Congratulations to Prince William of Great Britain and his wife Kate, who officially introduced the nation to their third child and second son Monday. Across Britain (and among Royal watchers worldwide) people celebrated, shared photos of the adorable baby boy and placed bets on what his name will be. Which is fine, because the arrival of any baby should be a time of joy and celebration.

Tragically, there has never been a starker illustration of the difference in importance placed on two babies' lives than you’ll see today in Britain, where two big news stories are the official celebration of the birth of a royal baby and the heartbreaking battle of two everyday parents to save their baby from being condemned to die by that same government’s arrogant health care system. On the very day the nation was celebrating the Royal baby, the UK government was removing the life support system from 23-month-old Alfie Evans and stationing a line of police to keep his frantic parents from trying to move him to another hospital that would grant him care.

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Alfie went into a coma from a condition British doctors could not diagnose, yet they think themselves infallible enough to determine that nothing can save him and it’s better to let him die. This despite the fact that a Vatican hospital agreed to try alternative treatment, as did hospitals in several other nations. Various international ambulance flight services volunteered to transport him. Italy even extended Italian citizenship to the child. Yet the British National Health System (which many Americans insist we emulate, while mocking anyone who worries it will lead to the government deciding who gets to live or die) ruled that the baby had to die, for his own good. Despite the parents receiving support from around the world, Britain’s Supreme Court rejected the parents’ second appeal.

Let me emphasize: it would cost the NHS nothing to let the parents take him away for treatment which is being offered to him elsewhere. If the treatment doesn’t work, then nothing will be lost because they want to kill him anyway. However, letting his parents take him would establish a dangerous precedent that parents have the right to make health care decisions for their children instead of government doctors and bureaucrats.

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But here’s a twist that his doctors, who seem to believe they’re omnipotent and should hold God-like power over life and death, never saw coming: as of now, Alfie has been off life support for nearly a full day and is still alive and breathing on his own. All the best efforts of his doctors to kill him have so far failed. The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, even put out a video of support “for Alfie and his overtired parents,” saying, “The power of love is defeating the cynicism of those who have pulled the plug.” A High Court Justice has now scheduled a hearing into the parents’ appeal. It would have been nice to consider hearing the parents’ case before Alfie’s life support was turned off, but let’s all keep praying for a miracle.

I’ve always believed that all life is sacred, all babies are a precious gift and nobody’s life is worth more than anyone else’s. If that is true, then any effort that might save little Alfie should be allowed to be tried, just as it would be if he were a Royal baby.

For more on this story, here’s a link to video of my appearance yesterday on Fox News. In the meantime, please keep praying for Alfie. It’s working.


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  • Kevin Hornby

    04/29/2018 06:27 PM

    I find the Governor's lack of fact in his article and his continued use of a brain dead child to promote his anti Obamacare political view as quite disturbing and not worthy of a man of such standing!.

    On top of that, at a time when we see Facebook and Twitter under the microscope for 'Fake' news, to then allow his 'flock/supporters' to comment on his articles with references to judges being taken over by satan, comparing the UK government to Hitler, and believing that 'thoughts and prayers' can reverse a brain that was more water than white matter is quite frankly unbelievable. ... and for the record even the European Court of Human Rights decided not to challenge the UK courts decision.

    This 23 month old baby had been on life-support for 16 months before it was finally removed. No cost to the parents. The doctors made all of their medical information available for review - no-one came forward with a solution (not even the Italians ... they were just offering more time on life-support). The doctors have a duty of care for their patient, just like in the US. And just like in the US - when you get to the point that there is no hope with treatment then there is only one decision left. In the US it may have initially been the insurance companies that would have made the request by refusing more money, or it may have been that Medicaid was not prepared to fund treatment without any evidence of progress ... either way, at some point, the decision to withdraw life support would have been taken and then it would have been up to the courts.

