his analysis and was pleased to see he had changed his mind about POTUS. I will pray for a miracle but always ask that God's perfect will be done. What a great loss!

  • Toby M Vincent

    06/10/2018 05:06 PM

    Enough about Russia more important things need to be addressed democrats have become symbol of poor loosers

  • Rick Clark

    06/10/2018 02:32 PM

    I feel very very sorry for Obama's two daughters!!!!!

  • Ellie Allen

    06/10/2018 10:49 AM

    I've really been enjoying your daily updates. They are so full of wisdom and common sense; some things that seem to have disappeared from the political arena. You did a wonderful job of raising Sarah to be the press secretary. One would have arise really early in the morning to get ahead of her. Good jobs, keep them up, and a big THANK YOU to both you and Sarah.

  • Mary Sanders

    06/10/2018 09:31 AM

    Have always admired your patriotism & conservatism --- love this format of information as it is so easy to read.
    Also, love your daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders (not because her last name is the same as mine) but because she is intelligent, clever & witty even though the left tries to intimidate her.

  • Theodora Beatty

    06/10/2018 09:05 AM

    Thank you for your sincere and sometimes humorous coverage of news events. I look so forward to reading them!

  • Elaine Orr

    06/10/2018 08:56 AM

    Thank you for always being the voice of reason. Having a few good men like you is a comfort knowing you will tell us the truth. Keep on trucking Governor and we will keep on listening.

  • Ruth Ferraro

    06/10/2018 08:55 AM

    Thank you for all your information. I am grateful that I can read honest up to date news from you. God bless you & Charles Krauthammer. He will be missed.

  • John allison

    06/10/2018 08:42 AM

    Loved the quote from George Orwell

  • Erma Short

    06/10/2018 08:19 AM

    I read your comments because I live in Texarkana, TX and know that you were the Pastor at Beech Street Baptist Church. You were honest then and I admired you as Governor. I quit listening to the news several years ago and quit taking the paper due to all the negative news being reported. To find anything positive, you had to look for it. I read your comments every week because I know you to be the kind of person that will be sure of your facts before you say them. I read your book "God, Guns, Grits and Gravy" and found it very enlightening and entertaining as well. I have been amused when listening to you on panel with your wit and humor on subjects that are about the people, but politicians seem to have forgotten who put them in office. Thank you for your frank, honest and entertaining way of reporting the news.

  • Shirley Welch

    06/10/2018 07:44 AM

    Love reading your words to us! What would we do without you and Sarah? Thank God for the two of you, and may He continue to keep you safe and strong. Ever think of writing a book on Christian parenting? Our nation needs one!

  • Anita Mae Barker

    06/10/2018 04:28 AM

    I have no words on the upcoming loss of Charles Krauthammer.

  • Karen Bird

    06/10/2018 02:29 AM

    What can we do about transgender males competing in women's sports? They are in recreation sports as well. Not fair.

  • Keith P Kennedy

    06/09/2018 11:32 PM

    Unfortunately your June 9th evening commentary looked exactly like your June 8th evening commentary....oops!

  • Kelly Thomas

    06/09/2018 11:02 PM

    I hope you are feeling better. You sounded a little hoarse on TBN tonight. I also noticed you didn't play with Peter Rivera at the end of the show. You sounded better on Judge Jeanine on FOX News.
    Keep up the good work. My wife & I enjoy your TBN show and your appearances on FOX.

  • Janet

    06/09/2018 09:59 PM

    The news about Charles is certainly tragic, but unless he has Jesus in his heart, his life will be for nothing. I pray that he will give his heart to the Lord before it's too late. I want to see him when I get to Heaven.

  • George S. Darley Sr.

    06/09/2018 09:55 PM

    When if ever will these "People" that we trust to put in office , ever think that they (Obama) can build a Legacy on a lie that will do anything but reflect their true character and intent to destroy this country and self serve? Mitt Romney's has a bigger problem that time and his stolen money from the retirement funds of the working class businesses that he and his cronies cannot erase. His ego trip after his failed run for office will always be shadowed by his shady dealings and his theft from the workers by the leveraging of businesses that resulted in his bonuses resulting in his gains of multiple millions and the bankruptcy of the business resulting in the workers retirement losses. His word as the same as his character , in the toilet !

