August 7, 2018

All within a period of about 24 hours, the social media giants Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Apple (iTunes) removed Alex Jones and his InfoWars videos and podcasts from their platforms.  As Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz notes at this link, the sites have been under pressure about censoring conservative commentators, but they apparently felt that Jones’ brand of conspiracy theorizing fell outside the line of acceptable free speech.

Personally, I don’t care for what Jones does, and I would never rely on InfoWars as a news source (then again, same goes for the SPLC, and these sites use them as their trusted advisers!)  But I would rather have the marketplace of ideas remain open to all, including bad ideas, with the understanding that the rancid fruit will be identified and rejected, rather than have a self-appointed group of speech police in Silicon Valley pre-judge who’s allowed to speak online.   

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Besides, as several commentators noted, when you’re dealing with people who are allegedly paranoid conspiracy theorists, how do you think they’ll react to all the social media platforms banning them at the same time?

Meanwhile, (another site that’s had its problems with being blocked by social media) pulled up a remarkably prescient Jones interview from 2015 in which guest Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report warned Jones not to rely on social media for an Internet platform.  Drudge has one of the most-visited sites online, but it’s an independent website, with only a small presence on Twitter.  Drudge said this:

“Make your own place. The Internet allows you to make your own dynamic, your own universe. Why are you gravitating toward somebody else’s universe?...They are taking your energy, and you get nothing in return!”

Young people might not remember this, but in the Paleolithic days of the Internet, bloggers each had their own pages, on websites they paid to host.  Then they began moving to blogging platform sites, and then to social media sites like Facebook that promised convenience and visibility, easy connections and free membership.  But as always, those “freebies” came at a steep price.  First, it was loss of privacy and exposure of your personal information, then demonetization of “controversial” content, and now, the corporate bosses are trying to police what users are allowed to say. This has started an exodus of users.

So where will they all go? To other social media sites that will grow big and rich and arrogant and repeat the same cycle?  Back to printed books, manual typewriters, friends you know personally and going out into the fresh air occasionally?  Or will commentators follow Drudge’s advice and return to hosting their own sites, independent of the speech monitors of Silicon Valley? 

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I have no idea what happens next.  But I can tell you this: If I suddenly disappear from Twitter or Facebook for expressing a very-bad, triple-plus-ungood thought, you can always get my newsletter twice a day by email, or find me at  


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  • Vicky Sue Everest

    08/08/2018 11:11 AM

    I have been following you, and the news in general, on Fox News as I can not afford cable television. Two days ago I got a letter from you about Citizen's United and your "Heartland" petition. When I "Googled" Citizens United when I first heard of them all I heard was the group enabled the rich to control the narrative and through large election donations the country. Obviously, I thought this was terrible. Back to your letter...the many enrodes you cited against religious freedom made me cry and angered me. Why doesn't Fox News cover these things? Instead we are left out here with no idea. You have always seemed honest to me, so I choose to believe your letter, but am incensed as to Why, in America, can a sitting judge take a stand in a law suit, against the freedom of religion that shaped and formed this country and its Constitution? I know this sounds radical, but the beliefs that existed in the country they came to, and allows them to worship as they choose, should not be allowed to infringe on those long standing rights and values of that country. If they can't abide Christianity, they should be made welcome to leave. Who appoints these judges? Are good judges "unseated" by a liberal or socialist administration? Because of the anti-Christian values of public school and university education we find ourselves where we are now,...torn apart, and that is the "Post-America" former president Obama and many of the Dems dreams of.
    I only get my SS (which is meager) at the beginning of the month and pay my bills immediately, which takes nearly all of it, so I am unable to donate to Citizen's United at this time, but trust you that they are good, so I could donate perhaps next month. I will send the petition along today. I am sorry I can not do more....however, while I have this form before me, can you tell me How did our politicians come to make laws and have special privileges, such as good health coverage, while their constituents do not? I can't find anyone who will take Medicaid and can not cover the 20% Medicare doesn't so, Why spend any money on the government budget for insurance that pays so poorly no one will take it? and Shouldn't the people our politicians work for, be the ones who decide their salary? and If they are paid to do a job, why isn't filibustering and obstruction firing offenses? That is how America became an "Elitist" country, why many are angry, how apathy has grown, and apparently how President Trump won (you and doctor Carson were my first choices), but I support and pray for our president and believe he has shown he has integrity and is as honorable as any imperfect man, and more than way too many. Thank you for your time and any response given. God Bless You, Vicky Everest

  • Jessica Rivet

    08/08/2018 01:11 AM

    I love your TV show. Your daughter is pure class. I like this article you wrote on censorship. I feel that if you actually listen to Alex Jones for yourself you might change your mind about him. He's really good in my opinion.

  • Jeffrey Hampl

    08/07/2018 11:56 PM

    So everyone is clear: the government is not censoring Alex Jones or Infowars. The First Amendment prohibits such action.

    But the First Amendment does not apply to private corporations such as Twitter and Facebook. Social media companies are free to censor whomever they please, unless their reason for doing so is prohibited by law. Conservatives are not a protected class who can allege they are victims of discrimination.