    In the UK the courts are independent, they are not the government. The National Health Service is paid for from taxation but individual decisions like this one are taken on the patients behalf not the government's. The code of doctors in the UK is 'do no harm' ... for all of the commentators on here who believe that, after 16 months of effort invested into keeping Alfie alive, the determination to stop life support was an easy one then I can only guess that you have a very low opinion of the profession.

    I know that on this website that this article is filed under 'Obamacare' and that socialised healthcare is anathema to many in the US ... but in the UK all 65m of us are covered. All 65m of have access to a General Practitioner (or MD), and enjoy access to preventative care. The NHS is not perfect by any means and comparing my experiences between my time in the US and the UK ... there's one system that provides a safety net for all, and there's one that provides the best health care in the world ... but only if you can afford it!

    Last point - for every Alfie Evans, or Charlie Gard, whose parents I would guess couldn't afford health insurance in the US, how many Americans will only find out that they've not gone to the ER soon enough because they can't afford it? ... at least in the UK you don't have that excuse! ... It's "how are you?" and NOT "how are you going to pay me?".

  • Tiffany Marrero

    04/28/2018 02:28 AM

    Do parents not have any parental rights in Britain? By what law are Alfie's parents not allowed to make decisions for their son? Can they sue the hospital for keeping their son away from them? I'm curious about the law pertaining to this. Intense prayers for Alfie over here!

  • Jackie Johnston

    04/27/2018 09:05 PM

    A sorry state of affairs. Glad we don't have that kind of healthcare here.

  • Andrew King

    04/27/2018 07:55 PM

    I would like to point out that there are many Brits living in the. U.S.A. and as one of them it is my opinion that you may not necessarily have all the facts correct. In any case, what happens in G.B. is nothing for you to judge. I myself have had bad experiences at the hands of American health care and I have been fined more than once for the so-called "crime" of being too poor to afford health insurance. I would suggest that you occupy yourself with the injustices occurring in this country like innocent children being gunned down by men "exercising their constitutional right to bear arms". Sincerely, Andrew King

  • Kaye Wsller

    04/27/2018 05:37 PM


  • Kathryn Caputo

    04/27/2018 04:38 PM

    Denying parents their parental rights for a dying child. Satan must have control over such miserable cold-hearted beaurecrat(s). They will need to account to God for his/her/their action someday.

  • Shauna Dickerson

    04/27/2018 02:56 PM

    It's almost impossible to believe this kind of thing can happen, but I guess in a society where near birth babies can be aborted - murdered- I guess life isn't as sacred as it used to be. Maybe we'll become equal to the radical religion (name not mentioned) where death is more revered that life, thus they are not afraid to die for their God and thus it's easier to defeat us in the war with the Christian West.

  • Joyce Weigel

    04/27/2018 02:41 PM

    Wonder what that Government would do if that Royal Brat was sick and dying. I bet they'd see to it that he had
    the care he needed. Praying for Alfie that he will recover and be able to go home to his loving parents.

  • Bea Brooks

    04/27/2018 01:48 PM

    God Bless You, Mike Huckabee!! I am you biggest fan. Thank you for all you emails and great information. I can't watch the news since I have anxiety and you keep me posted on things I care about. Keep up the good work and I will continue to ask God's blessings on you and our leader. I will pray for Alfie.


    04/27/2018 01:14 PM

    I keep mentioning that I really like your newsletters, give me another perspective on what is going on in the news.
    Alfie, that is so sad and many in America need to expound on this situation and how "socialized medicine" is SO BAD!
    Bernie, Newsome, and many others running for office think it's the way of the future, NO. I want to "choose" my
    doctors and be in charge of MY Health! Government has no business in any healthcare, let each and every person
    be able to purchase what they want and for the needs of their government intervention! Besides
    here in California, it would cost $400 billion per year to cover everyone in this state, NO!
    Thank you
    Carmen Price

  • Eddie Byrn

    04/27/2018 01:11 PM

    Any bureaucratic person's control over another's life is a dangerous concept. The British (and other like-minded peoples) are on a wrong path.

