July 6, 2020


The Democrats tweeted, then deleted, this message. But too late; it was archived.

So this is what we’ve come to in 2020. If you vote for Democrats, you’re voting to put people in charge of a nation whose own history and culture they hate so much that when they hear the patriotic phrase “President to attend 4th of July celebration with fireworks at Mount Rushmore,” what they hear is “President to attend white supremacist rally at sacred land stolen from indigenous peoples.”

I implore you: please have some sympathy for the poor Democrats and don’t curse them by forcing them to hold public office in a nation for which they are seething with hatred and obviously despise most of its people, whom they believe are irredeemable racist deplorables. Encourage them instead to retire to someplace where they would feel much more comfortable, like Cuba or Venezuela.


Must-Read Article: I recently linked to an article about how very different life is in rural and small-town America than it is in the deep blue cities filled with riots and “occupied zones” and cancel culture and attacks on police. The writer seemed unconcerned about all those things because they were in those horribly-run cities and wouldn’t touch the rest of the country. I argued that while he was certainly right about life being better and people getting along a lot better outside of leftist-run cities, he was wrong to think that “it can’t happen here.”

In fact, it already is happening. The woke mobs are starting to target smaller towns with the same smear tactics and organizational techniques they’ve perfected in cities to get sympathetic leftists elected to office where they release criminals and make cops stand down and kneel before rioters and monument smashers. Here are some examples of small towns where conservative mayors, school board members and other officials have been intimidated into resigning amid nonsense accusations of being “white supremacists.”

How does this happen? It happens when you’re not paying attention (that’s how AOC got into Congress via a low-turnout primary, the same method radical leftists are using to get local DA’s elected who “reform criminal justice” by refusing to prosecute or jail criminals.) It happens when officials knuckle under, apologize and resign instead of standing up for themselves. And it happens when citizens are too scared to fight back and say “No” to the mob’s demands. Yes, there is a silent majority, but we are quickly reaching the time when the majority can’t stay silent any longer, or it will find itself being oppressed by a very vocal, very leftist and very, very stupid minority.


With the investigation of “Crossfire Hurricane” by U.S. Attorney John Durham looking more serious by the day, it’s obvious what the political cover is now. The memo has gone out to everyone in the Democrat Party and the media (but I repeat myself) to paint Attorney General Bill Barr, who had the gall to appoint Durham in the first place, as a purely political AG. Why, he’s not there to consistently enforce the law of the land; he’s just there to be President Trump’s protector, his lackey, his “wingman,” so to speak. (Wait, no, that was Eric Holder’s self-described role as attorney general for President Obama.)

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, with visions of impeachment still dancing in his head, assisted in this effort last week by bringing in federal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky to speak to his House Judiciary Committee about Barr’s “interference” last February in the sentencing of Trump campaign associate Roger Stone.

Keep in mind that Zelinksy was a member of Mueller’s get-Trump special counsel team and also used to work under Rod Rosenstein. He was one of four prosecutors who dramatically resigned from the Stone case; in fact, he even chose to leave his position but (big surprise) continues to work with the Justice Department. In an interview for NPR on Thursday, Barr dismissed his testimony as “simply false” and “double hearsay.”

"I was the decision-maker in that case,” he said, “because there was a dispute. And usually what happens is, disputes, especially in high-profile cases, come up to the attorney general.” He said he had not discussed the sentencing with Trump and had already decided to change his recommendation before Trump’s angry tweet. Barr said that Stone “doesn’t deserve a break, but he doesn’t deserve to be...singled out, and treated more harshly than everyone else.”

I’ll point out what few Barr critics have: this was simply a sentencing RECOMMENDATION. Judge Amy Berman Jackson may follow the suggested guidelines or not. So what is the all-fired big deal?

Trump’s political enemies want looooong sentences for his associates because that puts pressure on him to pardon them, and that would unleash a media hysteria to last until Election Day. If this means putting a 67-year-old man behind bars potentially for life (especially if he gets coronavirus in there), so be it.

The narrative from now on will be that Barr is motivated only by the desire to help President Trump. Therefore, everything he does will be examined strictly from that perspective. It doesn’t matter that Stone’s sentence WAS harsh, that invading his home with a SWAT team while CNN cameras rolled WAS an abuse of power, and that the Russia “collusion” story in which he was ensnared WAS a hoax.

