January 29, 2018

When Peter Strzok and Lisa Page of the FBI exchanged politically-charged texts about an “insurance policy,” presumably to keep (or, if came to that, kick) Donald Trump out of the Oval Office, they referenced a meeting in “Andy’s office.”

"Andy," as far as anyone can tell, is FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as Lisa Page was at that time McCabe’s legal assistant. McCabe, according to FOX News reporter Catherine Herridge, was known as a member of then-FBI Director Jim Comey's "skinny inner circle," a tight group who were at the center of all big discussions and decisions. And, today, just weeks from retirement, McCabe was removed from his job by FBI Director Christopher Wray, who reportedly read “the memo” about politically-motivated FISA abuse yesterday. (Side note: it appears that McCabe will still be eligible for his pension. Your tax dollars at work!)

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Due to huge conflicts of interest, “Andy” should never have been involved in the investigation of either Hillary Clinton or President Trump in the first place. When his wife was campaigning for a seat in the Virginia state legislature, she received a contribution from Hillary Clinton ally (I'd say “bagman”) Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe in the staggering amount of $700,000. (Additional side note: even with all that money, her campaign was unsuccessful.) His failure to recuse himself at the outset from both these investigations is completely unacceptable. (He finally did recuse himself from the Clinton investigation --- one week before the election!)

Unsurprisingly, this hasn’t stopped former Attorney Gen. Eric Holder from praising McCabe on his way out the door. Holder writes: “FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is, and has been, a dedicated public servant who has served this country well. Bogus attacks on the FBI and DOJ to distract attention from a legitimate criminal inquiry does long term, unnecessary damage to these foundations of our government.”

Well, McCabe may have been a dedicated public servant, but his removal in this context certainly makes one wonder exactly what he was dedicated to. (Judicial Watch has been trying for some time through FOIA requests to get McCabe's text messages from the FBI, but, in other breaking news, has been informed that won't be happening.) Increasingly, it appears likely that he was dedicated, along with some top-level cohorts at the FBI, to making sure Hillary was our next President. There's nothing "bogus" about getting to the bottom of that.


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  • jack macdonald

    02/23/2018 01:27 PM

    How is it fair or reasonable that this corrupt individual who played a part in undermining an election get a wrist slap and allowed to receive his pension. No pension and brought to trial for his role in the Russian hoax.

  • Charles M

    01/31/2018 10:49 AM

    Should be investigating Holder for his traitorous misdeeds against our country - drain the swamp. Another high dollar pension we get to pay for. GRRRRRRRRRR

  • Gil Bellamy

    01/30/2018 07:07 PM

    Press reports indicate that the FBI job held by McCabe ended immediately. Therefore, his last salary check can include the monetary value of his unused vacation time and sick leave. That would leave him short of the employed time to get a full pension. He simply is not employed after the day he left the job and the time should not be added after his termination.

  • Jackie Homan

    01/30/2018 07:05 PM

    All this anti-Trump administration rhetoric sure screams Marxism-by-the-book. Tons of Alinsky by-the-book!! Sure appreciate your letters. Gotta get Mom (91 yrs old)hooked up. ??????

  • Tom Morrison

    01/30/2018 06:18 PM

    So it appears McCabe ha been put out to pasture early. The only thing I see wrong with this is he gets to keep his pension. After all of this political intrigue is concluded, if he is indicted for something and is convicted, will he then forfeit his pension?

  • Sharon A Cundiff

    01/30/2018 06:10 PM

    McCabe should not only not get his retirement, but he should be jailed. I rememberr a time he would have had charges brought against him. It seems there is so much corruptions in both parties no one wants to prosecute anyone because their afraid they might be next.

