April 8, 2019

Remember the old TV game show PASSWORD? It probably wouldn’t be much of a hit today because it was a quiet game that required some element of literacy and wit, but in its heyday it was a staple of daytime TV. Alan Ludden (the late husband of Betty White, for trivia fans) was the host, but each round began with an announcer saying in a low voice, “The password is…….”

So, here’s an idea: let’s play “PASSWORD 2019”! Of course, since it’s 2019, it has to be about politics, because in 2019, everything is about politics. I’ll be the announcer and say (ahem), “The password is...ACCOUNTABILITY”


What do you think the first clue should be? (And don’t say “Hillary.” There are just too many ways one’s mind can go from there, only some of which have to do with jail.) A good clue might be the word JUSTICE.

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Of course, if the partner’s politics are left of center, he or she (or “ze”) might take the clue JUSTICE and guess something like SOCIAL, as in “social justice.” Someone in the middle or leaning right might guess LIBERTY, as in “liberty and justice for all.” But if I were the partner in this round, I think my first guess might very well be ACCOUNTABILITY. That’s the element of justice that has been at the top of my mind for many months –- and yours too, I’ll bet –- because it’s what has been conspicuously absent from our system of justice. We’ve seen quite a few people blatantly lie to Congress, leak classified and confidential material, destroy evidence, ignore evidence, “fix” investigations, and use fraud to obtain warrants in an attempt to affect the outcome of an election and, later, to bring down a duly-elected President of the United States. And nothing happens to them.


However, this is far from over, thanks in large part to ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes of California. He’s been like a dog with a bone on the issue of accountability, and after close to three years he’s finally tasting a bit of the meaty marrow. On Saturday, the WASHINGTON EXAMINER ran his piece “The Russian Collusion Hoax Meets Unbelievable End” (meaning the “Russia” part actually turned out to be associated with the Clinton campaign and its production of the dirty Steele “dossier”). And on Sunday, he announced that he is ready to go forward with eight criminal referrals related to the origins of the Trump/Russia investigation. “We’re prepared this week to notify the attorney general that we’re prepared to send those referrals over and brief him if he wishes to be briefed,” he said on FOX News. In other words, they’re so prepared that they’re prepared to be prepared!


He and his investigators have found as many as two dozen individuals who may be be subject to criminal referrals. All of them do involve classified or sensitive information, so he can’t go too far into detail.


Nunes broke down the referrals into three different categories during an interview with Maria Bartiromo. First, there are five of what he calls “straight-up” referrals, dealing with specific individuals and specific crimes such as lying to Congress, misleading Congress and leaking classified information. He didn’t name names but I’m sure we’re all thinking of the same group of individuals.


He said the other three are more complicated in that they include conspiracy to commit crimes. These primarily relate to the abuse of the FISA court and involve “numerous individuals.” Other acts of conspiracy relate to the manipulation of intelligence.


As closely as you and I have been following this, there’s apparently still a lot we don’t know due to its highly classified nature. As Nunes put it, “There’s so much left. Remember, the American people have only seen the pieces that have been declassified so far...[about abuse of the FISA court}...There’s still more information. I’ve said this before: This was their ‘insurance policy.’ A lot of people think the insurance policy was just the overall investigation of the Trump campaign. It’s actually much more conspiratorial than that.”

There’s a third category that Nunes called a “global leak referral,” involving the leaking of highly sensitive classified information to a very small group of reporters over the last “2-1/2-plus” years. He said they have “a pretty good idea” of who is behind these leaks. More investigation may be needed, however, to pin down additional leakers, as reporters were in the habit of citing anonymous sources (“current and former senior officials”). Nunes said there were individuals within the DOJ and FBI who wanted to be, in effect, “the next Deep Throat,” the person who, in his own mind, is “leaking classified information for the betterment of all society.”


Last year, a joint Republican-led task force from the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight Committee started investigating this, but at this point Nunes is looking to Attorney General Williams Barr (“a grownup is finally in the room”) to go forward and “do a clean-up.” Public support is growing thanks to a decision by task force member Doug Collins of Georgia to release numerous transcripts of congressional testimony (not the classified stuff) that justify our long-held suspicions of wrongdoing.