But Kimberly Strassel, writing about the Michael Flynn case in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, departs from the chosen media narrative. She points out that the three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals that ruled on Judge Emmet Sullivan’s rejection of Barr’s decision to drop the case has done something beyond simply rule on the legal merits.

Importantly, the ruling is also a rebuke of the FBI and Robert Mueller’s special counsel team. This isn’t being widely reported, of course, but Strassel says it marks the first time a federal court has acknowledged the misconduct that Barr is trying to bring to light.

Judge Sullivan had bought into the same (debunked) Democratic conspiracy theories the FBI had been using; recall that he flew into a fit and even called Gen. Flynn a “traitor,” right there in the courtroom. So, naturally, he couldn’t let this case go just because the attorney general told him to, choosing instead to call on retired Judge John Gleeson to take on the role of shadow prosecutor.

Strassel makes an important point: that if the circuit court judges had any thought that Sullivan was right about Barr playing political favorites, they could have allowed him to continue fighting that. Instead, they said quite bluntly that there was “no legitimate basis” to question the Justice Department's behavior.

They even went after Judge Gleeson for relying in his amicus brief on “news stories, tweets, and other facts outside the record,” contrasting that with the DOJ’s motion that “includes an extensive discussion of newly discovered evidence casting Flynn’s guilt into doubt.”

They said this “includes evidence of misconduct by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

According to Strassel, the DOJ had provided voluminous evidence --- I would add that this is thanks to the determination of Flynn attorney Sidney Powell --- that the FBI had improperly pursued Flynn, kept the investigation open even when it had produced no evidence of wrongdoing, gone after him on the never-used Logan Act when he had acted appropriately, and schemed to trap Flynn into perjury with an interview that had no “legitimate investigative basis.”

Recall that in February of this year, Barr appointed U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen to review the Flynn case, and four months later, Jensen concluded that dismissal was “the just and proper course.” The appeals court decision was consistent with this.

Former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman was on FOX & FRIENDS on Friday to offer a similar viewpoint, saying that Flynn was so wronged that he should consider a “Bivens Action” against the Department of Justice and former Obama administration officials. A Bivens Action is the legal remedy to use when one’s rights have been violated by a federal investigator.

"I hope he is looking at it strongly,” Tolman said. I would imagine that at this point, Powell's team is already putting together that lawsuit. Let’s hope they are, and also hope he becomes an extremely wealthy man after losing his career and financial security over this bogus case.

Tolman agreed with Powell’s brief that the newly obtained notes penned by Peter Strzok, which describes the underlying action of Flynn’s phone calls as legitimate, show that stunning exculpatory evidence was withheld from Flynn’s defense.

He described what happened as “an absolute effort --- call it collusion, conspiracy, whatever you want to say --- that now we know goes as high as the Vice President and the President. To not only withhold information about the investigation to the incoming President, but to go after the incoming President through the incoming national security advisor on an investigation that did not have a foundation to it.” The fact that they should still have managed to bring a case should concern everyone, he said.

Tolman dared to voice what we’ve known for a long time: that they were trying to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.

So remember when Barr continues to be accused of politicizing the DOJ, it’s just another example of Democrats accusing others of what they themselves are doing. The attack on Barr is political, and it’s coordinated. It sure seems to me that Barr’s the one trying to get the politics OUT. If his decisions at times help President Trump, perhaps it’s because the President actually has the truth and the law on his side.


By Pat Reeder, "Huckabee" Staff-writer

The streaming service Hulu has yanked an episode of the ‘80s sitcom “The Golden Girls” because Rose and Blanche appear in blackface – except they don’t. The two ladies are wearing mud masks on their faces, just like women (and some men) of all races have for centuries.

When a black character walks in on them, they’re embarrassed and insist they’re not wearing blackface, which shows that the writers were aware even then that blackface was offensive. But of course, trivialities such as accuracy, intention or context mean nothing when you’re competing to see who can find the next thing to be faux-offended by, or when you’re panicking in fear before the phony outrage of the cancel culture brats.

But there’s a larger point that makes what Hulu is doing seem even stupider, if that’s possible. Most people forget now, because “The Golden Girls” is so beloved by multiple generations for its humor, its cast and its wonderful characters who seem like family, but in its day, it was one of the most “progressive” shows on TV. Creator Susan Harris (who wrote the landmark abortion episode of “Maude”) filled the show with liberal messages that were on the then-cutting edge of what was allowed on prime time

Blanche, of course, was the poster girl for recreational sex, but the show also touched on adultery (Dorothy’s husband left her for another woman, and she later had an affair with a married man) and sex among senior citizens. Blanche’s single daughter wanted to get artificially inseminated, a lesbian had a crush on Rose, Dorothy’s brother was a transvestite (the girls also accidentally hired a transvestite band for a fundraiser), a male character confessed to having had a sex change operation, and Blanche’s gay brother showed up with his partner to announce that they were getting married.

