April 6, 2021

While President Trump has called on Republicans to boycott a number of companies that try to blackmail states into tailoring their laws to please the loudest leftists...

...there are some companies that refuse to knuckle under, and they are demonstrating that the yapping poodles are all bark and no bite. Here are just a few

Notice the two things they have in common:

(1.) They told the leftists to take their demands and put them where the sun doesn’t shine.

(2.) They not only didn’t suffer any loss of business, but some got even more business, with Republicans and other supporters of free speech and free thought going out of their way to purchase their products and services. Being condemned by AOC for working with President Trump helped Goya get more first-time buyers who’ve now become loyal customers than any advertising campaign they’ve ever run. No wonder they named her “employee of the month!”

I would compare all these “cancel culture” warriors to the Emperor who had no clothes, but these days, the little boy who pointed out that the emperor was naked would be canceled for daring to question the naked man's right to identify as a clothed person.

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  • Chris Peters

    04/06/2021 06:22 PM

    We need to establish a conservative buyers union. We only buy from approved companies on the list. The union supports all businesses who support our Constitution. To get national conservative discounts you have to have your Union Card. Social media reviews that display a support of the extreme left - gets your card cancelled. They then lose the discount and have to pay a much higher price. Margin for members - normal 20 - 30%. Margin for non card holders - 50% - 100% or more.

  • Jimmie Wills

    04/06/2021 04:58 PM

    I will boycott all the company's that are against voter ID

  • Bernice Schuberg

    04/06/2021 10:12 AM

    It is time that the Silent Majority is silent no longer! Our greatest power against this corporate takeover is our money. We must use our buying power with those who support our values and deny those who oppose and suppress our values.