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    06/09/2018 09:38 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, Thank you so much for your article about the "Side" deal Obama had with the Iranian's. Is this one of the many side deals we the American were not intelligent to understand and didn't need to know about. Thank goodness the bank officials had the smarts to say no, "This will not look good for us, even if you, (Obama) say you can make it look legal. I still remember the movie "Obama's 2016" which told us that he wanted to "fundamentally change America." Hopefully it is not to late to turn it around.

  • Debbie Camp

    06/09/2018 08:58 PM

    Thank you for writing about Charles K. What an example he continues to be to us. Thank you your wonderful commentary on our world. Thank Goodness there are some smart, funny, in-the-know sane people who actually have a voice are the best.

  • Ron Hooper

    06/09/2018 08:36 PM

    Mike, after your comments today about Obama and the Iran deal, it occurred to me that the Mueller investigation has discovered a multitude more damming(criminal acts) against him than any other person investigated. What is your opinion? Seems like it would make an interesting and revealing topic for an editorial.
    Keep up the good work.
    Ron Hooper

  • Richard Hertel

    06/09/2018 08:29 PM

    In case you missed this from Charles:

    A different take on Donald Trump: (a non-political agenda)
    Trump Is Not A Liberal or Conservative, He's a "Pragmatist." (Definition: A pragmatist is someone who is practical and focused on reaching a goal. A pragmatist usually has a straightforward, matter-of-fact approach and doesn't let emotion distract him or her.)
    "We recently enjoyed a belated holiday dinner with friends at the home of other friends. The dinner conversation varied from discussions about antique glass and china to theology and politics.
    At one point, reference was made to Donald Trump being a conservative, to which I responded that Trump is not a conservative.
    I said that I neither view nor do I believe Trump views himself as a conservative. I stated it was my opinion that Trump is a pragmatist. He sees a problem and understands it must be fixed. He doesn't see the problem as liberal or conservative, he sees it only as a problem. That is a quality that should be admired and applauded, not condemned. But I get ahead of myself.
    Viewing problems from a Liberal perspective has resulted in the creation of more problems, more entitlement programs, more victims, more government, more political correctness, and more attacks on the working class in all economic strata.
    Viewing things according to the so-called Republican conservative perspective has brought continued spending and globalism to the detriment of American interests and well being, denial of what the real problems are, weak, ineffective, milquetoast, leadership that amounts to Barney Fife Deputy Sheriff, appeasement oriented and afraid of its own shadow. In brief, it has brought liberal ideology with a pachyderm as a mascot juxtaposed to the ass of the Democrat Party.
    Immigration isn't a Republican problem, it isn't a Liberal problem, it is a problem that threatens the very fabric and infrastructure of America. It demands a pragmatic approach not an approach that is intended to appease one group or another.
    The impending collapse of the economy wasn't a Liberal or Conservative problem, it is an American problem. That said, until it is viewed as a problem that demands a common sense approach to resolution, it will never be fixed because the Democrats and Republicans know only one way to fix things and the longevity of their impracticality has proven to have no lasting effect.
    Successful businessmen like Donald Trump find ways to make things work, they do not promise to accommodate.
    Trump uniquely understands that China's manipulation of currency is not a Republican problem or a Democrat problem. It is a problem that threatens our financial stability and he understands the proper balance needed to fix it.
    Here again, successful businessmen, like Trump, who have weathered the changing tides of economic reality understand what is necessary to make business work, and they, unlike both sides of the political aisle, know that if something doesn't work, you don't continue trying to make it work hoping that at some point it will.
    As a pragmatist, Donald Trump hasn't made wild pie-in-the-sky promises of a cell phone in every pocket, free college tuition, and a $15 hour minimum wage for working the drive-through at Carl's Hamburgers.
    I argue that America needs pragmatists because pragmatists see a problem and find ways to fix them. They do not see a problem and compound it by creating more problems.
    You may not like Donald Trump, but I suspect that the reason some people do not like him is because:
    (1) he is antithetical to the "good old boy" method of brokering back room deals that fatten the coffers of politicians;
    (2) they are unaccustomed to hearing a president speak who is unencumbered
    by the financial shackles of those who he owes vis-a-vis donations;
    (3) he is someone who is free of idiomatic political ideology;
    (4) he says what he is thinking, is unapologetic for his outspoken thoughts, speaks very straightforward using everyday language that can be understood by all (and is offensive to some who dislike him anyway) making him a great communicator, for the most part, does what he says he will do and;
    (5) he is someone who understands that it takes more than hollow promises and political correctness to make America great again.
    Listening to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders talk about fixing America is like listening to two lunatics trying to "out crazy" one another. Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Marco Rubio are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the bankers, corporations, and big dollar donors funding their campaigns. Bush can deny it, but common sense tells anyone willing to face facts is that people don't give tens of millions without expecting something in return.
    We have had Democrats and Republican ideologues and what has it brought us?
    Are we better off today or worse off? Has it happened overnight or has it been a steady decline brought on by both parties?
    I submit that a pragmatist is just what America needs right now. People are quick to confuse and despise confidence as arrogance, but that is common among those who have never accomplished anything in their lives (or politicians who never really solved a problem, because it's better to still have an "issue(s) to be solved," so re-elect me to solve it, (which never happens) and those who have always played it safe (again, all politicians) not willing to risk failure, to try and achieve success).
    Donald Trump put his total financial empire at risk in running for president and certainly did not need or possibly even want the job; that says it all.
    He wants success for the U.S. and her citizens because he loves his country.
    God Bless America
    ~ Dr. Charles Krauthammer