  • William and Doris Huston

    04/27/2018 12:56 PM

    Governor Huckabee, we are wondering if you have not seen what happened to Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv who defended the 2nd Amendment. This past weekend he visited a gun range with his father, who wanted to teach him how to shoot. What happened to him on Monday at school (see the link at the end of this note) was not covered by the media at all here in Miami-Dade or Broward counties—not convenient, obviously. A very short reference appeared Wednesday evening (30 seconds maybe) about his social media posting, and this only because the boy had been interviewed by some conservative media. However, the story about what the school police did to him without parental presence was never mentioned. This is another example of how little school officials, law enforcement and the liberal media care about our children and youth.

  • Pat Michaels

    04/27/2018 12:45 PM

    I love the Brits in general but their “Big Brother” Government scares me to death. Prayers and supplications: God save little Alfie!

  • Connie Yost

    04/27/2018 12:36 PM

    This child deserves a chance at life and the gov't should allow it

  • Audrey Smith

    04/27/2018 12:23 PM

    I live in California....can't something be done with the mess Gov. Jerry Brown is doing? I know we will be voting soon. There are many of us who don't like what is happening to our state. Our schools are getting to be a mess...a real mess. You said that we are close to having our First Amendment rights taken away. How does that happen? We love CA but something terrible is happening.

  • Marie DeKnikker

    04/27/2018 12:11 PM

    I feel that only God should determine when a person's time has come to an end, not the Government or anyone else. Praying for Alfie's survival. Glad there are some people and Governments that are trying to assist. God be with each!
    Love and hugs,
    Marie DeKnikker

  • Karl C Shumaker

    04/27/2018 12:03 PM

    It is outrageous that the quack's would stand in the way! It demonstrates they are protecting their egos and nothing else. This kind of behavior is what OUR founders tried to prevent.

  • Brita Hobbs

    04/27/2018 11:52 AM

    I agree completely with you, Mr. Huckabee! My heart breaks for Alfie's parents. Let us keep praying. God is in control. I am asking Him to move Baby Alfie to a safe place.


    04/27/2018 11:48 AM


  • Patricia

    04/27/2018 11:45 AM

    Love your articles, praying for baby Alfie. Wish your commercials weren’t so unchristian, I can’t let my grandchildren read unless I copy and show them, it would be nice if they could just go to your sight. Always praying for the President, you and your very cool daughter ...????????????. Keep up good work, and run for President again in 2024...

  • Dan mcauley

    04/27/2018 11:38 AM

    The government should be flushed down a toilet along with the omnipotent doctors

  • Peter Pennington

    04/27/2018 11:34 AM

    I strongly suggest you read the op-ed in today’s (Friday) Daily Telegraph. It is the courts, both UK and European that have ruled on Alfie. Unlike in the US, British courts have to take the child’s interest first and foremost, not that of the parents. It is a case full of anguish but claptrap such as your latest posting adds nothing to this case.

  • Deborah Kaba

    04/27/2018 11:33 AM

    The USA should not condemn the atrocious practices of other countries until they clean up the same practices in our country.

    I'm against socialized medicine in the USA and most other countries because it is a money-making tool of big-pharma and a way to legislate their power over all citizens; and steal the ability of people to use alternative treatment.

    I was diagnosed with cancer in one breast and both ovaries. My MD and oncologist tried to fear monger me into doing the pharmacological and surgical choices. I told them to give me six months to fix the problem through natural means. In three months the ovaries were disease free. After six months the breast was disease-free. It's now four years later and no signs of cancer.

    All people should have the right to choose and not be coerced by the government.... Whether that's Alfie's treatment or kids with cancer.

    Please watch the 13 minute video below to see the atrocious disregard for parental rights happening in the USA medical field. Mr. Huckabee, you have the ear and heart of many politicians, please help Americans stay free from the big-pharma monopoly.

