January 23, 2019

President Trump’s State of the Union Address is still set for next Tuesday, but Speaker Pelosi continues to play childish games to prevent him from coming to the Capitol.  She's still claiming that there is a security risk due to the government shutdown that she and Chuck Schumer are personally responsible for continuing (FYI: the security agencies are funded and the Secret Service has had security plans in place for months.)  If the House had no security, Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t be there – although, come to think of it, between her vacation in Hawaii, her attempted junket to Europe and the Middle East, and her refusal to meet with the President to negotiate an end to the shutdown, she does seem to be trying awfully hard to avoid coming to work.

But while the Constitution requires the President to report on the State of the Union, there’s no law that says he has to do it in front of a bunch of sneering Democrats who refuse to do their jobs.  And he has no shortage of invitations from people who would be happy to host him.  If he doesn’t do it from the White House or the Senate, he already has offers from lawmakers in North Carolina and Michigan to come give the State of the Union Address there.

I’m sure they would love the national attention, and appreciate that Trump provided it.  The crowd would certainly be friendlier than in the House. Those are also states that he’ll want to win in 2020, and what could be a better background for the State of the Union Address under Trump than focusing attention on states that are benefiting from his economic reforms and deregulation efforts instead of speaking from the epicenter of partisan malice, where “Russia! Russia! Russia!” routinely drowns out “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”?  He could give his message of optimism unimpeded to a cheering crowd in a swing state, while back in DC, Pelosi and her minions can sit around looking like they’re sucking lemons and not appearing on TV at all.

I can understand why House Democrats are so in favor of strict gun control.  They need it to stop them from repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot.



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  • Patricia A Copeland

    01/24/2019 11:07 AM

    Hatred is overtaking Nancy Pelosi and her crony, Chuck Schumer. She is forgetting that she represents ALL Americans, not just liberal Democrats. Ms. Pelosi is cutting off her nose to spite her face. She needs to retire if she can't take all of us into account and do her job without prejudice. The state of the union address is for all of us and should be delivered any place he wants to deliver it.

  • Richard jones

    01/24/2019 10:27 AM

    He needs to do just that some where else An show the people how bad the democrat are

  • Marty Jo Holliday

    01/24/2019 08:58 AM

    I think the SOTU address should be held in a friendlier atmosphere than in front of the frowning dems that hate our President! Great idea to move it! Can't wait to see what POTUS does next! Also, I love your daughter Sarah! What a great human you raised!

  • Shannon Files

    01/23/2019 09:28 PM

    I personally would like to see President Trump deliver the State of the Union address from Congress so I can watch Speaker Pelosi’s face as he speaks. The main thing to me is that he delivers the address on the 29th and on live TV so as we don’t have to rely on the news media to tell us what they think he said. I don’t agree with everything he has done pre-President but since he took the oath I feel like he has had the American peoples best interest in mind more than any other in a long time. It is quite clear that there is a total lack of respect for the office of President. I didn’t like President Obama and quite frankly feel like he may very well be the worst President ever and I feel like he undermined the morals of this great country in just 8 years, even though I didn’t like President Obama I still respected the office.
    I am a small business owner involved in oilfield and farming and ranching, I’m also a firm believer in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I know that He is ultimately in control and none of this has taken Him by surprise.
    I also serve on our local Electric Cooperative on the board of directors, and I along with others on our board will be traveling to Washington D.C. to the annual meeting where we’ll have the opportunity to meet with leaders at the White House to discuss our concerns about the cooperative. It would be an awesome opportunity to meet with President Trump and share with him the concerns that a few small town (and I’m talking less than 600 people in our town) country boys have to say. I realize that this is not possible but if he wanted to know how a bunch of small town country folk felt then here’s his chance. Thanks for your time, Shannon Files.

  • Mr Courtney Roche

    01/23/2019 07:41 PM

    Thank You for all you do

  • Linda Chaney

    01/23/2019 05:52 PM

    We think it's a disgrace that the democrats have turned into a party that spreads hatred and violence as they do . We grew up being democrat , but we no longer want to be a part of this and have not for years !!! Why did they put such as Nancy back in ??? We voted for President Trump ! and may God bless and keep him safe !!!

  • Colene Dunnigan

    01/23/2019 05:04 PM

    How does she have power over our President???

  • Lynne M. Townsend

    01/23/2019 04:33 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    I am amazed that N. Pelosi has the ability and the audacity to hold our Government hostage. Is there nothing that can be done to rid us all of this behavior? I am so honest in saying I think she should be removed.
    Lynne M. Townsend

  • Karen Bowers

    01/23/2019 04:19 PM

    I live just outside DC and many of my friends are Federal employees and law enforcement (security) workers for the government. I hope someone in the media gets the REAL opinions from these people directly. Many of them are genuinely dedicated to supporting those they or not. I guarantee they will provide the proper security. If the President chooses to speak at the SOTU as planned...who cares what Nancy wants? The House is the house of the people...not Nancy's home. And I would bet a $100 dollar bill that the people of the country want an update. We deserve to hear from the President. OH--- and by the way, my home state of West Virginia offered our capitol as well. No more bullying Nancy. Let the President give his speech as planned.

  • Charles Daves

    01/23/2019 12:39 PM

    President Trump is always welcome to our state. (North Carolina ).We love him for making our country better.q