This was well before “Friends” aired the first lesbian wedding, although that show made sure to put a thumb in the eye of Christian conservatives by casting Newt Gingrich’s lesbian sister to officiate and say that “nothing makes God happier than when two people – ANY two people – come together in love.” (I’d cite the Bible chapter for that, but I can’t find it.) “Friends” also included Kathleen Turner as Chandler’s trans dad. In the same way, “Will & Grace” is often lauded for using the sitcom form to promote acceptance of gays and “soften America up” for accepting same-sex marriage.

Even in the “Golden Girls” episode that Hulu is pulling, the storyline was about Dorothy’s son marrying a much older black woman and everyone having to overcome both racism and ageism.

But here’s that larger point I mentioned: The left always eat their own. The creators of “Golden Girls,” “Friends” and “Will & Grace” thought they were brave pioneers of tolerance for including all those liberal messages in their shows. Yet all three are now under fire from intolerant leftists: “W&G” for promoting swishy gay stereotypes, “Friends” for homophobic behavior by the men, and “GG” over a “blackface” scene that really isn’t. Instead of honoring them for pushing the envelope in an earlier time, leftists attack them for not living up to current standards that might not even exist if it weren’t for them. They demand that those shows be edited or yanked, just like they demand that statues be smashed or books be burned or bowdlerized – and by the way, the big streaming services are already doing that with some e-books.

In social justice warrior land, there is no honor or respect for those who went before. There is only ruthless judgement and condemnation for not meeting a standard that changes almost hourly. If you give into it, it’s like trying to appease the sharks circling your life raft by cutting off a finger and tossing it to them. The taste of blood will only make them all the more ravenous. It’s better just to give them the finger from your boat and preserve history the way it happened.

This is why my house is stuffed to the rafters with real books, LPs, CDs, DVDs, files on hard drives, singles, VHS tapes, cassettes, 8-tracks, Play-Tapes, etc. etc. If you have to rely on streaming for anything, then you don’t really own it.

Incidentally, for a great lesson in how to react to the SJW mob and how not to, look at Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel. Former partners on the raunchy comedy series “The Man Show,” Carolla refused to knuckle under to the mob. He started a very popular podcast so the networks can’t censor him, and he’s become a defiant champion of free speech. He’s often vilified, but he is never censored or silenced. And he has a new book out on that very subject called “I’m Your Emotional Support Animal” that’s sure to be a best-seller. (Warning: contains rough language that he refuses to self-censor.)

Meanwhile, his former partner Kimmel has tossed in his lot with the leftists. His once-funny late night show has become just another Trump-bashing snoozefest, and he’s as likely to deliver a teary lecture on some hot button leftist subject as a comedy monologue. But all that virtue signaling gained him zip: when it was revealed that in long-ago comedy bits, he’d worn blackface and said the “n-word” while impersonating black celebrities, he was forced to take a break to “spend time with his family.” He’s now playing the liberal martyr by blaming his problems on evil right-wingers digging up his old material. But it’s not right-wingers who are demanding his head for comedy bits he did 20 years ago. All they’d like from him is for him to be funny again. It’s the leftists he sucked up to and who will turn on him on anyone else in an instant if they smell any deviation from accepted groupthink.

My advice to him would be to spend less time interviewing boring leftists and more time with Adam Carolla.


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  • ???? ???? ?????

    09/11/2020 11:37 PM

    What kind of camera is this? That is a great top quality. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=267301

  • Lu Jean Bedard

    07/08/2020 08:21 AM

    Thank you once again for the truth about what's happening in our country. It really is frightening! I live in Virginia where the left has gone crazy about the Confederate statues in Richmond. The mayor invoked an emergency order and is removing one each day. I believe it's a way to get around the lawsuits against the governor that kept the monuments from coming down. Of course, no mention of how much this removal costs.