Nunes pointed out that Congress can only investigate, not indict, so Attorney General Barr will have to get the Justice Department involved in a criminal investigation (if he hasn’t done that already) before there can be...what’s that password? Right: ACCOUNTABILITY.


Incidentally, Bill Barr will be testifying before the House Judiciary Committee (chaired by Jerrold Nadler) on Tuesday. It’s a routine, public appearance, meant to deal with budgetary issues, but who knows if they’ll even talk about the budget? Democrats disappointed with Barr’s summary of the Mueller report will undoubtedly take the opportunity to give him grief about it, try to discredit him, and demand –- even through a completely unnecessary subpoena –- that the entire, unredacted report be made public, even though we know it concludes that there was no “collusion” (conspiracy) with Russia, and even though it contains classified material and not-to-be-released grand jury testimony.

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Nunes said he wants the Mueller report to be made public, “but not just the Mueller report,” because some of the people who wrote it were involved in the conspiracies he’s including in these eight criminal referrals. As an example, he pointed out that Mueller’s lead attorney and another top lawyer were in the chain of custody for the Steele “dossier,” asserting that it was impossible for them not to have known it was just dirt from the Democrats. The report is written to fit their narrative, he said. (He calls it “the Mueller dossier.”) In fact, it’s MORE important to have the information underlying the report than it is to have the report itself. We need it all to get the complete picture.


From David:

You say, "Comey wasn’t supposed to make public any allegations that weren’t going to be charged." 

Not sure this is correct. My understanding is that the FBI is an investigative agency. It's supposed to send its conclusions to the DOJ, which makes the decision whether or not to indict and actually files the indictment in a court. In short, I don't think the FBI is supposed to make ANY announcements. Even if the DOJ decides to indict, any announcement it makes would be governed by the need to avoid pre-trial publicity that would make it difficult for the accused to get a fair trial. Correct me if I'm wrong.


From the Gov:

As I understand it, the FBI is not supposed to make public any allegations that aren’t going to be charged. But you are absolutely correct in saying that the FBI is an investigative agency and does not technically do the indicting. That’s up to the Department of Justice. Of course, it’s obvious by now that AG Loretta Lynch wasn’t about to charge Hillary because “the fix was in.” Comey and the other top-tier people at the FBI knew it.


So Comey needed to shut up, because you are also correct in saying the FBI is not supposed to make any announcements about the case, just give its recommendation to the attorney general, who takes it from there. I appreciate you writing about this, because I can see that it would have made my point better to use a different hypothetical and say that LYNCH (as opposed to Comey) could have offered a listing of allegations against Hillary if LYNCH (as opposed to Comey) had decided to press charges.


Comey’s public detailing of Hillary's misdeeds was inappropriate, as was making a public statement that he wouldn’t recommend indictment. He just messed the whole thing up royally, didn’t he? (Hard to say if this disaster was born of gross negligence or just extreme carelessness on his part, ha!) Gosh, you’d almost think that someone who screwed up that badly deserved to be fired...


Thanks again for writing!