  • David Munson

    06/09/2018 08:03 PM

    Thanks Governor. Say, when is Congress going to get around to actually doing some serious investigating of the treasonous acts by several members of the previous administration, and the cancerous core of the Department of Justice? Seems like everyday more dastardly deeds are discovered.

  • Commander Ralph T. Bailes USN Ret.

    06/09/2018 07:51 PM

    Charles Krauthammer has publicly acknowledged his atheism. How do we square that philosophy with all the plaudits he is currently receiving?

  • Don Morgan

    06/09/2018 07:31 PM

    Charles Krauthammer is one of the most intelligent people I've ever listened to on Fox news, along with you Governor. I was saddened to hear of his afflictions. God Bless him.

  • Bill Brust

    06/09/2018 07:16 PM

    Thanks for your perspective!
    I’ll be keeping Charles in my prayers.
    You and your family, especially your daughter Sarah, remain in my prayers.

  • Audrey Skarness

    06/09/2018 07:08 PM

    Can hardly wait for the Miss America contest....all the transgender men will be there.

  • Rodney Custer

    06/09/2018 07:04 PM

    Enjoy reading your letters. Particularly like this easier to read version. Keep it up Mike! You are doing a good job.

  • George McLauchlin

    06/09/2018 06:55 PM

    Thanks for the excellent daily posts. Blessings on you.

  • Don Crumbley

    06/09/2018 06:52 PM

    Governor: Why has Trey Gowdy suddenly gone "silent", since his latest comment regarding the DOJ Rosenberg briefing, that the FBI is doing exactly what every American expect them to do, or words to that effect?

  • Pat Mendoza

    06/09/2018 06:41 PM

    Mike I’m loving your daily updates. Thank you for being so faithful to truth


    06/09/2018 06:19 PM


  • Charles M

    06/09/2018 09:38 AM

    Another kudo in the obama legacy - releasing Iran's money to fund Hezbollah growth and potency in South America which is barely ever mentioned anywhere, only their lethal activities in Lebanon, etc. against our ally Israel, as in "Death to Israel" and "Death to America".