  • Steven Miller

    07/07/2020 04:42 PM

    Although I look forward to your daily messages and news that is both worthy of print and reading, I am getting to the point of complete frustration and disappointment. My premise for stating the above is simple. Seems like each day there is one revelation after another regarding previous acts of government corruption and specifically certain players that are responsible for wrong doing. But yet there are still no acts of accountability and/or punishment levied upon the alleged guilty person(s) via legal charges, etc. This is my frustration and disappointment. Again, it seems like discovery is made and we move on to something else. I really am sick of this pattern.
    Thank you. Steven A Miller

  • Joyce Birch

    07/07/2020 12:16 PM

    This is another great newsletter & your clear understanding to provide your followers. I feel for AG Barr & what he has to go through with all the attacks. I believe he has the strength to sweep them under the rug.
    I feel for the Georgia couple that is under attack & can't get the police, private security, or the private complex they live on to help them. The mob came back with awful threats to do them harm. I forget if BLM was involved. Someone should be helping them.
    All the conservative opinions I've listened to, including you, regarding President Trump, needs to stop his opinions (tweets). He should forget about the Confederate Flag, the NASCAR driver, & concentrate on his positives & his projects for the future! He had a great speech in SD. He'll just spoil a great speech (2) it will backlash with these tweets. There has to be someone on his campaign committee to see these negative tweets.

  • Gail Denham

    07/07/2020 11:51 AM

    Thanks for pointing out yet more of the idiocy and weird thinking of the leftist mobs - they don't think - I believe their brains may be infected with virus that hasn't reached their voice box yet. May their tribe decrease.

  • Alfred Barnes

    07/07/2020 11:24 AM

    If we have to give back the land that Mount Rushmore is on when will we be woke to the fact we need to give back all the land of the USA because at one time the Indians own all the land of the this country. While we are at it and talking the ridiculous just read about how Seattle Washington was named after a Indian Chief that just happen to have owned slaves. Lets get that city a new name quick and if there are any statues of this man lets get them down now today.

  • Patricia Varhol

    07/07/2020 11:05 AM

    Will someone please tell me where it says in the First Amendment you have the right to protest? What I see is the right to peaceful assembly. Those are two different things to me. The way we protest is by voting.

  • Elaine ort

    07/07/2020 11:00 AM

    Governor, I just heard you in Fox this am and my heart is spilling over my eyes! How awesome your words this am to our nation about our God! Probably most of Fox watchers agree but I hope it spills over to other stations! We are under a spiral war! I tell people if they think this is bad wait until after the Rapture!.I want to take as many with me as I can!!! You are God's man!

  • Emma Hood

    07/07/2020 10:18 AM

    I LOVE your newsletter! Always get a laugh it two from your amazing ability to illustrate how ridiculous some people can be! God bless you and your family!


    07/07/2020 09:12 AM

    I am with you the Democrats that hate this country so much and lived in mansion should retired and move to Cuba and Venezuela but they should go without their millions so they will give them a ration card and be in a line for 2 days in the sun to get laundry power and dish washing liquid I am pretty sure they won't glorify Socialism anymore. I love this country will all my heart came here from Cuba when I was 15 years old and it breaks my heart to see what it is happening in this wonderful country. I pray to the Lord everyday to heal this land and that people will repent from their sins. Only Jesus can turn this around. God bless you for always telling the truth.

  • Jerry Korba

    07/07/2020 08:47 AM

    Mike I caught your show late last nite Liked it a lot I went to bed feeling a bit more at ease. I want to mention life without Pro sports is really not the end of the world with all the crap it wants to highlight ,todays politics the reason I bring this up I have been involved with sports all my life and I love them But with the time away, I spent time working on my home going to the grain elevators buying supplies for the yard seed, fertilizers and lawn treatments U get the picture while at the mill I watch as farmers came to get the seed for the fields grains for livestock and the people are so real, no chains of gold hanging around their necks, no stupid haircuts or body tattoos or body piercings, what I saw, people in blue jean work attire work shirts without BLM Antifa advertisements, hats that kept the sun off their heads and as they loaded up the trucks smiles and friendly gestures toward each other both sides working, to get ready to take care of America's tables and feeding America's livestock all which I think is taken for Granted the America Farmer. I salute them as I do our Military and Police Force as I do with the medical industry, they The Farmer goes unnoticed by many to them All Lives Matter.................Now thats America!!!!!!!!