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Here’s something you probably didn’t expect me to say:  I think Joe Biden is getting a bum rap and I’m here to lend him a hand.  Well, maybe he doesn’t need a hand—that’s what’s got him into so much trouble…his hands.  But I will lend him a little understanding.  Joe Biden has always been a close talker and an affectionate guy known for hugs, pats on the shoulder and back, and kisses on the cheek.  He’s never been accused of inviting women to come alone to his hotel room or office.  We’ve all seen photos of Joe Biden hugging on people—both men and women—at public events where 100 cameras are shooting from every angle.  Let’s be honest—if you’re a sexual predator, you don’t go after people in the most public places on earth where there’s more press than there are participants or while standing next to the so-called “victim’s” spouse, parents, or boyfriend.  I actually heard on a cable newscast an anchor describe one of his latest accusers as a “victim.”  What was she a victim of?  Biden apparently touched foreheads with her and then hugged her, as she put it, too long.  Did she have a stopwatch on him?  Hey, there are real cases of sexual assault in our society and they need to be reported and criminally prosecuted, but for women to come forward years after they got the “full-Biden” greeting and claim that’s disqualifying for the White House is just nuts.  The man has been in public office since 1972 and THAT might be disqualifying, but even now, he’s not being accused of driving around elementary schools in a kidnapper van offering free candy to 9 year olds.  He’s been accused by women, most of whom seem to be supporting another candidate for President in 2020, for being touchy-feely.  I grew up in the South where we do tend to hug strangers upon greeting, say things like darling, sugar, and honey to people who serve us coffee in the diner, and even kiss folks on the cheek…the cheek on the face, mind you.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing…or a generational thing, but I’ve met Biden before, and he was a warm and friendly guy, even though we weren’t political pals.  To his credit, he didn’t sniff my hair, but maybe because I didn’t have much more hair than he did so he figured it wasn’t worth it.  I’ve been to receptions where people got too close—especially when they took a bite out of an hors d’ oeuvre and spewed the cracker on me or had the breath of a hippopotamus.  And occasionally in a photo line, I’ve had a lady, usually too old to make it interesting, innocently and accidentally put her hand on my back, but actually—let’s just say—WAY down my back resulting in an awkward moment.  Perhaps she enjoyed it, but she was probably oblivious to it.  Me? I was more amused than assaulted.  The simple remedy for someone getting into our personal space is to stiffen up and step back.  It works most of the time.  If it doesn’t, a slap across the face usually fixes it, but make sure it leaves a nice visible handprint.  As they say in the Bronx, “Whaddya gonna do?, Huh?”


I would never vote for Biden, but it has nothing to do with his public displays of affection.  It’s his once pro-life position turning radically pro-abortion; his views on higher taxes, more government, Biblical marriage, and foreign policy.  But it seems a bit disingenuous for people to paint him as some kind of guy who ought to be on the sex registry just because he’s a bit on the friendly side.  Politics is crazy enough without candidates being attacked for doing what is natural to them in a personal greeting.  If you’re a Democrat and you don’t want Biden to be your nominee, I’m sure you can find plenty of reasons to choose someone else.  But find something better than criminalizing him for being as affectionate as a Labrador retriever. 


One of the many things I love about capitalism is that when some ginned-up controversy pops up, politicians apologize over it and talking heads scold and pontificate over it, but entrepreneurs find a way to make money off it.  In the case of Joe Biden’s roamin’ hands and rushin' fingers, this coffee company run by veterans found a hilarious way to turn it into a viral ad.



A New York City-based play that’s currently casting reportedly put out a since-retracted ad saying that white actors would have to undergo an anti-racism workshop and would be paid less than people of color.  Big problem with that: paying people based on their race is highly illegal under federal laws passed before the Democratic Party went insane.

To be honest, I’m skeptical of this story.  Read the entire thing: the ad sounds as if someone from the Onion or the Babylon Bee set out to write a parody of an ad for an extremely “woke” social justice radical theater piece.  The fact that it came out around April 1 might be significant.  Then again, maybe not.  I didn’t even recount any absurd April Fool’s Day stories this year because it’s become impossible to tell them apart from both the fake news stories that appear every day and the absurd real news stories that appear every day. 



Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says the Democratic Presidential field is engaged in a “sprint to the extreme left” to try to capture the nomination, but those far-left views will kill them in the general election.  Let’s hope so.

Every time one of them comes up with an insane proposal, another one says, “Hold my bong!” and one-ups it.  Over the weekend, Bernie Sanders pushed the envelope a little further by calling for voting rights for felons.  Not felons who’ve paid their debt to society, as Elizabeth Warren proposed, but passing out ballots to felons who are still in prison (boy, does he know his natural constituency or what?)  Not to give them any ideas, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if “Beto” O’Rourke called for handing out voter registration cards at banks so people could vote while robbing them.  They could call it the “Robber Voter Act.”