  • Patricia Hullihen

    04/27/2018 11:32 AM

    I agree with your commentary. It is totally against any human decency to deny Alfie's parents the right to make medical decisions for their child. The government (despite what they may think) are not God. Continue to pray for Alfie and this bizarre situation.

  • Arda Blevins

    04/27/2018 11:20 AM

    My heart aches for these young parents. I had a baby girl who died on Christmas Eve many years ago at the age of 2 months 18 days. The pain of losing a child never goes away. This precious little boy deserves to be given every chance to live. Our God is a God of miracles, and if He so chooses, He can give these parents the miracle of a healthy little boy.

  • Mary Rowe

    04/27/2018 11:11 AM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee. ALL babies ARE a precious gift from God and none more valuable than another. I am the Mom of a daughter with a neurological disability. It SHOCKS and disgusts me how many express, in one way or another, that the lives of the neurologically injured are someone less valuable. So many think "well that person wouldn't want to live that way if they understood". The point is they DON'T understand and children who are like my daughter live their lives blissfully ignorant of the differences. She enjoys every day and has a right to it. She trusts the Lord in a way most should envy. It matters not that her capabilities are different or that she can't 'contribute to society'. If we must compare who's life is worthy of living and whose are not, I believe children like my daughter are right at the TOP of the worthy list. They are not cruel, greedy and mean as so many "normal' people are. Children like my daughter teach us about unconditional love and are an example to us. They teach us how to be patient, how to put the needs of another before our own. Frankly, they are great at grinding off the selfish, shallow parts of those who love and care for them. Has society ever considered that THIS is one of the ways they contribute to society? By making us better people than we would be without them? Love those different than yourselves and fight for those who are vulnerable and helpless!!

  • Tammie Freeman

    04/27/2018 11:07 AM

    Incredibly sad and disturbing what is going on in the UK regarding the life of Alfie. Shame on those that are killing that baby. The contrast of how Alfie is treated over the royal baby is night and day. Prayers continue for that baby and his parents.
    I am thankful that as Christians we are part of a royal priesthood and that God does not choose favorites. Being born into wealth or privilege or an earthly royal lineage does not matter to God and it never will.

  • Debra Brown

    04/27/2018 10:36 AM

    This reminds me of the scripture in Matthew 24:12 "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." This happens with individuals first in order to infiltrate groups and governments. I sent my prayer up for little Alfie. If God intervenes then there will be a miracle and if not, the baby will be with God waiting on all his loved ones to join him soon. It is a sad thing because it appears to me with the offers of help from other countries that the only reason that could be left for them to say no would be that the doctors don't want to be shown up because they do not have the skills they want everyone to think they have.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/27/2018 10:34 AM

    Yeah, what about Alfie, dont forget him, Make visible,
    He can be anyones baby.
    Thanks UK HC system.
    Gift from the EuroLeftists to the world
    We kill babies & this is after birth

  • Catherine F. Barnowsky

    04/27/2018 10:26 AM

    This is so trapped these parents must feel... they must be dying inside, knowing that their own government would do this to them. I pray that God will grant someone in the government to speak out and change this horrible position. I will continue praying for the life of this child.

  • Mary Pfadenhauer

    04/27/2018 10:24 AM

    I completely agree with your stance on this horriffic disregard for the sanctity of human life and the rights of parents to persue other options so graciously offered. Praying for a quick and sudden change in this family's situation.

  • Kathryn Rae

    04/27/2018 10:20 AM

    It's apparent to me that the UK would rather let this innocent little guy die than let Italy try to save his life. Their pride is more important than saving a life? The UK is holding this child hostage! Remember when the state of MA held hostage a young girl from CT? Value of life should not be determined by arrogent doctors or politicians. This is outrageous. God bless Alfie and his family.

  • Chuck Mohr

    04/27/2018 09:43 AM

    The Brits are way off base. The baby is the responsibility of the Parents to seek help and support as they can. The Government should assist not stand in the way.