  • alicia cervera

    01/30/2018 06:00 PM

    Governor Huckabee thank you for your comments. Enlightening as always. Mc Cabe, and I just read Comey resigned, none of them should go out free and with retirement money. They are TRAITORS and should be held accountable. They must be prosecuted together with the other criminals like Hitlery and even Obama for he had to know, so he was complicit, was he not? Why continue with the Meuller circus, is its all a sham and Meuller is after POTUS for he hates him and wants to derail his presidency. I am outraged at what we are seeing from the high echelons in the FBI DOJ and other areas in our government. Can something be done. a petition like we signed for the release of the memo? It seems to have pressured enough to release the document.
    thank you, keep up the great work you do and God Bless.
    alicia cervera

  • Joe Analco

    01/30/2018 04:50 PM

    This country is in dire need of Justice to be equally enforced and shared by all or for sure anarchy will rise to be the daily dose of chaos and destruction. We truly need to start clearing out the criminal element in our government systems and the corrupt politicians. All finance benefits for those convicted of
    a crime, gone. Those who leave before the investigation completed, ZERO benefits until they are cleared of any wrongdoing. Let's not let those committing Crime become our acceptable daily staple.

  • Fred Pittman

    01/30/2018 04:45 PM

    First of all I am a Huuuuuge fan of you and your daughter. I supported you during your presidential run and watched your t.v. show weekly.
    I really want the memo to be released to the public with hopefully more info to come so that these "Deep State" career criminals can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Especially the "Clinton Cartel." Then maybe Trump can go full steam ahead to continue his awesome job of making America Great Again!!!!!!!!!!

    Fred Pittman
    2nd grade teacher

  • Deborah Land

    01/30/2018 04:28 PM

    None of these people in the doj or fbi or senators or congress should not get and benefits at all . They have broken the law. They have lost all their benefits. NO BENEFITS!

  • Norm Able

    01/30/2018 03:46 PM

    I anxiously look forward to your emails each day. It keeps me informed on the issues I need to know. Thank God we have people like you that are willing to example the "American way" to the liberals & socialists who are seeking to destroy "Americanism" & all for which our "way has always stood! I am willing to STAND UP against the socialization of our Republic! It's sad that so many in Congress don't see the danger & continue to lead us "to the left." God bless America & pray we soon stop this Marxist/Socialist madness being foisted upon us.

  • Theresa Carver

    01/30/2018 03:12 PM

    Getting very tired of knowing what acts of treason and other crimes they have commited and not ONE is paying the price? In fact one was permitted to run for the highest office in our country and others are getting pensions!! It's long past time to round them up. Take away their freedom and tax payer paid pensions and put them on jail, or hang them. Our country has become a laughing stock and a holding pen for swamp creatures.
    God bless you, Mike!

  • Nancy Andrews

    01/30/2018 03:05 PM

    I am so glad that they voted to release the memo. This whole thing from the IRS and everything that has happened in the past has to make me wonder what other things that the previous administration has done.

  • Susan Conery

    01/30/2018 02:20 PM

    How is it possible that these people are allowed to keep jobs and collect pensions? Why hasn't an independent prosecutor already been named to investigate these illegal actions as well as re opening honest investigations into Hillary and Obamas' actions? Sessions must step down immediately in order to name a new AG who will prosecute these crimes with every resource available.

  • Sharon Kumler

    01/30/2018 02:17 PM

    Didn't J. Edgar do some crooked stuff himself?? Or was that just movie material?

  • tom jeffs

    01/30/2018 02:09 PM

    and Dr Jill McCabe was able to keep all the unspent funds Hillary's bag man McAuliffe "donated" to her campaign - - - - - - - HOWZAT for laundering money ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Bear McGinnis

    01/30/2018 02:09 PM

    When McCabe became involved in treason he must have already considered the risks. He was banking on a Hillary win to absolve his crime. He tossed the dice and ended up with SNAKE EYES! He played and now he's gotta pay! No pension!

  • tom jeffs

    01/30/2018 01:39 PM


  • David Stafford

    01/30/2018 01:38 PM

    The top management at the FBI has violated the trust of the American people, yet the democrats are attempting to cover up their actions as if they were completely innocent. Further, if Mueller is fired as he should be, there is no obstruction of justice. There is no justice involved if the special prosecutor appointment is based on fraud. Its time to clean house, indict the people suspected of violating the law and let justice take its course.