In fact, why stop there?  Democrats think everyone has a right to have their voices heard in our elections (unless they’re Republicans in less populous states; then their Electoral votes should be taken away and given to California and New York.)

So I next expect to hear calls for absentee ballots to be sent to everyone on Earth (after all, voting is a human right, and they’re all humans – besides, if illegal immigrants should get a say in choosing our leaders, why shouldn’t people in other countries, simply because they’re not here yet?) 

Know who else is human?  Dead people.  They should be allowed to vote for Democrats, too!  Sure, a lot of them already do, buy why not all of them? 

While we’re at it, why not let pets vote?  If they’re going to be held in servitude against their wills, then they should have a voice in their “masters’” government!  This likely won’t affect the election outcome much, since I assume that dogs (loyal, hard-working, dedicated to homeland security and police work) would vote Republican and cancel out the Democratic cat vote (lazy, ungrateful, expect other people to take care of them).  Parrots would be the swing vote: they’re very intelligent, so they might be conservatives; but they also repeat any silly thing they’re told, so they might be liberals.  And the parrots who expect the world to give them a cracker are definitely “progressives.”




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  • Amelia Little

    02/25/2020 03:22 PM

    Just reading this April 2019 edition in late Feb 2020. I see, after all this time, and the efforts of Devin Nunez and the appointment of Wm Barr and the assistance of attorney John Durham, we still seem to be in a holding pattern on holding democrats accountable for their actions, starting with obama, hilary, lynch, comey etc etc etc. In fact, it seems to date there is one lone leaker who is serving a sentence for HIS actions. I know Rome wasn't built in a day, but it would seem there would be some indictments, trials and sentencing in almost a year. As opposed to Manafort already in prison, Stone heading off to prison, this all went so fast my head is spinning!!! Even Flynn, although, thank goodness for Sydney Powell, he still has a chance at justice!!!

  • Janice Parys

    04/10/2019 03:40 PM

    When I went to the Wash. Examiner, Malware said it was dangerous. Do you know if it is?

  • william fuhrer

    04/09/2019 11:05 AM

    If the FENCE were built couldn't the number of ICE agents be reduced

  • diana Marie brown

    04/09/2019 11:03 AM

    I enjoy watching your show on Saturday and especially like the news editions. What I do not understand is how Illegals who are in our country and the states hiding them can get away from what they are doing? I was under the impression that we had United States Federal Laws that were counted before our State Laws. So if they are not adhering to the United States Federal Laws, why do they still continue to get away with what they are doing by hiding the illegals and letting them have all our rights that we as citizens of this country have? Also, do not understand how felons have the right to vote? Did they now lose their rights when they became felons? I remember Ellis Island because of it being a clearing house for immigrants from other countries to legally enter the United States? Why oh please why ?? cannot we as a country bring back something like that again sorta of a "clearing house"??

  • Harriet Carey

    04/09/2019 08:19 AM

    I don't know where we lost our way (it has been going on for years) when everyone started to refer to it as the "Democratic" Party instead of the "Democrat" Party. Sorry to say, but there is nothing democratic about the party that everyone calls it. Just saying.......

  • Anita Mae Barker

    04/09/2019 05:26 AM

    I hope I live long enough to see the end of this mess!

  • Mary Blood

    04/09/2019 03:10 AM

    Gov. Huckabee:
    I totally disagree with your opinion of Joe Biden’s actions. I and many in my family have experienced this type of behavior from someone in our family. A light touch on the hip after coming at you from behind and on multiple occasions in the presence of his wife and other family members. He tried to make it look natural, but it made me and others highly uncomfortable. We should have known that the young girls in our family were also targets when he began following them to another room where they watched TV. We became aware only after he hunched and fondled the breasts of one young granddaughter and exposed himself to another while no other adult was present. Watching Biden put his hands on these girls and women makes me queasy, especially as he pulls them, obviously against the will of some, to him and “lets” his hand slide to their chest. It is, in a word, sickening. Why can you not see that?

