One of the hallmarks of the modern left is their utter inability to understand the difference between a right and a privilege.  They seem to think that a “right” refers to anything they really, really want, while a “privilege” is the unfair advantage enjoyed by people who actually work to get the things that they want. 

In truth, a “right” is something God-given (which is why they can’t “repeal” the Second Amendment – the Bill of Rights doesn’t “grant” rights to citizens from the government; it affirms that these rights naturally belong to all people and the government can’t take them away.)  Also, exercising a right doesn’t require infringing on other people’s rights. For instance, you have a “right” to free speech.  You don’t have a right to demand that your speech be carried on expensive national TV time.  Likewise, you don’t have a “right” to free health care because that would require forcing doctors to give you something of value, infringing on their rights.  You may claim it’s a privilege that the government should provide, but by definition, it can’t be a “right.” 

As if to illustrate “Democratic” socialists’ ignorance of these concepts, a top aide to Bernie Sanders has just issued a “21st Century Economic Bill of Rights.”  You can read the whole list here:

If you guessed that it confuses rights with privileges you have to earn, you’ve won the “right” to a free cigar.  Included on the list are the “right” to health care, affordable housing and a good job. I'm amazed that he didn't include a "right" to a free car, an open bar and a lifetime pass to Disney World. 

The link also includes more discussion of the differences between a right and a privilege, which Bernie and everyone even thinking of voting for him should read carefully.  Because when it comes right down to it, the only “right” that socialists truly believe in is their right to your money.


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  • mike Malloy

    06/16/2019 10:19 PM

    So if "healthcare is a right" and taxpayers are forced to fund abortions, what about those of us who cant aford our "right" to bear arms? I want taxpayers to fund my guns and ammo. Let's see how those on the left like that being shoved in their faces.

  • Jerry D Woods

    06/15/2019 06:25 PM