  • Dusty

    07/07/2020 01:38 AM

    Gov. thank you for he message on small towns and right on we in Ga my town had a 100 show up one protest not much but if they think the can start why not except my place is totally for Trump signs all over. I am getting a permit to carry. I am in gated but still want to have my own protection. I have spray. See a DA her house attacked in Tenn where were the police to protect her. they were firing fireworks at her house? See the past couple of days black fathers on their black children killed how they feel. See on news a father walking his little girl holding her hand and a car goes by a gun out and kills this father on the news today WHY. Why can we not send in our Nat Guard or Military police and see who has guns and are they legal? See S Chicago how is this possible in this country? How at Stone Mtn July 4 a group supposedly peaceful this is Bull hockey, marched in the park with rifles with police really did they ck on their gun permits. Then out in the park area stopped white cars threatening and saying wanted reparations. see the news not fake. I know this park and go often. Take down this Confed carvings bye bye on tourist not coming anymore. Turn it over to the BLM. I hear terms like from Sen Duckworth that President cared more about dead read my lips dead Confederate traitors then those who died per the Covid. Is she for real with her bright ruby lips. They try to push her having been military not per the party she has picked to support anymore . She had to say this President not care about the Russians and wanting to kill our soldiers and so far none of this has been proven per the intelligence committee? One expert said if this was true what are they paying since only two of our soldiers in Afgan have been killed? Using anything any lies or distortions they can make up no doubt per their Hollyweird backers. Here Rice per Pres Obama and her attacks this week on Pres and his people around him calling them sycophants and incompetents and who is she Miss messed up Benghazi ? More to come on her and the FISA and Russia. See this MOVIE 13 Hours believe it is called on Benghazi and you will see why a group of CIA quit . I was on the edge of my seat . See this and ask what went wrong and WHY? All you have covered here Gov I can not answer all and so do believe on Flynn how he was scammed and we are seeing more on why as time goes forward. Something out here that is not right and they whoever are putting in big money for some of these protest WHO GOV and WHO Mr President. Where is our FBI and CIA right now? Something stinks in the Apple Barrel.

  • Ruth M. Long

    07/07/2020 12:16 AM

    Gov. Huckabee...I always enjoy your show!! And the great guests you interview.... Please have Karen and her hubby, Billy Vaughn on your show . They are the parents of Aaron Vaughn, who was a Navy Seal, killed in Afghanistan. Their story is amazing! They each have written a book about Aaron..... Some of my family in Florida, know the family. Thank you for wholesome entertainment!!

  • Vernon R Freeck

    07/06/2020 11:47 PM

    Thank you for keeping me in the sane lane of life. After all my biggest part was HuLa removing the golden girls. I do pray that OUR world will soon come back no matter how bad some think it was

  • Dorothea Jacobsen

    07/06/2020 11:38 PM

    promoted and supported racist death cult in Africa and Latin America and our inner cities... how one fetal thymus fetches $680, one f. liver sells for $680(can't tell it's melatonin...) so EVERY fetus can fetch + or - $5000 depending on how 'intact' it is; Talk about The DaVinci (DV Biologics, and Da Vinci Biosciences) companies’ admission of guilt for selling baby parts, the 2017 $7.8 million lawsuit and so on ..incl. the unrelenting attack on Kavanaugh as pro-life judge 2. Open Border policy of leftists to admit drugs, criminals, etc. into our inner cities to perpetuate fatherless black families, entitlements, and abortions for druggie moms. Let's pick the narrative and stick to the systemic racism topic that left really is guilty of. May the Lord bring many to repentance, and get on to Alex Azar for why he has not yet fired evolutionist, BioLogos Founder, Francis Collins (see his profile on wikipedia, if it is still intact.. )from leading OUR NIH!!!!!

  • Rose DeField

    07/06/2020 10:49 PM

    You are "right on", as always! We appreciate you so much! LOVE the Mike Huckabee show, as well???

  • Joyce Kosel

    07/06/2020 09:41 PM

    Your Sunday night show for the 4th was Awsome we needed that Thank You

  • Clara Todd

    07/06/2020 09:29 PM

    I am voting for President Trump and all republicans! And my sons are, too!!! My church friends from the World Apostolate of Fatima, U.S.A. and our Cleveland Diocesan Division - also known as "Our Lady's Blue Army" fighting the "Red Army" -- (communist) are voting republican and we all are praying the rosary daily to save souls. We are praying for God to protect us during these these chastisements from God (a wake up call for the sins of mankind) with the hope for our Our Blessed Mother as promised to Triumph with an era of peace to follow. Unfortunately, She said that the Church and the sanctity of marriage will always be attacked until the end of time. Clara