  • Rebecca Holstine

    04/09/2019 01:27 AM

    I have nothing against Joe Biden hugging grown women. They are old enough to take care of their self. But I do have a problem of him putting his hands on little girls and smelling their hair and kissing them on their head, or cheek or where ever he decided to kiss them that day. Even a grandpa doesn't do that...not like the videos I have seen of him doing it. Little girls don't know what to do when an adult does this. But many of them looked mighty uncomfortable.

  • George Strickland

    04/09/2019 12:25 AM

    Governor, I have said from the moment AG Barr released his summary of the Mueller Report and the Dems accused him of being at best untruthful that they (the Dems) were pounding sand. If AG Barr lied in any way on his summary, then the inevitable release of the full report would prove their allegations and be political suicide for the AG. He could not and would not have lied...too bad the same couldn't be said for many Democrats.

  • Cheryl Breon

    04/08/2019 11:36 PM

    Please, please, please encourage that STUPID law to be revoked that makes babies born/dropped on this side automatic citizens!!!! AND please, please, please help people understand that it is also ILLEGAL to cry for asylum from a country OTHER than Mexico!!!! If we could educate people on these 2 points PLUS constantly put in front of their faces the COST of illegals like a running tally JUST like you see on the national debt, it would drive people crazy...or sane rather. OANN (One America News Network) does this a lot and it's effective! They are the most objective and education network I've ever seen. On another note, the renaming of things like sexual harassment being called "affectionate physical style" (aka dirty old man) and illegal aliens "asylum seekers" is becoming hysterical...or it would be hysterical if I could stop crying...wish Rush would also bring this up...a LOT!!! Democrats seem to twist like snakes in trying to justify their delusions, but since they are God-given (Romans 1), they can twist all they want but can't win.

  • James Hoppe

    04/08/2019 10:45 PM

    I'm reading the book...Secret Empires! How is it that Biden's son and Kerry's son can follow them around on
    gov't business and then some out with Board appointments...Ukraine...China Shipping deals...that made them
    apparetnly billions etc.
    Then McConnell's wife...on the cabinet...comes out with millions from China's shipping.
    When will the powers that be do INVESTIGATIONS of this???? Talk about a conflict....!!!!

  • Carl Smith

    04/08/2019 10:25 PM

    Loved your appearance on Ingraham tonight. Giving Obama Credit stunned Dee and BTW I'm all in on letting Dogs Vote- I have several and they all have names too.

  • John Gore

    04/08/2019 09:51 PM


    The sudden departure of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen has propelled the immigration debate once again to the center of our news screens. Debate??? On the one hand, Democrats are excoriating Nielsen as the heartless villainess who separated children from their “parents” in border detention facilities. For his part, Trump seems to be doubling down in his frustration. The man who is used to having his way is being thwarted at every turn—by the Congress, by the courts and by human traffickers—as he tries to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the US. Actually, under our senseless immigration laws, if you bring a child with you—any child—they get a “get-in-free” pass. Just be sure to claim asylum as soon as you set foot on terra gratis. So what was supposed to be illegal, is suddenly legal immigration. And we can add these children to the rolls of the other worthy innocents who we now call “dreamers.”

    Dare to dream? Start by dreaming of the day that our politicians actually say what they mean. Maybe then they can start talking to each other rather than at each other. Trump and the Republicans want a process that will limit the flow of immigrants into the US. The Democrats and most of their Presidential candidates want our borders to be as open as possible. Republicans view immigrants as a political and social threat; Democrats see them as the key to electoral dominance for years to come. Both are probably wrong. What is certainly wrong is the legislative process by which we are trying to cope with the current onslaught at our southern border. We need practical and humane solutions to this mess. Suggestion to politicians: until you have something sensible to offer, turn your dialogue of the deaf into a dialogue of the mute.