  • Ronald L. Kirkish

    01/30/2018 01:26 PM

    Dear Gov. Mike Huckabee,

    It is plainly obvious to me that our nation was extremely fortunate to not only elect President Trump....but especially not to elect Hillary Clinton to be our nation's president....the election of President Trump has opened up the "Pandora's Box of Political Corruption" exposing the wholescale fraud our nation endured during the entire Obama presidency; and at the highest levels of the DOJ/FBI and probably other institutions like the CIA (and let us not forget the IRS). This FISA investigation is going to be just the beginning of unravelling the Obama Administration Corruption...but it is just the beginning........there has to be more to come if we are going to make America whole again.

    Thank you for all that you have done for our nation already and what you will do in the future........and especially, please let your daughter know how much we respect, love, and admire the saying goes, "the apple never falls too far from the tree" did a wonderful job as her father....wish more of us could say the same.

    Ronald L. Kirkish

  • Katherine J. Ellis

    01/30/2018 01:25 PM

    Now that all this 'very interesting' information is coming out, it looks as though there is a collusion-to keep Hillary from being jailed and, instead, to get her into the White House by any means, even if criminal. I am hoping we will continue to see more hard evidence surface and finally put Hillary and her cohorts in the Big House.

  • Lynn Martin Sanchez

    01/30/2018 01:16 PM

    Glad he is gone, but why does he still get a full pension??????

  • Cathryn Hills

    01/30/2018 01:16 PM

    I look forward to your newsletter daily! I love your perspective AND your sense of humor!!!

  • Connie Yost

    01/30/2018 12:54 PM


  • Daniel L

    01/30/2018 12:53 PM

    Lets be clear, forced retirement in no way is sufficient justice for McCabe if what everyone is saying, which is that he was part of weaponizing the FBI against the POTUS and the citizens of the country. If this is true, we have a Federal DOJ and FBI which MUST be held accountable for their actions.. and forced retirement would mean we have an injustice system, not a justice system. These people must face prosecutors and juries and the truth must be known.
    Dan L

  • Daniel L

    01/30/2018 12:49 PM

    Lets be clear, forced retirement in no way is sufficient justice for McCabe if what everyone is saying, which is that he was part of weaponizing the FBI against the POTUS and the citizens of the country. If this is true, we have a Federal DOJ and FBI which MUST be held accountable for their actions.. and forced retirement would mean we have an injustice system, not a justice system. These people must face prosecutors and juries and the truth must be known.

  • Tammie Freeman

    01/30/2018 12:33 PM

    Disappointing that taxpayer’s will be paying McCabe for many years to come and he worked to undermine the 2016 election, probably breaking the law. He was trusted and he broke that trust. We should be able to trust the FBI. Those in a “secret society” need to be exposed. This country does not just belong to them. I want my vote to matter and want to know that the will of the people matters. Corrupt people in government that can hurt others need to be exposed and held accountable.

  • Alan Fitzgerald

    01/30/2018 12:31 PM

    I am seriously tired of all the bullshit we get from the idiots in Washington! The honest people (who are actually the majority in this country and pay the taxes to support the bureaucrats in their "less than honest" endeavors) would like to see at least someone who we have elected, do something that benefits the nation! So far, they are mostly losers!

    Is it going to take another "Civil War" to set them straight? I hope not!

  • James T Bryson

    01/30/2018 12:23 PM

    Considering his performance as Deputy Director, does criminal behavior approaching attempting to remove a duly elected POTUS warrant a pension?

    Justice should be served, others are watching his political-hack example.

  • Sonya England

    01/30/2018 12:15 PM

    NO PENSION for McCabe!!!