  • Jerry Korba

    07/06/2020 09:26 PM

    Since the 2018 election America has risen to its pinnacle and was climbing higher until the Virus the murder of George Floyd an ex con killed by police with malice got all the headlines. We got the squad we got Pelosi we got Racism we got savage behavior in the streets we have a MSM that is the equal of any communist regime. Forget all about China and the creation and spread of the Virus to almost every part of the world the death and suffering the connection with Marist Governors sending sick people back into a improper Nursing homes for our elderly. The white peoples"s monument to white supremacy Mount Rushmore. So people want to turn back the time to the 1700's then stay away from our hospitals our transportation our supermarkets our medicines our freedoms go back to enslaved people continue to to kill babies of all races move the Nations capital to Montana leave the the politicians and all the people that want to return to the 1700's in our 51st state washington DC build a wall around the state you can only enter you can never leave after you destroy yourselves and you will America can reach for the stars again with you out of the way America can go beyond the stars American life matters. MAGA

  • Robert Galloway

    07/06/2020 08:38 PM

    Mike Huckabee,

    We all are in the scope of the ones that have long waited for this moment in Amercia. To infiltrate our governing bodies to destroy it and everything that lays in the path...

    And all roads lead to either the chambers of our Judges and or being hauled off in a body bag..

    I have been around for 5+ decades, and what I have witnessed along this broken road, is that the ethical standpoint, mixed with big business has stripped us from the very values that built this country, so, so many can be prosperous, and vibrant. But the starch of the soul of us is slowly eroding...

    For the local municipalities not to adhere to their duly elected seat and handing down a just iron fist against all the chaos, is just unconceivable..

    Major restructuring is due, past due in my thoughts. And with the mindset of the liberal left, we are doomed with we continue not to stand up..

    And if we set back and just watch, we will certainly be consumed and stripped from what we all worked hard for..

    Just like South Africa, when the natives took to killing the farmers and regaining their lands a few years back..

    We will not be a exception, if the right atmosphere presents itself..

    Either we can fall by the sword or we can take up arms and supply what is drastically needed..

    That is to carry away our constitution and build a more of a perfect Union, by breaking from the current and establishing new alliances that will promote the just cause needed to smother out the evil that is around us...

    It is becoming good verse evil...

    Where do we stand?

    May Gods grace deliver us out of the hands of the wicked..In Jesus name...

    Whether he was Jewish decent or black..

  • Heidi Petrick

    07/06/2020 08:28 PM

    Hey Governor, Happy 4th of July! These people are so sorry on so many levels. I guess the term that irks me the most is “ white supremacy “. I list that one right up there with being called “ racist “ when you don’t apologize for slavery that happened two hundred years ago, some three thousand miles from where I live. The only reason I was born white is because my family on both sides started in Germany, needed light skin to make vitamin D. They honk at President Trump for visiting Mt Rushmore and honoring the Presidents represented there. Oh ja, some were slave owners who if they were the men I think they were would have treated their slaves better than the left are treating certain people now. People like me who love Jesus, want to become gun and blade smiths and who are in their 60s. Go figure. God bless you and yours Governor. Keep up the good work. Heidi

  • Dr Christine G Anderson

    07/06/2020 08:28 PM

    I need to know when/what to do. This weekend I proudly waved our glorious flag-and listened to endless fireworks-I thought to myself, "At least they are celebrating the 4th" except that I seriously doubt they knew why they were celebrating. I am fed up with the anarchy, the violence and the killings. The democrats don't care how many children and innocent people are killed. Their sole motivation is to defeat Trump-pelosi quotes the Bible, but I doubt if I will see her in heaven. This laser-like focus on defeating President Trump is truly an exemplar of mental illness.

  • Joy Randolph

    07/06/2020 07:54 PM

    I will never understand why people who hate our country so much don't ask for help to pay for a plane ticket to go to live in another country of their choice.
    We are fed up with their filthy verbal rhetoric, their burning our businesses, their destroying our history! My family worked as tenant farmers so we know hard work from sun up to sun down, but we are so grateful for our experiences. All I ever wanted growing up was to get a decent education, get a decent job and enjoy God and country! I see no happiness, I see no joy in these people! Where did they come from? Who raised them?


  • ken moore

    07/06/2020 07:41 PM

    close the southern border for all American's sake

  • James Drury Jr

    07/06/2020 07:35 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.