  • Marion Boomhower

    04/08/2019 09:39 PM

    Dear Governor:
    I pray every day that God will give Pres. Trump wisdom for decisions he has to make but I keep remembering the Bible says that pride goes before a fall. I believe God placed him in that position but He can remove him also. It says God knows the number of hairs on our head, He knows the thoughts and intentions of our heart and we are all going to stand some day before Him to give an account of our words and actions in this life. Isn't there anyone who can please advise the President to humble himself before our God and use language that is more befitting his position as President. He has accomplished many wonderful things for our country but his twitter messages and language detract from the positive good he has done.

    Blessings to you. I watch your program every week.
    Marion Boomhower

  • Virginia Anderson

    04/08/2019 09:14 PM

    I recently served as a poll watcher in our village elections. I was shocked at the number of people who came in requesting a ballot when they had already requested an absentee ballot. Each one said that they never voted absentee-style and wanted another ballot. Easy to vote twice, but I was thankful for the alert election judges who had them put their second ballot in a special envelope, just to make sure it was not a duplicate. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and the "Chicago Way" seems to be creeping in out here.

  • Dorothy McReynolds

    04/08/2019 09:00 PM

    I'm with you on Joe Biden. Wouldn't vote for him, but it wouldn't be because he came from an era when "Gee, your hair smells terrific" was considered a compliment. lol

  • Dale W. Powers

    04/08/2019 08:29 PM

    Just a quick thought on a comment about Bernie Sanders wanting incarcerated persons to have the ability to vote.
    As a former inmate of the Michigan Department of Corrections, ( 2.5 to 15 year sentance in 1989 for felonious assault and breaking and entering), I have to say, he is well off the mark here. I am all for voting rights being restored AFTER release, ( this is how it works in Mi.) But not during incarceration. During lock-up, you are a ward of the state. You are not being a productive citizen. You are not contributing by paying taxes. Therefore you should have no input in representation. Once released into society, get back to work, contributing through taxes, then yes, you very much SHOULD have a voice. After all, did not a few patriots throw some tea in a harbor some 200 odd years ago due to taxation without representation? By the way, not ALL convicts will vote Democrat which seems to be the common thought on social media. Some of us care about the future!
    Thanks Mike for listening to my rant, and please keep up the good work!

  • Jack Willis

    04/08/2019 08:08 PM

    So, unless my eyes were looking inward, I did not see any mention of what happened today with the Iranian Guard when I watched the CBS evening news. Maybe I missed it but I saw everything else.

  • Brenda Eddy

    04/08/2019 07:34 PM

    Hi Mike!
    Your portion on Joe Biden was interesting. I agree that he may be overly criticized for his behavior, but that being said, if that were Trump, he would have been crucified and then face impeachment proceedings.
    So..I have no problem with Joe facing the negative media/public opinion feedback.

  • Mary Honermann

    04/08/2019 07:29 PM

    My husband and I are laughing out loud at parrots being the swing voters, but it quickly turned to sadness as we thought how close this parody is to our current political atmosphere. Keep up the good work Governor, we need truth communicated now more than ever.

  • Bernadette Dillon

    04/08/2019 07:28 PM

    Thank you for your stories and educating us.

  • LuAnn Tyndall

    04/08/2019 07:24 PM

    I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak at the Truett-McConnell University Faith & Freedom event on Saturday night. My husband, Dr. Steven Tyndall, is professor of instrumental music & music education. Thank you for your kindness to the Music Department & especially Michaelyn Loper.
    God Bless You & your family!
    LuAnn Tyndall

  • Bill Dilworth

    04/08/2019 07:09 PM

    On accountability we should make it law that any one in office or running for office should undergo a back ground check and a drug test ! We as Americans are their employers and deserve this tool ! Also we should make it a law to lie to the American people would be jail time. Like the FBI We deserve to be protected and have a way to punish those who would deceive us !

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    04/08/2019 07:00 PM

    Uncle Joe IS guilty - of using his position as VP to squeeze China and Ukraine to steer hedge fund business to his sons. You often quote from John Solomon - he has done extensive reporting on this ;-}

  • Fiorella Weaver

    04/08/2019 06:57 PM

    Thank you for coming to TMU, Governor. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, even from the bleachers. I admire you for your Christian character and love for this country. Keep up the good work! I pray for you and your family.