  • Michael Lutz

    08/07/2018 08:40 PM

    The betrayal of the big fat tech to Americans freedom of speech isn't surprising. It's just been slowed down by 2016 election. The fact they are moving rapidly now only shows they are "in a corner", scared and frustrated that they've been "outed" and can no longer operate covertly (good thing). Next big move we need to trust bust these liberal institutions so we all can breath easier knowing our voices are heard! Thank you Governor Huckabee for being a strong Christian role model and keeping/having a GREAT sense of humor!

  • Crystal Courson

    08/07/2018 08:31 PM

    Who is Alex Jones and InfoWars? Don't know who or what and should I be glad or happy. Info overload has pushed me to the point of disgust. I received 700 emails and text from Republicans wanting money in the month of July 2018. That is way overboard for any Senior Citizen on SS as income. You, Gov Huck, did not get anything from me as DC got my money. What a shame.

  • Luiza Motz

    08/07/2018 08:03 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    What is going to happen to Alex Jones and how will he bounce back? Why is the government censoring his news if they claim that it is conspiracy theories only? It's frightening to see where the free world is heading.

  • Gerri L. Morgan

    08/07/2018 07:53 PM

    We have become regular viewers of your show, and were encouraged by suggestion of a "Faithbook" to replace facebook---is there something in the works---sure would give Christians/Conservatives hope----P.S. love it when you play bass---overall your show is the best entertainment out there---God Bless you and yours.

  • Elaine Liming

    08/07/2018 06:22 PM

    I am not on any Social Media but I love my e-mails. I send comments to all my friends from High school and College. We keep in touch and we are all voting for Republicans in November ----some of my friends are die-heart Democrats but they have had it with the craziness.
    I also have give each a Booklet on the Constitution; our e-mail discussions have been great.
    Thanks Mike for your well informed e-mails. We love your humor.

  • Suzanne Utts

    08/07/2018 05:48 PM

    We REALLY need a forum where truth can be spread,so that we can dump FaceBook! You have contacts, Mr. Huckabee! Would you be willing to have someone get a new forum started like FB only where Christians and Conservatives and people of good will of every type would not be silenced? Thank you for considering this request/idea!

  • Joe Lyddon

    08/07/2018 05:43 PM

    I think they went too far this time...

    We have the Right to NOT watch it, etc. etc. Don't we? I guess not... I guess it's time where FREE SPEECH is NOW GONE!!

    This is NOT a GOOD SIGN!


    It seems to me that if a Social Media Company allows public comments to be made, OUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH should be enforced; otherwise SHUT the whole Companies down (yeah, we can see that happening can't we?).

    This is NOT right!

  • Donna Kitta

    08/07/2018 04:34 PM

    I'm curious why there is not a social media platform (similar to facebook) that has been started by someone on the more conservative side who actually believes in free speech and will not censor conservative posts? It seems it would be a very popular site for people to join who actually believe in free speech free of the censorship in the mainstream media.

  • Ed Heberling

    08/07/2018 03:53 PM

    FYI: I attempted to cut-and-paste your article “Censorship online: The removal of Alex Jones' InfoWars” to Facebook. The Facebook Police wouldn’t allow it to post. I then tried separating Briebart from .com and it was allowed.

  • Carolyn Prater

    08/07/2018 12:17 PM

    This is horribly sad! Did conservatives move in and stop free speech of liberals? No, it is always the left that takes away the rights of others. I agree with you 100% on Alex Jones. His speech is far less offensive than the late night comedian talk shows and many others--even my local news station offends me when they daily bash our president with telling out and out lies. But we can turn the channel. We don't have to stoop to banning people. I cry for my country! I just watched Dinesh's new movie--Death of a Nation. It hit the nail on the head, including how they take away free speech and other rights. We cannot let this happen to the United States of America!

  • John B

    08/07/2018 11:44 AM

    Mike, maybe you can communicate to Alex that this war is not for access to free internet sites, but is a war on the spiritual level. By their censorship the enemy is showing his hand. His level of anger is going to give him a heart attack. If he knew the gospel he would know that this is a war against evil and that it is already won by Christ on the cross. We win by spreading that good news. The enemy may seem to gain ground but he has lost. Keep yourself in the love of the Lord.

  • Eileen M Robinson

    08/07/2018 10:43 AM

    I love your sarcasm Mike. It gets me to smile as I tromp through the stupidity some Americans express.

  • Sharon Boozer

    08/07/2018 10:27 AM

    Like many, I too am fed up with being banned and blocked by FB, Twitter and Disqus for my conservative Christian values and attempts to teach the truth about islam to those who are naive. You may want to check out and recommend to others...a social media site with no bans on thought and word. It is free for signing up

  • Mary Tomlin

    08/07/2018 10:16 AM

    I chose a year ago to leave Facebook (and all social media). I get your newsletter by email and am thankful for it. We have staunch Republicans and staunch Democrats in our family. We choose to love each other and not discuss politics. Maybe folks on Facebook should try that approach.