  • Michael F. Conners

    01/30/2018 12:13 PM

    Governor Huckabee,

    At what point do “resistors” (and the Special Counsel, for that matter) cross the line into:
    1. Obstruction of Justice?
    2. Oppression Under Color of Authority?
    3. Treason?

    The Romans asked, “Qui Custodiet Custodies?”. Who watches the watchers?

    Very Respectfully,

    Mike Conners
    703 200-6020

  • Euni LaSpisa

    01/30/2018 12:08 PM

    I am enraged that he is going to be able to retire & collect benefits. Why isn't he going to jail? Did Comey & Rothstein write him a get out jail free card, like they did for Hillary-who definitely belongs in jail for committing TREASON! When are we all going to be AMERICAN AGAIN?
    God Bless you & your family.

  • Mac Calhoun

    01/30/2018 12:08 PM

    Tell me why the Republicans are so weak that they can't/won't prosecute anyone?? He's got his share of crimes worthy of prosecution. If you're not going to respond with something - why have this comment section??

  • Betty Ridgill

    01/30/2018 12:05 PM

    Thanks, Mike, for this opportunity. What has our country come to? It's so sad to see people hating each other this much to not be able to accept the person that the majority, yes, I said majority, of the American people voted to be our President. They have tried to block everything he tries to accomplish for us, which has been for our good. And, to risk losing your job just because you are not happy with the choice for President is unthinkable. I have trouble processing this thinking. Mr. McCabe and all who had anything to do with this conspiracy, Comey, Strozk, Page, and I believe Rosenstein, possibly others, should be fired immediately and stripped of all their salaries from this day on! And, as far as the former AG and president, I also think they are head-over-heels in this mix. I hope they don't dismiss them because of their former status! Crime is crime, whoever commits it! The last eight years has gotten us to where we are today!!!

  • Steven Interest

    01/30/2018 12:02 PM

    Comey's tweet yesterday that commended McCabe also referred to him as "Andy". Comey calls McCabe Andy.

  • Emmitt Luttrell

    01/30/2018 12:02 PM

    You can tell President Trump I do appreciate the .02% increase in my SS check, that's a lot better than the bummer gave us. I got a $40.00 raise but the government kept $30. and gave me $10. That kinda smarts.

  • Mac Calhoun

    01/30/2018 12:02 PM

    That's it??? He gets early retirement? He was going to take that anyway! Well, I guess this is a good indication of others who will just get off with resignations.


    01/30/2018 11:59 AM

    I am starting to have some hope that the "Swamp is slowly being drained." Employees resigning or being fired is helping. However, if laws were broken, people need to go to jail.

  • Lynne Hayes

    01/30/2018 11:58 AM

    MIke, I so appreciate your Newsletter and your sense of humor. Both are delightful! As to this story, it is very difficult for me to stay positive about what is going on with the BOWELS of our government. Thank goodness, President Trump is in there fighting for we "forgotten" ones.

  • William Tait

    01/30/2018 11:56 AM

    These corrupt people should loose their retirements of the corruption they practice. Politicians are NOT serving the people they are supposed to represent, but rather their own self interest and what they can get out of the taxpayers for little or nothing they do. Or not do.
    I am still waiting for this cesspool of a swamp, to be drained.
    A great reason for TERM LIMITS is what has been going on lately.

  • Dave McClure

    01/30/2018 11:51 AM

    How do we make a strong push to have this person prosecuted? Or at LEAST his pension removed, if indeed he is guilty of collusion to skew a national election. I'm happy to consider him "innocent until proven guilty" (since this IS America!!), but these texts sound fairly clear he will be found guilty in court. LET'S make that HAPPEN! I'm sick of people in high offices in America getting away with corruption. Once proven guilty, make him wish for the rest of his life he had resisted the urge to act in corrupt ways - each month he does NOT get any of my tax money in retirement!! Petition who for action? Thanks Mike H! LOVE your awesome work!

  • Jimmy L. Cox

    01/29/2018 05:57 PM

    It is past time for Rosenstein, the 2 adulters, and Mueller to be fired.